Mitroitis a Story of Fantasy, Chapter 17; Crystal Ice-is Checks Oratti About His Deceitful Whores

A long bricked walkway led from the castles massive back yard into the thick foliage garden arrangement of flowers, colorful shrubs and small trees. The end of the walkway opened up in to large bricked seating area surrounded by a row of maple trees whose leaves had turned crimson red from the approach of autumn. There a mist the trees surrounded by flowers in the north end of the Beaumont’s garden yard was a small sitting area. The end of the lane opened into a wide rounded bricked opening. A few yards off from the clearing was the north-western wall where castle walls housed the fertile garden. A lush climbing rose vine clung upon and climbed to the very top of the castle wall that housed the luscious fertile garden. In the middle of the bricked ground opening sat a white wrought iron table with matching chairs.

Two days had passed since Crystal Ice-is returned home to Beaumont Castle. She sat in the castles garden enjoying the autumn weather, as she went over some paper work she hadn’t attended to in a while.

Crystal Ice-is sat there at the table in midst of it all. She had papers she was reading, spread onto the table. The papers had to do with the business of her position. It was a formal letter from a vineyard owner from the land Oz, in the city of Nysa. The vineyard’s owners name was Nedra Gallo. The content of the letter was an inquiry to the council of Mitroitis concerning her wine company. She was imploring the exportation of her vineyard wine. She wanted to import and sell them in Mitroitis under the trade agreement between the two lands. Ice-is knew Nedra and was writing a letter of reply to her. She’d definitely address it to Triton and the counsel …. The inquiry from Nedra caused Ice-is’ mind to drift back and reminisce about her homeland, Oz.

Her mind snapped out of her dream state when she heard someone suddenly call her name. “Ice-is, Crystal Ice-is!!” It was Bellos. He was prancing up the bricked walkway through the garden headed straight for her. His arms extended out in front of him and in his hands he held her orb.

He had a smug look on his face. As he approached closer he chimed out to her, “You have a call on your orb. He’s on hold now. You wanna guess who it is.” Ice-is puzzled and irritated at the same time just stared at him and dryly replied. “Who is it Bellos?”

Bellos plopped the orb down in the middle of her papers on the table, and retorted “It’s a friend of your’s still looking for that ‘favor’ you promised.”

He could only be talking about Pelias Oratti. Ice-is rolled her eyes at Bellos. Then quickly waved him away with her hand. She would have to talk privately with him. She waved her hand over the orb to answer. Slowly and surely Oratti’s face appeared in the orb. “Hello Ice-is.” he replied. She nodded and flashed a quick and fake smile. He continued, “I’m sorry about our last encounter. I know it took a lot for you to come all the way to Cantania to perform the incantation only for me to put it all on hold when you arrived. I’m sorry because I know what a big inconvenience it was for you to show up only to turn back and have to leave for Mitrioitis, believe me it wasn’t because of any of my doing. I had some unforseen business to take care of with Elvis. Shortly after I ran into some trouble with the authorities. I know you probably heard what happened. We were both expedited to Mitroitis. They held him but let me go. I just returned home today.”

There was a long silence as Crystal Ice-is tilted her head to one side and stared at Oratti with a smug look on her face. She finally spoke, “Pelias if you think you’re going to get any sympathy from me, try again. Do you KNOW the chances I took just traveling to Cantania? And then to have Triton surveillance team and spies watching you all the time. More than likely if they were watching you and your home they’re watching EVERYONE that comes within a hundred feet of you, including ME!! Thank God one of Triton’s top spies tipped me off that your were being investigated and promised not to mention that I was there in Cantania and that I had come to your home.”

Oratti quickly tried to further explain and apologize, “Look Ice-is I don’t know what else to say. It was a terrible situation and if I had any idea any of this was going to happen I NEVER would even suggest you come here, but remember you’re the one that said the incantation HAD to be done at my home.”

Ice-is slowly shook her head, “Don’t you dare try to turn this around on ME! If it were up to me I would have NOTHING TO DO with you anymore, EVER!! I only did it because I felt sorry for a dying man and had simple compassion for your situation, and I STILL feel sorry for you because I really don’t know what you’re going to do now.”

Oratti replied, “What do you mean? I’m still a sick man and I STILL need you to perform the incantation for me. So you’re saying you not going to help me?”

Ice-is replied, “I don’t know how I can, now that there’s a target on you. Don’t think because they let you go they aren’t still watching you Pelias. There’s now way I can come with in hundred yards of you without Triton’s men knowing at this point.”

Oratti was silent for a moment as he seemed to be in deep thought. Then he spoke, “Okay, you said the cantation had to performed at my home, somewhere I lived, right?”

Ice-is replied, “Yes.”

He retorted, “Well I’ve lived more than one place and I’ve had more than one home. Maybe we can meet a place I once lived before. A former home, does that count as a home, where the incantation can be read?”

Ice-is gazed back at him. He looked and sounded so desperate she couldn’t help but feel pity for him.” She slowly replied back, “Yes I suppose a former home would count as long as you lived there for a time, but what place are you speaking of. I hope you aren’t speaking of any place in Cantania, there’s no way I can travel back there without going unnoticed.”

Oratti responded quickly, “I once lived in the land Oz in the city of Jotunheim. I could travel back there. I lived there for a little over a year in an inn. I’m sure the inn is still there and I can return and get a room there.”

Ice-is thought, “Well my sister Glenda lives in Oz and if I had to travel there it wouldn’t look suspicious at all. My trips and whereabouts have to reported to the castle guards who report to the council. I can tell them I going visit my sister. It’s a good enough excuse.”

Oratti’s eyes widened, as his face took on a relieved and happy expression. “Yes it is, it is indeed.” he replied. He continued, “Well if you can do it I hope it can be as soon as possible. I grow weaker and weaker everyday.”

Ice-is now feeling more empathy for him now replied, “I’m sure it can be arranged in no time. It’ll be a much shorter and quicker trip for me now since I’m much closer to Oz than Cantania.”

Oratti replied “I can never let you know how much I appreciate this Ice-is. I know we had bad relations before but I’m hoping we can put that in the past. I’m having more than just health problems now. Of course you know about my legal problems being caught up with Elvis and his involvement with Salvator Giuliano.”

Ice-is retorted, “Yes, it’s bad enough that you still have a target on your back with Triton’s team, but you also have a problem with the harlots you associate yourself with who have been questioned.”

With a sheepish look Oratti replied, “Oh you heard about that to. Yes I know they were taken in and questioned, but I’m sure they didn’t reveal much. Even though I don’t have good relations with some of them now I’m sure they would try to protect my image.”

At that Ice-is raised her eyebrows in shock, and replied, “What, ‘try to protect your image?!” You don’t really believe that do you Pelias? None of them WHORES you’ve fucked around with are loyal to you. They were only loyal when they where WITH you and could get what they wanted out of you. The same goes for the ‘baby mama’ you housing now. That whore just worried about a roof over her and her child’s head. Any of the those skanks would turn on dime on you! As a matter of fact I know first hand through one of Triton’s spies what they’ve already revealed. I hate to be the one to tell you but your whores aren’t loyal.”

Oratti with a shocked and angry expression shook his head, as in doubt. He was clearly insulted by Ice-is’ words. “Why are we talking about them. Why are they an issue with you?”

Ice-is snapped back, “They aren’t an ‘issue’ with me. I could care less about any of them, and until you looked me up for this favor of the incantation, I didn’t give a damn about you either after we broke up. But now that I’ve promised to help you, you’ve dragged ME into a mess that you’ve become entangled in all on your own account. As for your exes, and present SKANK you with, I’m ONLY informing you of the trouble they can get you in. And let me remind you Pelias. The only reason we’re discussing any of your past, your present, or your female acquaintances is because you came back in to MY LIFE asking me for a favor, just remember that. So I say to you again they aren’t an ‘issue’ with me, but they are a big problem for you if Triton’s surveillance team and interrogators have anything to do with it.”

Seeming to frustrated, Oratti took a deep breath, then spoke, “Okay I see what you’re saying, but lets just agree to disagree for now. I just want to get on with you performing the incantation for me PLEASE. I can be in Oz within the next forty-eight hours, in the inn in Nysa.”

Crystal Ice-is just glared back at him through the orb. Part of her was angry at him for being such a fool for even getting involved with women like his whack ass exes and present hanger-on. The other part of her was angry that she couldn’t hate him enough just to let him die, but she knew if she didn’t perform the incantation to save him and he died, her guilty conscience would haunt her.

Finally Ice-is spoke, “Okay fine, within forty eight hours. I’ll go to Glenda’s home. We’ll make this quick and simple. I’ll probably arrive in Oz before you, so notify me when you make it there.”

Oratti nodded, and replied, “I surely will, and thank you again Ice-is. I won’t be able to thank you enough.”

Crystal Ice-is nodded her head, “I have to go now. We’ll talk later.” At that she waved her hand over the orb and his face faded away. She was glad to finish the conversation. Now she just want to fulfill her promise and be done with the whole ordeal and hopefully pulling it all off without at hitch. The hitch would be any inkling of word getting back to Triton as to what she was about to do.

……………………….to be continued.


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