Mitroitis A Story of Fantasy, Chapter 14; Crystal Ice-is Arrives In Cantania, the Incantation is Put On Hold

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication

Namiko and Aesop had left the room, and Crystal Ice-is was left alone with her thoughts. Things fortunately were getting clearer and clearer, but unfortunately the truth was clearing away pretty facades that uncovered the ugly realities of what Pelias Oratti and his devious partner Elvis were involved in. The more she thought of it the more she regretted coming to Cantania, the more she yearned to return to Mitroitis, and she feared that Triton would find out about her visiting Oratti.

Ice-is snapped out of her thoughts and walked over to her orb. Oratti hadn’t call yet and she wasn’t going to wait for him one minute longer.. She immediately typed in the code on her orb to reach him. The orb beeped and beeped but Oratti never answered. That did it, she was distraught and fed up now. She grabbed her coat left her room, walked down the inn’s hallway, stopped at Aesop’s door, and knocked frantically for him to answer. Aesop opened the door surprised and replied, “Ice-is, what happened? Did Oratti finally call?”

She answered him, “No, and I’m not going to wait one minute longer. I’ve tried reaching him by orb and no answer. Come on, grab your coat we’re going to his house now. I’m done waiting. We need to find out what the hold up is.”

Aesop obeyed and within minutes they were both in a carriage on their way to Oratti’s home.

Shortly they pulled into Oratti’s court-yard. The coachman climbed down from the carriage, went up to the front door and knocked. He waited a moment and knocked louder the second time. After waiting for another moment he walked back to the carriage. As he approached the carriage Ice-is had already opened the carriage door and was stepping out.

The coachman addressed her, “Ma’am there appears no one is here.”

Aesop was stepping out behind her. At this moment Crystal Ice-is was frantic. She immediately began to yell, “I’m sick and tired of him now, I’ve had it with this waiting game and he’s not even at home yet.” As she glanced around the yard she walked to the end of the court-yard and looked over at his neighbors Manor. It was a larger Manor and a ways off but she began to walk over to the home. immediately Aesop asked, “Ice-is, where are you going?”, as he raced after her.

“I’m going to the neighbor’s house to see if I can find anything out about this fool’s whereabouts!”, she snapped back.

She trekked up the trail to the large Manor and soon was at their door step, with Aesop close behind her. She grabbed the large knocker on the door and knocked hard three times. Soon a woman showed at the door. She remembered this lady from the time when she stayed at Oratti’s home. She was an older, widowed, retired woman. But she was always friendly.

Quickly Crystal Ice-is addressed her with a cheery, “Hello, how are you today?” The woman replied with a puzzled look on her face, “I’m fine and you?”

Ice-is responded, “I’m very well thank you. My name is Crystal Ice-is, I don’t know if you remember me but I stayed at the home across from you awhile back, a few years actually.”

The lady responded, “I think so, but you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t remember you. That man has a had a lot of women in and out of that house for the longest. No offense to you, but he takes  women in like alley cats and puts them out. It doesn’t take long before he’s replacing them with another vagabond.”

Ice-is replied, “Oh no offense at all Ma’am. I was one of the ones who left on my own. I didn’t give him the satisfaction of attempting to put me out. Unlike the other ‘vagabonds’ he housed I had a place, and a family who helped me, people who cared about me, unlike the UNFORTUNATE others. My reason for leaving was because he was unbearable to live with.”

The lady smirked and nodded her head and replied, “Oh I see.”

Well I won’t delay any longer,” Ice-is remarked. “I’ll get straight to the point of why I’m here today. Pelias has asked a favor of me and I came a long way out of my way to come to his home. When I arrived hours earlier this morning, he rushed me away and told me he had some business to take care of and wanted me to wait at a nearby inn for him. Well the thing is I’m running out of time, I haven’t heard back from him in a while and I’ll have to leave here soon. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about where he might be.”

The lady shook her head from side to side with a melancholy expression, “Miss, I can’t tell you anything about him really. I just see his comings and goings and the comings and goings of the female company he keeps. Can you believe he has a woman with a child there now. I can tell you a lot about her……….” The woman paused and glanced over at Aesop, and continued, “But I really don’t think I should say…” Obviously she was uncomfortable chatting in front of Aesop.

Ice-is looked at Aesop, and replied, “Aesop could you please walk back to the carriage while I chat with the lady?”

Aesop nodded, and walked away, back down the trail they came up.

Ice-is turned back to the woman, “I’m sorry, I know it can be uncomfortable talking around men.”

The lady nodded, “Yes, well I was going to say as for the woman staying there with the child, I can tell you it’s a sordid situation. I know she has a young daughter, and Lord only knows where the father is. But I can tell you this; everyday when as Mr. Oratti leaves for work or his daily business, soon after he’s gone I see a young man who comes there and I can only assume is the child’s father. He stays there for hours and leaves right before Mr. Oratti returns. Now I don’t know if they both have an agreed arrangement for him to come to the house and visit but it all seems shady to me. I’ve NEVER seen that man come to visit when Oratti was home. So it’s no telling what goes on in that house between her and her baby’s daddy, or whoever he is to her.” She smirked and tilted her head downwards.

Ice-is flashed her a sly smile, rolled her eyes away and replied, “Well we’re both grown and we kinda know what she’s doing with a young man all day while old man Oratti’s away.” At that, they both burst into laughter. Ice-is knew she was wrong but she continued. “Well she’s sitting pretty now. At least if she gets knocked up again by her young lover, she can blame Pelias as the father. He’ll be gullible enough to believe it even though he’s sterile and impotent.”

At that, the neighbor put her hand over her mouth, as she was embarrassed to hear Ice-is’ words. They both bellowed out in laughter again. The neighbor leaned over with laughter and replied, “Oh you should be ashamed of yourself.” She paused and blared out , “Even though your probably right!” The two women burst into laughter again. It was the hardest Ice-is had laughed in LONG time.

They chatted awhile longer as they stood there in the neighbor’s courtyard. Ice-is soon told her she had to leave and appreciated her chatting with her. The woman told her before she left, “I’m sorry I can’t tell you much else about Pelias Oratti, but it was nice chatting with you Crystal Ice-is. By the way my name Amelia Johnson if you ever want to stop by again. ”

Ice-is responded, “Well it was nice chatting with you to Amelia, and you can call me Ice-is.”

Amelia nodded and waved goodbye and Ice-is walked out of the courtyard and trekked back down the trail towards’ Oratti’s home, where the Aesop and the Carriage were waiting.

As she walked away her mind wondered, wandered what happened to Oratti and what business he had to take care of that was more important than an incantation reading that would save his life. She was walking up to the carriage now where Aesop and the coachman were waiting. She replied to Aesop, “We’ll return to the inn and wait a few more hours. If I don’t hear from Pelias by then, we’re leaving for Mitroitis.”

……………………………to be continued.


Married To Medicine: Quad Has LOST Her Mind; Darren’s Boyfriend

Okay lets just skip over all the events that happened on tonight’s episode.  Lets NOT talk about Quad lying saying she would NEVER be caught at the same event or in the same building as Lisa Nicole.  Then later we find out through Carrie that she was recently at an event, the same building at one of Porsha Williams’ events.

Lets not talk about Toya and her husband Dr. Eugene pushing that new intravenous vitamin that looks like PISS IN A BAG.

Lets NOT talk about the basketball game Dr. Simone hosted and surprisingly Quad and Lisa showed up, but lets NOT TALK ABOUT ANY OF THAT!

Lets just SKIP over all that and get STRAIGHT TO THE GET GO!!!   Lets got STRAIGHT TO Quad’s puppy pop up shop …… show…….shit, whatever the hell you wanna call it.    Let us skip along to the end of the event when Quad was taking photos with her fans or shoppers………. whatever the hell you wanna call them…………    Any who, amongst the attendees of the event a young man walks up to Quad, doesn’t want to take a picture with her, but he wants to chat with her for a moment. 

Finally after taking pictures Quad addresses the young man.  He immediately confronts her about the feud between her and Lisa Nicole.  Quad sorta backs down and says she doesn’t want to discuss that.  Then out the blue this young man, I think he said his name is Damen Wayne, says to Quad, “Well I think she (Lisa)  needs to be worried about her husband SLEEPING WITH ME.”  ……….    Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!   OH MY DAMN!!  WTF is REALLY going on??!

Firstly Quad says, ”Well you need to be discussing that with Lisa and her man not me.”   Secondly,  she says it again and WALKS AWAY!

Okay first and foremost I’d like to say, QUAD HAVE YOU LOST YOUR RABID ASS MIND!   ……..   You DON’T WALK AWAY from someone who has just brought you a goldmine of gossip on your worst enemy.  You don’t walk away from someone who has just spilled the biggest cup of tea since the Boston Tea Party!  YOU  JUST GOT SPLASHED IN THE FACE WITH SOME GOOD TEA GIRL……… YOU just hit the BIGGEST TEA SPILLING LOTTERY!  …………  and you walk AWAY??!!!  WTF? 

When someone comes to you and drops a LOAD OF GOLDEN GOSSIP LIKE that in your lap, you make a date to sit down with them and sip on some REAL TEA, and LET THAT MAN CONTINUE TO SPILL HIS TEA! 

Something tells me this man is NOT lying, and HE WILL get more than JUST 15 MINUTES OF FAME.   ……   If ya’ll thinking only Fifteen minutes, go to HELL!!  That’s some bullshit!   Ain’t no way Bravo or anyone on that show is going to let this fall to the side.   HELL , Bravo producers probably the ones that dug this man up and propped him  up in front of the cameras..

Bitches, this is the best thing to happen to reality tv since Porsha Williams dragged Kenya Moore on the RHOA Reunion.  

Aunt Bonita gotta go now.  She is so upset……….  I done caught the vapors after this episode.   I’m swooning right now.  I gotta go get some tea myself, some ICED TEA, pop a Vicodin and calm myself down.

Lets just all calm down right now and wait for next weeks episode.  Darren you know you been poking that boy n the booty, fess up MAN!  Heeeee heeeeeeeeeeee!!  Darren been getting him some dick on the side!

P.S.   This what Mr. Wayne had to say about the whole thing.

For those asking why I didn’t tell to her face… Obviously her ass didn’t want to have that conversation. .

Mitroitis a Story Of Fantasy, Chapter 13; Triton in Hot Pursuit of Elvis; Namiko Inquires About Oratti’s Whores

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication 

Crystal Ice-is was still waiting in an inn, in San Giorgio near Oratti’s home. She had just finished a conversation with Belos’ from Beaumont Castle. He had informed her that Triton’s spies were onto the men responsible for robbing Baribus’ crypt. It was a man named Elvis, and his puppet Pelias Oratti. Ice-is feared that Triton’s spies would find out, only because she was communicating with Pelias now and didn’t want to be connected with him or this Elvis person. She was beside herself now with anxiety. She tapped in the code on her Cydonian Orb to Oratti’s orb immediately in order to talk with him about how much longer she had to wait for him to have her come back to his home. As soon as she started tapping the code in on orb, there was a knock at her door.

She’d been jittery all day, and when she heard the loud knock, she nearly jumped out of her skin. Who could it be, she thought. Maybe it was her guard who was staying the room next door.

She leapt up, and ran to the door. She leaned up against it, before she opened it, pressing her ear near it she asked, “Who is it?”

It was her guard’s voice that answered back, “It’s Aesop Ms. Ice-is. I have someone with me who want to talk to you, it’s important.”

She opened the door and their Aesop stood with a thin Asian man dressed in a pair of blue pants that were tucked in tall black boots, and a buttoned down long mao style coat.

The man spoke quickly, “Hello Crystal Ice-is, my name is Yee, Namiko Yee. I work for Triton. I’m investigating the Baribus crypt heist for him. May I please come in and speak with you now, it’s very urgent.”

When she heard him say, ‘I work for Triton’, her stomach dropped to her knees. Now there was someone who worked for Triton that KNEW she was here in Cantania.

Ice-is stepped back and opened the door wider. Both men rushed in. They both turned to her when they reached her table and two chairs.

Ice-is looked puzzled and asked, “What’s this all about?”

Namiko began to explain, “I’ve found out who hired Aydin Ries and his crew to rob Baribus’ crypt. It was two men Pelias Oratti and his thug assailant Elvis.” Ice-is kept the puzzled expression on her face. She didn’t want to let on that she already knew this much, because Belos had already told her much of it.

Ice-is spoke quickly, “I don’t know how you found me here, or what Aesop has told you so far, but I’m not involved in any way with what Pelias did, and I don’t even know this Elvis fellow he’s working with. I assure you that Oratti is just an old acquaintance, that I’m doing a favor for. I know NOTHING of his criminal record, or involvement with Aydin Reis.” She lied through her teeth but she HAD to, to protect herself, her reputatioin, and her position as Ambassador. She knew had to seem suspicious to Namiko by now.

Namiko continued, “Don’t worry Ms. Ice-is I know you couldn’t be involved. I must say that I was shocked and curious when I heard that you were here in San Giorgio, but Aesop already explained everything to me about the incantation that you were to recite for Oratti’s healing. I know you couldn’t have known how he happened to get hold of it. I, along with a few other spies, have been watching Oratti and Elvis for long time now. ”

At this point, Crystal Ice-is shook her head in disbelief, and replied, “I know this will get back to Triton now and he’ll suspect me of being a traitor,and treacherous person, when I’m NOTHING but loyal to him, Mitroitis and Oz.”

Namiko tried to comfort her, “Don’t worry Ms. Ice-is, I won’t tell Trition more than he has to know. I know you have nothing to hide, besides Triton knew you had a brief acquaintance with Pelias Oratti, before you became Ambassador. We already know you can be dismissed of any involvement other than the reading of an incantation.”

Crystal Ice-is replied, “Thank you Mr. Yee, ‘brief acquaintance’ being the key words. I only knew him for a while during a SHORT affair. I didn’t know him long or well enough to know that he’d be involved in something so heinous.” She looked at the wall as she spoke, away from Namiko’s gaze, because she knew again she was lying through her teeth. Pelias Oratti was a classless, thieving, low-life when she first met him and he NEVER changed.

Namiko began to speak again, “Ms. Ice-is I must inform you to distance yourself from Pelias Oratti, and leave Cantania as soon as possible. We’re about to expose Elvis and the political leaders of Cantania that he’s involved with. Oratti is just a small time thug. He’s a small fish in the large sea of criminal activity amongst the entire executive cabinet of Prime Minister Salvatore Giuliano. I understand you’ve made a promise to him, so I advise to you to carry on as usual and fulfill your promise in order not to look suspicious. He must NOT know that he’s about to be exposed along with all his assailants.”

Crystal Ice-is nodded her head, and felt a sense of relief from Namiko’s words. “I plan to do just that as soon as he messages me on the orb to return to his home After I perform the incantation I will leave Cantania immediately.”

“That’s the best thing to do.” He started to turn towards the door and stopped. “Oh there’s one other thing I must tell you. When we investigated Elvis, it didn’t take us long to find the cohorts he was linked to, that would be Prime Minister Salvatore Giuliano and his cabinet. With that being said, we are investigating other acquaintances of Pelias Oratti’s. We need information about his brief endeavors with some of his female acquaintances as well.”

Crystal Ice-is smirked, and turned her nose up. “Oh believe me Mr. Yee I can’t tell you anything about the whores, and TRICKS he has entertained and housed. I know nothing of those TYPE of women. When it comes to the lowlife vagabonds he takes in, the entrance to his house is like a revolving door the way they come and go.”

Namiko with a stern face replied, “I see, well we have found some names though; Thonica, Stephanie and the recent one he housing now, Mariah.”

Crystal Ice-is was shocked. Wow, Namiko had done his investigation well. She slowly replied, “Yes I have to admit I’ve heard of the thirsty THOTS. But there’s not much I can tell you about them. I’m sorry.”

Namiko pressed on, “Are you sure you can tell me nothing of them?”

Ice-is rolled her eyes up to the ceiling pretending to think harder, “Only that the most recent one he’s housing, has ten-year old rug rat, I mean child that she’s fighting for custody of from her Baby Daddy.”

Namiko raised his eye brows, as though he was even surprised about the type of women Oratti dealt with. He touched his chin, as he glanced down to the floor, looked back up at Ice-is and said, “Okay, thank you Ms. Ice-is. I’ll stay in touch. And I must remind you to stick to your plan and please be CAREFUL.”

At that, Crystal Ice-is nodded her head in agreement and walked him to the door.

…………………to be continued.

Mitroitis A Story Of Fantasy, Chapter 12; Crystal Ice-is Arrives in Oratti’s Homeland

The trip to Cantania was rough one. The Ionian Sea was stormy during the entire trip. Just arrived at the coast, they loaded their luggage into an awaiting carriage. They arrived int he very early morning. The carriage was to take them to San Giorgio, the District in Cantania where Oratti lived. It was about an hours drive to San Giorgio. Ice-is watched as the morning dawn crept over the Autumn horizon. Soon after the carriage pulled in front of Oratti’s manor.

Although very early, oddly Orratti opened his front door immediately and ran out to their carriage. He was still wearing his pajamas and robe. He looked startled, and disheveled as he approached the carriage.

He quickly opened the carriage door, “Ice-is I’m glad you made it safely but there’s been an unforseen problem. You can’t come in just yet and perform the incantation.”

“What’s the matter?” she asked, as she stared at the carriage that was sitting in his courtyard at his front door. Oddly a horse isn’t hitched to a carriage in front of a his home so early. His horse and carriage are usually unhitched and stored in the stable at the back of the home. It looked as if someone had arrived at his home or was leaving. She wasn’t sure which yet. She assumed right away it was his vagabond guest that were just vacating.

As soon as Oratti was about to answer her, the door to the carriage in his courtyard opened. A husky built man dressed in a long dark coat and dark wide-brimmed hat stepped out of the carriage, looked over at them and walked into the house. He must had arrived just before Ice-is did. Right away she felt his guest wasn’t there just for a friendly visit.

“I see you have an early visitor.” She replied, “Who is he?”

Oratti frantically responded, “Look I can’t explain right now, but there’s some urgent business I unexpectedly have to take care of right away.”

Still bewildered, Ice-is starred past Oratti at his front door, she slowly replied, “Well okay, but……..”

Oratti quickly cut her off, “Look there’s an inn nearby that the coachman can take you too. I’ll tell him the name and location of it. He knows the area and he knows how to get there. Just stay there for the moment, and I promise I’ll contact you a soon as possible.”

He went to shut the carriage door back, but Ice-is grabbed it and held it open. “Wait a minute Pelias. You’ll contact me ‘as soon as possible’, when will that be? You know I’m pressed for time to! I can’t stay here in Cantania for too long.”

He quickly shot an answer back to her, “Within the next four to six hours, I PROMISE.” He looked back over his shoulder at his house. “This is VERY important business that I can’t put off. Ice-is PLEASE bare with me. I really have to go now.”

Ice-is nodded her head, “Okay within the next four to six hours, but if I don’t hear from you by then……”

Oratti cut her off again, “Don’t worry, you’ll definitely hear from me soon.”

Crystal Ice-is paused, and slowly replied, “Okay…..”

At that Oratti turned and quickly ran up the driveway, past the courtyard and up the steps to his front door. The door slammed behind him.

Later that morning Crystal Ice-is and her guardsman were settling into their rooms at the inn.

She opened her suite case, took out her orb and sat it on a small table next to her bed. She pulled a chair up, folded her arms in frustration and stared at the orb. She was determined NOT to wait longer than six hours, two hours had already passed. Now it was count down time. He had four hours left to massage her on the orb or she’d leave immediately.

As she sat there her mind wandered. She wondered about the strange man who showed at Oratti’s house so early in the morning. She wondered WHO he could be.

Her mind drifted back to when she lived with him for a short time. She tried to remember any guest he had then, he rarely had any. Crystal Ice-is knew he sold drugs, namely cannabis, but he NEVER sold it from his home. He mainly did ‘drop-offs’ and ‘pick-ups’.

Suddenly she remembered one cousin that visited, but that wasn’t him she saw earlier. She could remember two other gentleman that came to visit. One was a tall, thin, middle-aged, blond man. He was the one that came ONCE to pick up some cannibals from Pelias. The other visitor was a tall younger man with dark hair, who came to do some work on the house. Neither of these men fit the description of the man she saw get out of the carriage at Oratti’s home. She thought even further, trying to remember MORE. Then it came to her. There was one that called every time Oratti had to do a ‘pick-up’ or ‘drop-off’, but he NEVER came to the house. When he called on the orb the visual would be off and she NEVER saw his face. When Pelias wasn’t their he’d only leave his NAME and told her he’d call back. His name was, Elvis.

Elvis…….. that’s it. That stealthy looking man had to be him. Whenever Oratti received a call from him he’d rush off to the Province of Grosse Point to do a ‘pick-up, or ‘drop-off.’ He also did runs for him, he was basically a drug runner. That was it, that had to be him. He’d drop anything he was doing when this man called. And the whole situation seemed so sordid, earlier when Ice-is arrived. As desperately as, Oratti wanted Ice-is to come to Cantania and perform the incantation, he quickly changed his plans for this man. The strange man had to be Elvis, his drug dealing conspirator.

Now Crystal Ice-is mind was racing. Before she was nervous about coming to Cantania and dealing with Oratti, but now she was terrified at what situation she may have gotten herself into. Now she was anxious for Oratti to call, not within the next four hours but within the next four minutes.

She was worried about getting back to Mitroitis as soon as she arrived in Cantania because her loyalty laid with Triton and her position as Ambassador. She was terrified at the thought of Triton finding out she was anywhere near Cantania. It would look too suspicious. She’d have to account for trip there.

She didn’t know how long she’d have to wait for Oratti, because his loyalty laid with this man Elvis, and his trade. Now she was wishing she’d let him walk out those tavern doors in Camden, when he said he’d search for another sorceress. Maybe she should have let him do just that.

As she was sitting there pondering her situation, her Cydonian orb began to beep. Good, she thought hopefully it was Oratti. She waved her hand over the orb to answer it. Instead of Oratti, Belos’ face appeared in the orb.

“Hello Belos.” She began, but something was odd about the way he looked. “What’s up?”

He answered back quickly, “Nothing much, at least not HERE at Beaumont. But I had to call to see what’s up with you and how things are going. Have you reached Oratti’s home yet? Have you done the incantation yet?”

Crystal Ice-is responded, “Yes we made it here to Cantania before dawn. We reached Oratti’s home just after dawn break. I haven’t performed the incantation though, not yet, it’s been delayed for the moment, but I can’t explain it all right now. Right now I’m having serious regrets and an anxiety attack right about now if it doesn’t get underway soon.”

Belos’ eyes widened, “Wow, really? Well you told me to keep you up to date on everything. I have some bad news, and I have some good news. The good news is that NOTHING has happened here at Beaumont yet and Triton hasn’t inquired about you. The bad news is that I’ve heard some whispering on where Triton is on his investigation of the crypt robbery. He’s had a break through, and he now KNOWS who all is involved.”

Crystal Ice-is braced herself, “Oh God, PLEASE Belos, I don’t think I want to hear it”

Belos smirked and replied, “Well get ready honey. You wanted me to keep you informed and here’s your update. I’ve heard through the grapevine through one of the guards who’s assigned to Platamon Castle, that one of Triton’s spies has found out who’s behind the caper. I’m told he KNOWS that Pelias Oratti definitely paid Aydin Reis and his crew to operate this heist for him.”

Crystal Ice-is was nervous before but now she was more terrified than ever. “Oh my God, he knows everything now, which more reason for me to high tail it back to Mitroitis. If could find that out, he can find out I traveled here.” She slumped back in her chair and held her head down.

Belos replied back, “No Ice-is your just panicking now. Just relax and keep your head. There’s one other thing, he named a person that’s working with Oratti. I never heard of him before, his name is Elvis. I don’t know the last name but I’m told he’s the one who informed Oratti of the incantation that would heal him. He enticed Oratti to go after the incantation because there was something else in the crypt that he really wanted, and that was the will of Baribus. Well I hear that this Elvis is working with………”

Crystal Ice-is cut him off quick………..”Wait a minute Belos! You said Elvis?? Oh my God, that’s a man I KNOW Pelias used to work with, and I think I saw him today at his house. He’s the reason Pelias put me off and delayed the incantation performance. Some strange man showed up there. He said, he had to finish some business with him. And I KNOW for sure of a man who used to call the house when I lived with him, his name was Elvis. I’m sure it’s the SAME man.” She was both surprised and relieved at the same time. At least she knew now for sure who Oratti was working with.

Belos looked shocked, then spoke. “Well lady you BETTER be careful. I’m told this Elvis fellow is the one who has direct connections to Salvator Giuliano, the Prime Minister of Cantania. Oratti doesn’t have any connections. Elvis only used him to get the will. We know Oratti’s main objective was the incantation to save his life. And I’m hearing that Oratti isn’t the one who funded the heist either. It was all Elvis’ money, probably some of if funded by Giuliano. The Prime Ministier and his entire Council in that country are a corrupt bunch of thugs!”

Now Crystal Ice-is just stared blankly into the orb. She was still in shock. She didn’t know what else to say. “Well I guess I’m in deep now Belos. Oratti doesn’t message me on this orb in the next few minutes I think I’ll get the hell out of Cantania on the first thing floating in the Ionian Sea.”

Belos looked back at her, ash he tried to stifle a laugh. “Come on Ice-is, just stay calm. Triton knows you’d NEVER be involved in something like this.”

Crystal Ice-is replied, “Yes but if he finds out I’m here or that I traveled here for any reason he’ll be suspicious. This entire country may have a targe it on it soon. And I’m SURE Oratti and Elvis both have targets on their asses. They BOTH made a huge MISTAKE when they crossed King Triton’s territory. When Triton and his men will definitely come for Oratti and Elvis. And I don’t want the infrared on my head. Fuck all that…… I will raise the hell up out of this country and leave Oratti here to rot. He can read his own damn incantation!”

At that Belos could no longer hold his laugh in. He burst out into laughter, shook his head and said, “I’m so sorry Ice-is, ‘read his own incantation’ you know that wouldn’t work. He kept snickering, but I supposed they do have TARGETS ON THEIR ASSES, but you really need to CALM DOWN. Just do what you have to do and get back here pronto.”

Belos was always good for some comedy relief. She shook her head and smiled back at him. “Okay Belos, thanks for messaging me and keeping me informed. I’m about to message Oratti right now and get this ball rolling. I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”

Belos smiled back and replied, “Okay Ice-is be careful. I’ll talk with you later, bye for now.” He waved his hand and his face faded away.

………………….. to be continued.

Mitroitis a Story of Fantasy, Chapter 11; Ice-is Informs Belos of Her Trip to Cantania

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication

After her meeting with Oratti, Crystal Ice-is and the guardsman returned to the inn where she was staying at in Camden. She departed from the guardsman and they went to the separate rooms. As soon as she entered her room she sat at a table where her orb was. She waved her hand over it and tapped in the code to reach her home, Beaumont Castle. A face appeared as her signal was sent, it was the face of Belos, her confidant and the castle’s concierge.

“Hello Ice-is,” Belos chirped in a cheery voice, “So tell me, how did things go in the meeting with Oratti. I’m dying to know, come on honey, spill the tea!”

Crystal Ice-is slowly shook her head from side to side. Sometimes she couldn’t believe Belos’ zealous, and giddy attitude in any situation. She both loathed and loved it at the same time. She stared back at him in the orb, “Really Belos…..really? How in the hell do you have such a chirpy attitude knowing how serious and DANGEROUS this quest is for me.”

He smirked and said, “Oh you’re right Ice-is I’m sorry. Here, how does this look?” He then pretended to put on a stern serious face.

Crystal Ice-is just looked at him with her head tilted to one side and rolled her eyes, “You are such a goof ball.” she replied, “Look Belos you and the two guardsmen I brought with me to Camden are the ONLY ones that knows about my dealings with Oratti. One guardsman brought me here and the other is staying here at the inn with me. Between the three of you, I just pray that this doesn’t get leaked back to Triton.”

“Alright, alright………. just calm down. You know I’m trustworthy. As far as the two guardsmen they really don’t know WHO Oratti is, well at least not his history. You have nothing to worry about. So come on tell me, what happened?”

Crystal Ice-is replied, “Well you may not know Oratti’s ENTIRE history either. There’s something I haven’t told you about him.”

Suddenly Belos face got larger as he leaned closely into the orb’s viewer, and began to squeal, “Ooooowwww child, what! What is it! You mean you’ve been keeping something from me. Go ahead and SPILL THE TEA!”

Crystal Ice-is looked down at the table, “Oh my God, you are ridiculous, relax! Yes there’s something I haven’t told you. Okay you know I came here to talk about doing the incantation for him. Well, I didn’t tell you how he came upon the incantation. It was stolen from the crypt of King Baribus.”

Belos’ eyes widened as he leaned in even closer to the orb viewer. His mouth dropped open. “Oh HELL no! You mean the Oratti is the one who robbed that crypt. That’s the one thing that Triton invested in now above everything, to find who robbed his grandfather’s crypt. Oh I don’t know Ice-is, this sounds more an more dangerous for you. I’m thinking you shouldn’t be involved in any way with Oratti.”

Crystal Ice-is paused and then continued, “Well believe it or not, that’s not all. Firstly, Oratti didn’t physically rob the crypt himself. He hired a privateer Aydin Reis and his men to do it. Secondly, the incantation isn’t the only thing he also had them take from the crypt. He had them steal a will. It was written on his death-bed. Because his counsel thought he was delirious when he wrote it, they felt it wasn’t legitimate, so they buried it with him.”

Belos leaned back away from the orb, “Yes I hear rumours about the secret will.”

“Right, and God only knows what he’s planning to do with it now that he’s taken it back to Cantania. If he presents it to his Prime Minister there, they could start a war over it if they feel the will is legit. At any rate, I’ve agreed to help Oratti. because the incantation can only be cast at his home, where he lives, I’ll have to travel to Cantania.”

Belos leaned forward again, “Oh my god, are you really going to travel that far. I think it’s risky.”

“Well I’ll have the guardsman with me the entire time. Oratti’s life is depending on this incantation. I’m sure there won’t be any problems. My biggest fear is that this will get back to Triton. Right now Triton is diverted, with his involvement reports from his military aids and investigators at his home in Kalkaska. So he won’t be calling on, or inquiring much about me any time soon. The last thing I want is for Triton to think that I’m a traitor or that I’ve betrayed him.” Ice-is stared back at Belos in the orb.

“I’m afraid that’s what it’ll look like Ice-is if Triton finds out. It’ll look like you’ve been conspiring with Oratti in some way.” Belos looked concerned now.

“Look, I’m sure I can be in Cantania by late tomorrow, perform the incantation, and immediately sail back here to Mitroitis. It’ll be fine. Of course I don’t care for Pelias but I don’t hate him enough to let him die. It’s lucky for him I have a conscience. You just keep be abreast of everything that’s going on there at Beaumont. I doubt if Triton will inquire about me or try to contact me within the next 72 hours.”

Belos stared blankly back at her through the orb, “Yeah I suppose you’re right. The sooner you get back the better. I’ll keep in you informed of everything here for sure. Good luck Ice-is.”

She replied back, “Thank you, and good night. I’ll speak with you again soon, Take care.” With that she waved her hand over the orb and Belos’ face faded away. She walked over to her bed, laid on her back, stared at the ceiling and thought what the next two days events would bring her. At this point only God knew.

…………………………….. to be continued, SOON.

Mitroitis A Story of Fantasy, Chapter 10; After a Challenge a Deal is Sealed

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication

The meeting that took place in Camden at the Red Lyon Tavern, between Crystal Ice-is and Oratti did NOT go well. Their talk turned into a screaming match, and nearly got physical when Ice-is leaned over and clapped her hands in Oratti’s face. That caused him to get up, tell her to forget about everything, and he stormed off towards the tavern doors. Ice-is yelled out something as he was leaving that caused him to turn around just before he reached the doors.

Oratti turned with a look of rage on his face, took a few steps back towards her table and said, “What did you say to me?”

Ice-is tilted her head back in a daring manner and repeated, “I said go to HELL, and good luck with finding another sorceress to save your hide.”

With clenched fist and narrowed eyes, he took a few quick steps back inside the tavern. Through clenched teeth he shot back, “You better watch your tone and how you speak to me”

With a defiant smirk on her face Ice-is retorted, ” ‘I better watch my tone’, OR WHAT?! What are you going to do Pelias?”

At that moment one of Triton’s guards, who was there the entire time sitting at a table next to their’s, stood up. He walked toward Ice-is, facing Oratti he stood mid way between her and Oratti.

Oratti pretended not to notice him. He stared Crystal Ice-is down, and spoke, “I suppose I never REALLY knew you, because I NEVER figured you to be such an evil and spiteful person.”

“Oh so now I’m the evil and spiteful one. Well if I’m the evil, spiteful one you’re damn sure the egotistical, self-centered, and self-serving one.” she snapped back.

With his eyes still fixed on her, he spoke, “I don’t know why I let Aydin talk me into asking you for a favor.” He looked down and the tone in his voice lowered. “Well I suppose I can find another sorceress. I don’t know how long it’ll take, but I won’t be berated by you at a time where I have very little time left, or what might be my last days. I don’t have a lot of time, and if I don’t find a sorceress………. well what’s meant to be, is meant to be.”

Those words gave Ice-is a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. It was the pity and guilt she felt just thinking of him dying before he found another sorceress, it would eat at her conscience. Lucky for Oratti she had a conscience.

She glanced down to the floor, and then over to the table. “Okay, just forget all about your search. Let’s just do this. I said I would do it, you traveled this far to Mitroitis to talk about it. I traveled here to discuss it while putting my position in jeopardy. We’re both here now so lets just sit down.”

The guard walked back next to the table he was sitting at. Oratti slowly walked, to their table. He and Crystal Ice-is sat back down to start once again.

Ice-is began, “Like I said, the incantation has to be read at the home of the person it’s to be cast on. Our dilemma is that I WOULDN’T perform the casting if you have a ‘situation’ at your home. It’s enough that I’m risking so much just having to travel to your home, when I have to account for travels and absence to counsel I work for.”

“Okay firstly, I don’t see this as a ‘dilemma’ and I don’t have a ‘situation’ at my home. The arrangement is a guest and her daughter who were evicted from their last residence and I took them in. She’s just a house guest whose name is Mariah and her daughter, and……..”

Ice-is cut him off before he could finish, “Oh she was EVICTED, like a thought another vagabond you’ve taken off the streets and into your home. Look, I don’t care what her name is, or WHAT you call it, an arrangement or a guest. I could really care less. I just want her and her RUG RAT,  GONE when I come to perform the casting of the incantation.”

At that, Oratti took in a deep breath, let out a long sigh, and shook his head. “Please let’s NOT get started again with the jabs and snipes your taking at me right now.”

“I’m not taking any jabs or snipes at you. I truly want to do this as cut and dry as we can and as quick as we can. Like you said earlier you DON’T have much time.” She folded her arms and cocked her head to one side, waiting for his response..

“Alright,” he started, “as soon as I leave here I’m getting on my boat and heading back to Cantania tonight. I don’t know how soon you can follow after I leave.”

“Well I can have a separate boat charted by tomorrow morning. I’ll need to have my guardsman with me. I may be able to arrive in Cantania the day after you. And I’m hoping and trusting that you will have your skank and her spawn……… oh I’m sorry I meant your living ‘situation or arrangement’ CLEARED OUT by the time I arrive.”

Oratti glared at her, “Come on, do you REALLY have to use language like that?”

She smirked, “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were so sensitive about your ‘house guest slash tenants, or whatever you’re calling them.”

Oratti shook his head slowly and replied, “Alright, don’t worry. Everyone will be cleared out when you arrive. It won’t be a problem.”

“Okay, fine.” Ice-is looked over her awaiting guardsman, nodded then stood up to leave. “When I arrive the day after I’ll send you an Orb message.”

“Alright then, I appreciate everything. I’ll see you in a few days.” He glanced over to the guardsman,stood up, and turned to leave.

……………………………to be continued.

Mitroitis: A Story of Fantasy Chapter 9; the Meeting of Oratti and Ice-is

Two days later at Beaumount Castle, Belos knocked at Crystal Ice-is chamber door. She called for him to enter. He walked in on her standing at her bed with an small open suite case. Her wardrobe closet was open and she was clearly packing to leave on a short trip.

Belos spoke, “So I see you’ve decided to take the trip to meet with Oratti?”

She replied, “Yes, I contacted Aydin Reis by Cydonia Orb last night and told him I’d meet with Oratti. But he’ll have to travel here to Mitroitis, but no where near the Province of Wayne. I’ve arranged to meet with him in the Province of Hillsdale far south of Wayne in the city of Camden. Camden is closest to the Aegean Sea. He’ll sail there and we’ll meet at a Tavern near one of their ports. The name of the Tavern is The Red Lyon. I’ve contacted two of Triton’s guardsman to travel with me. They don’t know who I’m really meeting there. I told them that I’m only meeting with a diplomatic adversary from Crete.”

Belos replied, “Well if it means anything, I think you’re doing a commendable thing. Just keep the guards close to you, and I’m sure everything will be safe.”

Crystal Ice-is arrives in Camden and is waiting Oratti’s arrival at the Red Lyon

She saw Oratti walk through the doors of the tavern. Well dressed as usual, but always with that cocky look on his face. He still had that cheesy mustage, and the slow walk as he walked over. It was part of his fake ass swagger. When he spotted her he walked over with a sly smile on his face, sly as usual, all part of his nonexistent swagger. He said, “Hello Crystal it’s good to see you.” As he walked over to the table and pulled a chair out. Just the sound of his voice brought back all the ugly memories of him. She didn’t want it to be an unpleasant reunion, but sight of him just made her mad at him all over again, because she was remembering the VERY reason they broke up. Maybe he was TRYING to look pleasant but to her his look was smug. She just felt as if she wanted to slap the look off his face. Even now with him not seeing her in nearly five years, she hated him all over again.

As he sat down Crystal Ice-is simply replied, “Hello.” With a dry tone.

Still with the cheesy grin on his face Oratti spoke, “It’s nice to see you. I’m glad you agreed to meet me.”

She replied, “Well I hope to make this quick and simple. Lets just get straight to it. Firstly, I didn’t know you were so deathly ill to need to take such a drastic measure with this stolen incantation.”

He replied, “Yes at this point my doctors can only give me pain medication to keep me comfortable, but what I have is terminal and untreatable. At any rate, how have you been? I have to say that I was surprised to find out you were also a sorceress and studied sorcery in the past. “

“I’m fine and doing well as Ambassador to Oz. It’s a pleasure to work with King Triton.” She coldly remarked and couldn’t resist throwing Trition’s name in the conversation. Oratti just flashed a nervous smile. His expression showed that he was embarrassed by how much she’d upgraded from him. Even if her relationship with Triton was only business, he was still an upgrade from Oratti.

She knew she should have expressed more pity towards him, even if it were a forced expression. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it because of the disdain she still felt for him from the past. She just tried to move the conversation along by sticking to the subject at hand. “Well I’m sure the incantation will cure you. I’ve studied and know enough about that particular incantation that’s from the ancient Galasieni race. Their race had medicinal incantations down to a fine art.”  She looked down at her cup of tea the whole time she spook as to not make eye contact with him. But she sensed him ease into his chair as his shoulders seemed to shift downward in a relaxed manner.

He began to speak, “I just want you to know how much I appreciate this, seeing that we didn’t part under the best of circumstances.”

“Yes I know,” she began, “I doubt VERY much if the tables were turned and I were the one needing a favor, you’d NEVER risk meeting me and doing the same.”

He slowly shook his head in disagreement, “Ice-is of course I do the same for you. Our departure wasn’t that tumultuous.”

“No not tumultuous,” she snapped, “but you’d never do the same for me. If it were a situation that interfered with the relations of any conquest of any whores you may be presently housing or courting.”

He looked at her with a shocked and annoyed looked. “What, what are you saying now? What do you mean.”

She glared back at him, “You know what I mean. As soon as we broke up you had some hood rat whore under your roof. I don’t know why you bothered with any of them. All you do is end up throwing them out. There was Thonica with her kids and grandchild, what a sad case she was. Then there was the other desperate hanger on Stephanie. You had to get an order of the law to force her desperate ass out. You threw her out when you were trying to get back with me a second time and I admit it worked for the moment. Of course our second try didn’t work out even though you got rid of that tiresome skank.”

He looked very agitated now, “What are you bringing up all this stuff from the past. We had our disappointments in the past but I always treated you right when we were together, and what does all that matter now?”

Crystal Ice-is shouted at him through narrowed eyes, “It matters because you think that I’m going to lower myself by being around someone like you, with your REPUTATION.  I’ve upgraded to a higher position in life, and in social standing. I’m employed by a person of royalty and power. You’re not dealing with naive person you dealt with five years ago when I thought I couldn’t do any better. I’ll have you know that I HAD to discreetly meet with you because of YOUR reputation. A reputation I CAN’T be associated with, because of my social position. I can’t risk tarnishing my relationship with Triton.”

He snapped back at her, “Why are you saying all of this and getting so upset. I know we’re not together anymore. I admit I still have some feelings for you but I’m not trying to interrupt anything you have with Triton. I didn’t know you two were involved.”

She rolled her eyes, “I didn’t say were ‘involved’. I meant my professional relationship with him. He has respect for me and knows I’m a trustworthy person. My point is I’m not sneaking around in secret meetings for YOUR discretion with anyone, but for my OWN discretion to be protected, NOT YOURS! If Triton knew I was even associated with the likes of you he’d cut me off from him and I’d lose my position as Ambassador. Do you understand?”

“With the likes of me eeehh?  What does that supposed to mean?” He replied.

“You know exactly what that means.” She shot back, “You think I don’t know how you obtained that incantation scroll and the will of King Baribus? You obtained it illegally, and Triton is still searching for the thief. He doesn’t suspect you yet, but he knows you have a reputation for illegal trades, theft, and illegal selling of cannabis and opium.”
Oratti looked angry now, “So Captain Aydin told you everything, I see.” He looked down at the table where he rested his hands, that were cuffed together. “That’s fine but I resent you accusing me of having a reputation as a thief and drug dealer. I may have done some things in the past but that’s the PAST!”

She rolled her eyes, “Whatever, deny if you want but you can’t deny you hired Aydin and his men to robbed Baribus’ crypt.”

Oratti visibly became more irritated. “Alright, alright but I want to get to the business at hand with the incantation. You’ve agreed to do it so all I have to know now is when. Can’t we get to it now. With my health and life on the line you can imagine that I’m a little anxious to get this done. And I want you to know, I really appreciate you doing this for me. Please believe that no matter what our past history is that I do still care for you.”

Crystal Ice-is stared straight ahead, across the tavern to avoid any eye contact with him. She didn’t care about what she was saying, but she did have a conscious and knew she’d be wrecked with guilt if she left him to his demise and let the sickness take his life.

She began to speak. “Yes I bet you do, but let me tell you something. As I said before I have to protect my honor with Triton and my duty to my title as Ambassador, so I HAVE to be very discreet. The problem with me reciting the  incantation is that is HAS to be done at your home, where you live. So I’m putting myself at risk just traveling to your home in Cantania. As Ambassador my time, absence, and travels from Mirtois has to be recorded and accounted for.”

He quickly responded, “Wait, the incantation has to be performed at my house? But that’s gonna be a problem you see I have a…….”  he paused and his eyes shifted downwards nervously,  “Well I have a sort of house guest, or uumm tenant staying there with her daughter…. and I was just thinking……”

Crystal Ice-is slammed her tea-cup she was sipping out of down on the table, and shouted at him, “Oh HELL no! NOT again! Do you REALLY think that I would entertain the thought of having to creep around some skank, penny, nickel, hoodrat that you’ve taken in off the streets?!” She glared at him and continued, “Did you NOT hear everything I’ve been telling you since you sat down?!  I am not the same person I was when we first met, and I’m CERTAINLY above any low life whore your with now. I was above those TYPE of women BEFORE I became an Ambassador.”

He frowned and retorted back, “Wait a minute Ice-is, you’ve gone too far now. You don’t even know her and you’re already judging me and who I let in my house.”

Crystal Ice-is leaned back in her chair in dismay. She shouted, “I don’t know? I don’t know…… REALLY? Well I DON’T HAVE TO KNOW her, if she’s associated with you I ALREADY know what type of woman she is. Because I know what type of low life, slutty, vagabonds, you deal with.”

Oratti threw his hand up and held it in the air as it to try to stop her words, “Wait a minute Ice-is. When did this become about who I’m with and the company I keep?!”

She yelled back, “This became about the ‘company you keep’ when you asked a favor of me that requires me to come to YOUR HOUSE! Let’s remember YOU came to ME! I didn’t come to you, and it just so happens that this incantation has to be recited at the HOME of the host who it’s to be cast on!”

He retorted back as he rolled his eyes, “I didn’t know any of that mattered before I asked you.”

She snapped back, “Well NOW you know, it DOES MATTER! So what’s it gonna be, the incantation for your life or the gutter rat and her spawn you have nesting your house?! It’s all up to you, because if it were up to me I wouldn’t want to come within in a hundred yards of your home, or you for that matter!”

He pushed his chair back from the table, and motioned to stand, but stopped and said. “Well I see you’re still angry and bitter over the past. You haven’t changed and NEVER will.”

Ice-is glared at him, “I’m not angry or bitter, and I don’t care about our past. I haven’t changed and I don’t have to, because this is NOT about me! This is about you, your health and your life!” Not able to contain her anger, she leaned over and clapped her hands twice, loudly in his face. “Now how ’bout that! Not only don’t I have to change, I DON’T have to figure out a plan on how you’re gonna have this incantation read at your home. But I’ll tell you this, I WILL NOT schedule my agenda around for you, or any HOODRAT you’ve housed in your home.”

He stood up quickly, ” This is talk is over between us. I’m done with you. I don’t see why I thought I could reason with you, or ask you a favor. You’re still holding on to a grudge about something that didn’t work out between us.”

Ice-is snapped back, “YOU’RE done with ME?! Honey, I was done with you a long time ago! Remember you looked me up, I didn’t look you up! Don’t flatter yourself. I don’t have a grudge about anything that has to do with you. The past is the past! I didn’t refuse you a favor. It’s your business with whatever rachette bitch you’re playing house with now. I’m just letting you know I wouldn’t grace your house with my presence while you have your TRICK and her child there.”

He stood and shook his head and replied, “Firstly, NEVER MIND about the favor, and secondly, NEVER clap your hands in my face again!” He turned quickly and stormed away towards the tavern doors.

Ice-is yelled out behind him “Go to hell, and good luck on finding another sorceress to save your hide!”

At that he stopped just before reaching the doors, turned back towards her and stared at her in rage…………..

…………………. to be continued.