Mitroitis a Story Of Fantasy, Chapter 16; Oratti’s Wenches Are Interrogated

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication

Crystal Ice-is makes it back to Mitroitis, in the Province of Wayne and, back inside the walls of Beaumont Castle. If felt good to wake up in her own bed after sleeping in the cabin of a large ship, and a rough sea ride back home, made her really appreciate the comforts of home in a castle.

As she sat up in her bed she stretched her arms as she stared at the morning sun peaking through her golden-colored brocade curtains. She pulled her bed spread and sheets away and unruffled her sleeveless, pink, chiffon gown. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and gazed down at her woven carpet as her feet dangle over the side of the high bed. Her mind drifted for a moment as she thought about her trip to Cantania, the city of San Giorgio, and the shocking news Namiko delivered to her about Oratti and Elvis’ arrests. Suddenly there was a knock at her chamber door.

She yelled out, “Who is it?” all the while knowing it could only be one person, the castles concierge and her confidant, Bellos.

“It’s me!” Bellos chimed back from the other side of the door.

Crystal Ice-is with a sheepish look on her face, yelled back, “Me, who?!”

At that Bellos opened the door and burst in, with a smirk on his face replied, “Come on, quit playing. You know who, and you know I’m dying to hear about your trip Miss Lady.” He quickly switched in almost bouncing as he walked and plopped down on the bench at the foot of her bed, and flashed her an inquisitive look.

Crystal Ice-is, still sitting on the edge of her bed, leaned with her head tilted, rested her chin on her shoulder, pouted her lips out, lowered her eyes and teasingly replied, “I don’t know if I want to tell you, its confidential you know.”

Bellos smirked back at her, “Confidential my EYE! Honey what you don’t know is that I have an inside news source to. You remember when I spoke to you through the orb when you were in Cantania what I heard through one of Trition’s Castle Guards. He keeps in touch with me and I know a few things.”

Crystal Ice-is smirked back at him and remarked, “Well you don’t know what I know, honey.”

Bellos retorted, “Well you know I already heard about some Elvis person being linked to Oratti. This Elvis was actually the one who funded the crypt robbery, and he linked to Prime Minister Salvator Giuliano who is the one that’s behind it all. His motive was to get the infamous will Baribus wrote on his death-bed. “

Crystal Ice-is quickly retorted, “Well what you don’t know is that Namiko along with the rest of Triton’s surveillance team have already arrested Oratti and Elvis, have them in custody, and have already expedited them back here to Mitroitis.”

Bellos mouth dropped open, and he lean closer towards her as he rested on her bed bench.

Crystal Ice-is continued, “What you DON’T know is that they’ve also arrested three of Oratti’s wenches.”

At that Bellos gasped, and shouted, “What?!”

Ice-is continued, “Yes that’s right. Triton’s team figured if Oratti led them to Elvis who’s linked to Giuliano, then who else can his circle of acquaintances link them to, so they tracked down his three harlots. Before you ask, no they aren’t going to be brought back here to Mitroitis. They will interrogate them there in Cantania and probably let them go.”

Bellos finally spoke, “So who are these women and do you think they know anything, and will they tell is a better question.”

Ice-is replied, “Yes I think they know PLENTY. Most of his female cohorts are women scorned. They’ll tell just for the hell of it. As for the one who presently  lives with him I know through Pelias’ neighbor that whore ain’t loyal to him. She has a young lover that visits every time Oratti leaves the house for business, and he promptly leaves just before Oratti returns home. She has a good thing going for her by staying there with her daughter, but obviously has no respect or loyalty towards him. With that being said, I’m sure she’ll tell anything to save her own hide. She wouldn’t get into trouble for Pelias Oratti by holding back information in order to protect him.”

Bellos pressed on with more questions, “Well who are the other two women?”

Crystal Ice-is rolled her eyes, and replied, “Oh PLEASE Bellos don’t get me started on Pelias’ SKANKS. I heard enough about them when I was with him. He had NOTHING good to say about them. Both were basically two vagabonds he housed til he was sick of them. Two desperate leaches, who lingered in his house like a bad odor. The one name Thonica was really rachette, she had two grown daughters and a grandchild that lived there. The other Stephanie was just a hanger-on that he had to eventually had to have forcibly EVICTED. That’s the one he PUT OUT the second time we got back together. My oh my was she angry about that.” Ice-is smirked as she reminisced back the time it happened, what a scene. “She left him message after desperate message the day I showed up.”

Bellos leaned back as he giggled with laughter. “Oh damn, they do sound like a bunch of thirsty wenches.”

Crystal smiled with glee, it was so good to have some to gossip about the TRUTH with. She continued, “Yep, Thonica, Stephanie and the recent Baby Mama.”

Bellos replied, “Oh is that what we’re calling the third on ‘Baby Mama’?”

Crystal Ice-is retorted, “Yes but unfortunately NOT Oratti’s Baby Mama. The FOOL is actually housing ANOTHER MAN’S Baby Mama. I would say she has a fool for life in Oratti but, with his track record with his wenches it won’t be long before someone as DULL as him gets bored with her and tosses her out; especially in a situation were there’s another man, her real ‘baby daddy’ coming in the house while he’s away. It won’t belong before he finds out about that.”

Bellos slowly shook his head, “Wow, that’s amazing this man lives his love life like a sad opera, and his house like a brothel.”

There was a moment of silence in the room as they both gazed off into their own thoughts. Ice-is didn’t know whether to laugh about Oratti or feel sorry for him. Suddenly the orb at her sitting table started to beep. Ice-is jumped down from her bed and ran across the floor to the table, pulled her chair up, and answered it immediately. As she waved her hand across the orb, a familiar face started to appear. It was Namiko Yee.

“Hello Ms. Ice-is,” he immediately exclaimed.

“Hello,” Ice-is replied back, “whats up? Have you questioned Oratti’s three ‘acquaintances’?”

Namkio continued, “Yes and I must say, it’s as you predicted, they told everything they knew. Everything they knew of his illegal drug dealing, but other than that there’s not much they can tell. I would he imagine that’s all they know about, besides his drug dealing isn’t what we’re interested in. That’s an issue with his own local laws. We’re interested in what other international cohorts besides Elvis that he’s involved with.”

“So I supposed you’ve hit a brick wall?” Crystal Ice-is replied.

Namiko retorted, “Oh no, not in the least. It was great accomplishment in our investigation to have Pelias Oratti and Elvis in custody for questioning. As for the women, we’ve questioned and released them, but we can still find out with later if they’re lying and if they know more than what they’re saying. In the meantime, Oratti’s house and Elvis’ home will definitely be under watch at all time even with them being here in Mitroitis. We still have a surveillance team planted there in Cantania watching every move. We’ll soon know who else is acquainted with these two. We’ll nab other’s that are involved and they’ll definitely be bigger fish than Oratti’s wenches. They’re not a big concern to us anymore. What concerns us now is Elvis and what else he know. Elvis is bigger because his involvement with the will and putting it in the hands of Salvator Giuliano. A dispute over the will could start a war between the two countries.”

Crystal Ice-is just nodded her head and continued to listen.

Namiko continued, “I’ll let you know this now; it’s more than likely that Oratti will be released and possibly sent back to Cantania. I told you from the beginning he wasn’t the biggest part in the scheme of things with the Baribus crypt robbery. He was only after the incantation scroll. I telling you this because I know he’ll still want you to perform the incantation. If that involves you visiting his home it could put you in a lot of danger. You being seen with him will definitely put you a risk of being reported to Triton and looking as if you were involved in something other than just reading an incantation for fatally ill man.” Namiko paused and stared at her intently. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Crystal Ice-is replied, “Yes I understand, and I appreciate you warning me. I’ll really have to contemplate how and if I’ll can still do this for him.”

Namiko nodded, “Well just be careful. I have to go now. I’ll keep you in formed on what I can, when I can.”

Crystal Ice-is smiled at his image in the orb, “Thank you Namiko, good-bye.” She waved her hand over the orb and his face faded away.

At that Bellos who was still in the room, walked over to her table, pulled up a chair and sat next to her. Ice-is still gazing at the orb spoke, “Well I guess you heard all of that.”

Bellos responded, “Yes, so how are you going to handle it?”

“Handle what?” Ice-is responded.

Bellos retorted, “Handle it when Pelias Oratti is released, goes back home, and calls on you again to fulfill your promise to perform the incantation at his home? You heard what Namkio said. He’s still under surveillance and if your seen anywhere near him you’ll look like an assailant. So what are you gonna tell him when he calls on you again?”

Ice-is stared at Bellos for a moment, gazed back at her empty orb, and replied, “Well, I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.”

…………………………….to be continued.


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