Mitroitis, A Story of Fantasy, Chapter 18, Ice-is Meets With Oratti In Oz

Crystal Ice-is had taken a ferry from Mitroitis across Lake Manitoba to Oz. It was a bright and sunny autumn day. She was now in a carriage heading towards Glenda’s home, Castle Ballikinarian. The Carriage passed through the wrought iron gate past the gatehouse. The horses clompped up the long cobblestone lane that led up to the castles courtyard.

Surprisingly instead of one of the servants, Glenda was waiting in the courtyard and waved as the carriage pulled up. Crystal Ice-is was happy to see her sister. As the coachman climbed down to open the carriage door, Glenda ran over to the carriage. “Hello Ice-is!”, her voice chimed out. Ice-is stepped out down from the carriage and ran to Glenda’s out stretched arms, and the sisters embraced into a long hug. The two didn’t always get along well, but this scene proved that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It had been nearly a year since the two saw each other. Ice-is had NEVER been so happy to see her sister. As Glenda released her from the hug, she took a few steps back to look at her sister and remarked, “You look good Ice-is, I see Mitroitis has been treating you well.”

Ice-is smiled back at her and retorted, “You look good to sister.” As always Glenda was wearing her bright colors. She wore a burnt orange, full length A-line dress to the ankle, of rayon fabric. On top of the dress she wore a matching full length, satin blazer. She wore matching jewelry. A necklace made of large orange gemstones with matching earrings. Ice-is immediately remarked, “What type fo stones are your necklace and earrings made of?”

Glenda responded, “Oh these old things, they’re Tourmaline gemstones. The were a gift from a friend last year for my birthday.”

Crystal Ice-is tilted her head to one side and teasingly ask, “Would that be a MALE friend?”

Glenda replied, “Why yes, of course.”

Ice-is pried further, “And who might I ask?”

Glenda retorted, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

Ice-is snapped back, “Oh come on, seriously! I know you’re going to tell me. It’s been awhile since you had a suitor. Who is it?!”

Glenda responded back, “Well speaking of suitors Ms. Ice-is why don’t I see any NEW jewels on you, especially your ring finger. Now how is that? You mean to say a certain King Triton hasn’t made you Queen yet.”

Ice-is rolled her eyes and replied, “Come on, you know that’s just professional relationship.”

The coachman had unloaded all of Crystal Ice-is luggage from the carriage. He and a servant were walking past the two sisters, and were nearly done carrying her luggage through the castle doors into the vestibule.

Glenda grabbed Crystal Ice-is by the arm and pulled her up the walkway towards the large double doors, “Come on Ice-is, we’ve been standing out here long enough, let’s go inside and get you unpacked. We have so much to talk about.”


Later that evening in the castle, Crystal Ice-is was settled into one the castle’s solar rooms. The bed was large and high four posted, much like her bed at Beaumont Castle. Ice-is laid across the bed lazily thumbing through a book she’d gotten from the Glenda’s study. Suddenly there was a knock on her door. “Yes!” Ice-is called out.

“It’s me!” Glenda called out from the hallway.

Ice-is shouted back, “Me who?!”

Glenda burst through the door and bounced in wearing a long with satin night-gown, with silver slippers. “You know who, Miss Smarty.” Ice-is let out a giggle. At that Glenda rushed up to the bed took a leap and landed next to Ice-is. They both laid there horizontally on the bed side by side like they did when they were children. Ice-is propped herself up on her elbows and stared at the fire in the fireplace across the room. Glenda rolled over on her back and stared at the ceiling. Then she started to speak, “So Miss Ambassador, after nearly a year away, you decide to visit me now. What’s up? I can tell there’s something wrong. There’s something you’re not telling me.”

Ice-is answered her, “Well of course I missed you and Oz, but yes there is a reason why I had to come to Oz at this particular time. I came to perform an unorthodox task for someone.”

Glenda rolled onto her side now and glared at Ice-is, “An unorthodox task? What is it, and for who?”

Ice-is answered, “I came to perform an incantation.”

At that Glenda gasped and sat up on the bed. “An incantation? Who’s asking you to perform an incantation, and who knows besides me that you are also a sorceress with the ability to perform an incantation?”

Ice-is replied, “It’s for Pelias Oratti and he found out through a thug pirate by the name of Aydin Reis. Don’t ask me how he knew but word gets around in circle like his.”

Glenda still looking shocked responded, “What, Pelias Oratti? Oratti the RAT! Are you serious? That crooked, lowlife, classless CLOWN? Why would you want to do anything for him?”

Ice-is replied, “I know, but please calm down. The man is dying, and then incantation will save his life. I can’t ignore the fact that were once friends. Please don’t preach to me now. I just want to do this one thing for him, get it over with, and get on with my life.”

Glenda retorted, “Oh he’s dying. Well that’s to bad, but I suppose it’s best you do him that favor. So if he dies it won’t be on your conscience that you didn’t try to help. But doesn’t he live in Cantania? Why would you be coming to Oz to meet him?”

Ice-is replied, “Well that’s a LONG story. I did go to Cantania, but Pelias has been caught up in some type of illegal dealings with someone connected to their Prime Minister, Salvator Giuliano. Guiliano had something to do with the robbery of King Baribus’s crypt. Baribus is Triton’s grandfather, so now there’s a target on Pelias’ back. He and Elvis were expedited to Mirtroitis and held for questioning. Pelias was released, but Elvis remains in custody. So any who, even though they released Pelias’ he’s still under surveillance by Triton’s men. Therefore and thus, I cannot be seen with or near Pelias Oratti. The incantation has to be performed at his home, but since I can’t be seen there or connected to him in any way since I work for Triton. In that case we’ve agreed to meet at place that once was his home. That place would be here in Oz, at an Inn, in the city of Jotunheim.”

Glenda shook her head and responded, “Wow, that was a mouthful to explain. I NEVER thought he’d end up in such a sordid MESS. And worst, I NEVER thought you’d be caught in the middle trying to help him. Forgive me if it’s hard from me to feel sorry for that CLASSLESS CLOWN. Does he still deal with the same motley crew of women, you know, Thonica, Blondie and Stephanie?”

Ice-is rolled her eyes and retorted, “No he’s done with those tired whores, he has a new woman. Some woman, I call her Baby Mama, because she’s living there with her daughter she had by some guy she’s fighting for custody over.”

Glenda threw her head back and laughed, “You mean to tell me he’s taking care of another man’s baby mama and another man’s child? Wow, what an idiot. Oh does he still work for that chariot service Metro Carriages?”

Ice-is replied, “Yes he’s still working for that defunct business, that barely turns a profit. They actually went bankrupt once, only because Oratti and his pals steals so much from the company. He doesn’t report on his taxes what he steals and pockets from Metro Carriages. Luckily the owner went to bank outside of their country and got a loan to save it. I can go on and on about his corrupt ways and lifestyle. All the motley crew of women he deals with he’s met at that corrupt enterprise.”

Glenda was silent for a moment, “And you still want to help him? Well I suppose so, you can’t help but to feel sorry for such a pathetic soul. He wouldn’t know how to live right if he tried. As I said before, your conscience will at least be clear when you’ve done what you can for him. I commend you for it Ice-is, at least good karma will come back to your for helping such a ratchet soul.”

Ice-is retorted, “Yes, I’ll meet with him in a few days and it’ll all be over. I won’t owe him anything and he won’t owe me anything. I’m only concerned about my relationship with Triton and my position as Ambassador. As long as those two facets of my life stay intact I’ll be satisfied.”

Glenda nodded in agreement, she was still sitting up in the bed. She then laid back down next to her sister and the both gazed across the room at the fire in the fireplace, just as they’d done as children.

Glenda glanced over at Crystal Ice-is and watched her drift off to sleep. She could remember doing the same when they were little girls, watching her little sister drift off to sleep. Now she could only hope for the best for her sister, and that the incantation would be successful.

…………………………… to be continued.


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