Emerald City

Okay as interesting as NBC’s version of the Wizard of Oz is, I’m thoroughly confused!   Firstly, although they’ve kept to the old characters they’ve also brought in new ones and new cities.  And although it’s refreshing to know that they’re NEW places in and people OUTSIDE OF the land of Oz, it can get DAMN confusing!

Maybe I can collaborate with some fellow watchers on the show and give you a run down on what I understand so far about the show and it’s characters.

So far I understand that there is another land outside of Oz called Ev, and in Ev there was as King and Queen with children who were all killed during the war or time of the beasts.  All except the King of course.  His daughter Langwidere or Lady Ev, was kept alive as an android or type of robot by a scientist by the name of Jane.   After the King died Lady Ev became the Queen of Ev, but was captured by Frank, the Wizard of Oz. In a stand off between her and her soldiers, while Frank was using her has a hostage, she was accidently shot by the Tin man who was trying to save her.  Thinking that he had killed her he took her to Jane the scientist to save her.  Jane revealed she wasn’t dead because she was never alive, at least not for a long time, not since the war of the beasts when she was killed, and she made her into an walking talking android for the sake of her father the king………  Sheeeese how sad.  Of course the Tin Man aka Jack, didn’t take that news to well but vowed to get his revenge on Frank the wizard anyway.

Meanwhile we learn that this time around Glinda the ‘good witch’ wants to Dorothy Dead or to be killed because she’s not only  slept with her man Lucas or Roan (whatever the hell his name is) but whom she also blames for killing her sister the wicked witch of the East.   Glinda also wants Frank the wizard dead, but we learn a LOT of people wants Frank dead as the story goes on.  As far as her relationship goes with Roan, Dorothy met him when he has amnesia and didn’t know who he was… Later he found out he was put under a spell by Glinda, for some reason to protect him.. After he found his way to Glinda’s home with Dorothy the spell was lifted and he remembered he was Glinda’s husband Roan. …  Glinda convinces Roan that Dorothy is the enemy and MUST be killed for taking her sister’s life and of course for sleeping with her man.

Our other new characters who come into play is a what we call a Cardinal witch named Ozma or Tip……….  A VERY complicated character who, like Lady Ev, parent’s were a king and Queen who were murdered.  They were murdered by the Lion who is one of Frank the Wizard’s soldiers.  Franks seems to be a real BASTARD rather than a wizard this time around. Any who, this princess had to be hidden away after her parent’s deaths.   Hidden so well that a spell was put on her that changed her from a girl to a boy. She was being raised by a woman in the woods and her name was changed from Ozma to Tip. Tip grew up thinking he was a boy but also grew to hate the witch who was raising her.  Tip didn’t understand why the woman would NEVER let him out to of the house and he felt like he was a prisoner. Tip had one playmate named Jack.  Well Tip finally manages to escape with the help of Dorothy and Lucas.  She and Jack escape to Oz where the his spell wears off and she is transformed back into her true self the girl, Ozma. …….  Confused by this she THINKS that she’s been transformed by a magic spell but is told by a scientist that a girl is her TRUE STATE of being.   Jack comes to like her MORE than just a friend but she’s angered by this when he kisses her she pushes him, her one and only friend off of a balcony.  Leaving him for dead he is a recovered by Lady Ev and restored by Jane.  This is how he comes to befriend and fall in love with Lady Ev.

Okay this is where I’ll cut to the chase and say so far we find out that West and Glinda NEED Ozma who are all Cardinal withes  to raise all the witches of the land who’ve been locked away in a type Limbo to help them fight the return of these giants who would destroy Oz and Ev. ………..  This is where it gets REALLY murky to me.    Someone named Nahara who was imprisoned or put in a catatonic state by west must be released because she’s the only one who can release the Giants that will come to destroy Frank and the Emerald City, which seems to be EVERYONE’S agenda on the series, KILL that damned loser Frank and destroy Emerald City.  Will the Cardinal witches manage to come together with the other witches and Lady Ev’s army to destroy Frank?  Well, we’ll just have to see… if I have all this stuff straight in my as to what the hell is REALLY GOING ON!

Please feel free to respond with any of your comments if I have parts of the story wrong or tweet me on twitter at @bonitaaa76  🙂 ………..  Thanks for checking in!  Chat with you later.


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