Mitroitis A Story of Fantasy, Chapter 19, Ice-is and Oratti Finally Meet For The Incantation

Crystal Ice-is had a good nights sleep at her sister Glenda’s home at castle Ballikinarian. She also enjoyed their long talk together the entire evening after she arrived. It was morning now and she had awoken early to take the long carriage ride to the city of Jotunheim where Pelias was waiting for her in an inn he once lived in there. It was the Elounda Inn where they were to meet. Ice-is still felt a bit paranoid that she could be being watched by one of Triton’s spies. She only hoped that the council would believe that she travled to Oz to visit her sister and nothing more than that.

As the carriage pulled up to the inn she peered out the carriages window at the inn’s entrance way that encased a large mahogany door. It was now that Ice-is wished she’d taken Glenda’s advice and let her come along with her, because now she felt vulnerable, alone and a little sad. For some reason having to see Pelias Oratti again made her feel sad and depressed, but she had no one to blame because she agreed to see him, even though it was out of pity for him. All she could feel now was regret, regret that she even had to see his face once again, hear his conniving voice, witness his calculating manner. To her there was always something so stealthy about him. She could only see these things after their short affair with him, which made her feel even more regret that she ever got involved with him.

Suddenly the coachman jumped down from his seat and opened the carriage door. Crystal Ice-is slowly stepped out. As she walked towards the large entrance way to the inn she thought, at least now she was half way to getting this entire ordeal with Oratti over with once and for all. Soon she would perform the incantation, cure Pelias and would NEVER have to see him again. That was the one positive thing she could think at the moment. The coachman ran ahead of her with her luggage and opened the inn’s door for her. She went to the front desk, signed herself in and went to her room.

Later that day in the afternoon, Crystal Ice-is had unpacked and settled in her room. She sat her orb on a desk in the room. She brought the orb because Glenda wanted to massage her to make sure she had a safe trip to Jotunheim. She also brought it because she would wait in her room for Pelias to massage her when he was ready to start with the incantation. She would go to his room when he messaged her. She didn’t want anyone to see him approach her room’s door, or risk being seen with him in the hallway.

Suddenly the orb beeped she was hoping it was Glenda but when she wave her hand over it Pelias’ face appeared. Even though she was expecting his call a sickening feeling came over has as she realized she had to see him face to face once again. “Hello Ice-is,” he chimed out. Ice-is suspected he was trying to sound cheerful on her account. He continued, “Where are you? Have you arrived in Jotunheim yet?”

Ice-is retorted, “Yes I’m in Jotunheim and I’m at the inn, in my room right now.”

A smile stretched across his wretched face and he beamed, “Oh splendid, I’m so glad you made it.”

Ice-is could hear the fake tone in his voice. He was only happy because he was relying on the incantation to save his life. The happy tone in his voice sounded forced, as though he was only trying to appease her, because he knew she didn’t want to be there. His desperation only made her pity him more.

Ice-is responded, “Okay let’s get this over as soon as possible. No time like the present. What room are you in. I’ll come there.”

Immediately he replied, “I’m on the second floor in room 2B.”

Ice-is replied, “I’m on my way. I hope that you came alone, because I don’t want ANYONE to witness that we ever met here.”

Oratti responded, “Of course, of course I’m alone. No one knows I’m here or that we’re meeting.”

Ice-is didn’t believe that for a minute but she had to take his word for the moment. She was on the same floor as him and just down the hallway. “Okay I’ll be there in a minute” she replied.

Oratti nodded, she passed her hand over the orb and watched his face fade away. She walked to her door opened, stuck her head out, and peered up and down the hallway to see if anyone was approaching before she left. The hallway was clear she quickly trekked down the hallway, walked to his door and tapped lightly on it. Soon Oratti appeared and opened the door. He rushed over to the desk in his room as she entered. She only caught a glance of the orb on his desk. He blocked it from her view as rushed back to the desk. She heard him say something to the orb. “I have to go now. I’ll talk with you later.” He said, as he quickly waved his hand over the orb, cutting the person’s connection off.

Ice-is couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She snapped at him, “Pelias are you CRAZY? Please don’t tell me you was chatting with someone as I was walking in! I hope who ever it was they don’t know where you’re at or that I’m meeting with you!”

Oratti threw his hands up in a waving motion, “No, no, don’t worry. It was just an associate of mine I was keeping in touch with.”

Ice-is glared at him, “One of your associates! What do you mean one of your associates? Don’t forget that I know who you associate with. An associate like who, Elvis, Salvator Giuliano or someone ‘associated’ with one of them? Remember the main reason I didn’t what to meet with you is because the fear of someone finding out about this. I can’t have word getting back to Triton that I’ve had any contact with you.”

Oratti frantically shaking his head retorted, “Look it was just a friend. Someone that doesn’t have ANY dealings with Elvis or Giuliano. I don’t want to upset you but it was just a female friend.”

Ice-is snapped at him, “Upset me? Pelias I could care less about any of your latest female endeavours. Me and everyone that knows you know you only lay down with vagabonds and skanks. Speaking of which the latest ‘associate’ or I should say Baby Mama and her spawn your housing right now. I could give a rats ass about her or the latest TRICK you’re spending time with. What I AM concerned about is my discretion here, and my reputation with Triton.”

Although Oratti was trying to remain cordial throughout this visit, suddenly there was an expression of fury on his face. He snapped, “There’s no need for you to belittle or low rate me like you ALWAYS DO. I know by meeting me you’re putting a lot a risk for yourself, but why does or conversations lead to you berating me and the company I keep.”

Ice-is snapped back, “Like I said before Pelias, I could care less about what female company you keep. But you and I both know you are and have been in the past, involved in some illegal and scandalous dealing with your partner Elvis, Giuliano, and God knows who else. As a matter of fact your lucky not to be still locked up in Mirtroitis now Elvis. Then I walk in here and see you have someone your orb while I walk in putting me and my position in jeopardy.”

Oratti retorted, “Believe me the person on the orb didn’t see you and they don’t know where I’m at or that I’m meeting with you here today. Now can we get on with this without you bad mouthing me and accusing me of being a common criminal? Yes, I’ve sold cannabis with Elvis, and that’s it. I don’t know what dealings he’s had with Salvator Giuliano.”

Ice-is responded, “Well I believe different. I believe you know something of Giuliano, because there’s no way you or Elvis could have known the incantation you needed would be in Baribus’ crypt. That’s why he’s still holding your little friend Elvis for questioning. But let’s not talk about it anymore, because I know sooner or later Triton and his men will find out the truth. And lets not get started on how you run that defunct company you work for, Metro Carriages.”

Oratti responded, “Yes thank you, let’s not talk about it anymore. And yes, let’s not discuss Metro Carriages.”

Ice-is replied with a smirk on her face, “Yes let’s not discuss Metro Carriages. Lord knows there’s lot of illegal tax evasion going on there, the way you and your crew run it. It’s shocking the owner could save it from bankruptcy by getting a loan from a foreign bank. I’m just saying” Ice-is turned away and grinned with a smug look on her face.

Oratti glared back at her, “Are you quite done yet? Are you done with your snide comments and jabs at me, my lifestyle, and my livelihood?”

Ice-is replied, “Oh I’m sorry I suppose you’re right. Let’s just get on with the incantation. After all I’m sure you’re in a big hurry to get back home to Baby Mama. I don’t know why I’m sure her BABY’S DADDY is there keeping her company while you’re away. At least that’s what your neighbor told me. Oh there I go again getting off subject. Let’s just get to the business at hand.”

Oratti was seething now as he glared at Ice-is. “First of all you know NOTHING of my personal relationships and what goes on in my house. Secondly, why were you inquiring to my neighbor about me?”

Ice-is snapped back. “Well FIRSTLY, I don’t give a damn about your personal relationship or what goes on in your house. Secondly, when I came to your town, at YOUR request, looking for you, I HAD a chat with your neighbor. Might I add putting my position at risk by traveling to your country. It just so happened that you have a chatty neighbor that told a bit more than what she had to. So don’t try to CHECK me about getting into your personal business, because as I said before, I don’t give a damn about any of that!”

Finally Oratti turned away from her, walked over to a black leather case on his bed, opened it and pulled out an old scroll. He walked back over to her and started to unroll it. He then turned held it out to her to see. It was the incantation. He scoffed “Please let’s just get on with this. I don’t want to argue and you promised me you’d do this.”

Ice-is shook her head in agreement, “Yes of course, you’re right. Give it here let me take a closer look.” Oratti handed it to her. A puzzled look slowly came across Ice-is face as she read the scroll.

……………………… be continued.


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