Mitroitis a Story Of Fantasy, Chapter 15; Triton’s Men Nab Oratti and Elvis

Ice-is had returned to the inn once again with her guard Aesop. They went to their separate rooms and their wait continued. Ice-is was less anxious for a call from Oratti, because she KNEW she’d be leaving Cantania if she didn’t hear from him within the next hour. She could finally wipe her hands clean of this whole ordeal and she’d be no more or no less involved in this sordid situation. The sooner she distanced herself from Cantania and Oratti the better. She was a bit more relaxed and less frustrated especially after the chat she had with his neighbor.

She was a bit giddy when she thought of the juicy gossip session she just had with Oratti’s neighbor, Amelia Johnson. Poor Pelias, as much of a stud he thought he was in his own arrogant head, he had no idea what was going on under his own roof while he was away. The thought made Crystal Ice-is smile and chuckle to herself.

Suddenly her orb on her sitting table, beeped and lit up. She rushed over thinking it was finally Oratti, but when she waved her hand over the orb, a different face appeared, it was Namiko Yee. “Hello Ms. Ice-is,” he replied quickly. “I have some news for you. You can stop waiting on a call from Pelias Oratti.”

Ice-is puzzled asked, “Why, what happened?”

Namiko responded, “He’s been caught and taken into custody along with his cohort Elvis, by Triton’s surveillance team. They were caught making a large cannabis sale on Grosse Isle Island.”

Ice-is shocked, “You caught him making a drug sale on Grosse Isle, but you can’t detain them for illegal drug sales there. Grosse Isle Island is a commonwealth of Cantania, wouldn’t Triton’s officers be out of their jurisdiction for something like that?”

Namiko retorted back, “No because we aren’t arresting and detaining them for drug trafficking. We’re arresting them for breaking international laws, concerning Elvis’ association with Garis Adessi and Salvator Giuliano. Remember we linked them to the robbery of Baribus’ crypt. We’d been tracking Oratti for weeks, only to wait for him to meet with Elvis. It wasn’t so much Oratti we wanted. We where really after Elvis. But we have orders to expedite BOTH of them back to Mitroitis. They’ll be held and questioned in the Province of Kalkasaka near Triton’s castle Platamon.”

Ice-is felt a sense of relief as she gazed back at Namiko through the orb. She replied, “Well it’s this trip is a wrap for me, and your news is pure elation to my ears. I can finally leave for Mitroitis as soon as possible. Namiko I truly hope that you can keep my trip here to Cantania a secret from Trition. I’m in no way involved with Elvis or Oratti’s illegal conspiracies. I was here only to do a favor for Oratti, and that was to perform the incantation.”

Namiko assured her, “No worries Ms. Ice-is. Your presence here will be excluded from our reports, besides our mission isn’t over here in the least.”

“Really, what else is there to do?” Ice-is replied.

Namiko explained, “After Elvis and Oratti are turned over to the custody of the Mitrioitis justice system. We still have three more individuals we have to arrest soon. We’ve already closed in on them and we know where they are. But they won’t be expedited. They’ll be interrogated here. We need to question them to see what, if anything they know of Oratti’s illegal activities.”

Ice-is asked, “Who would they be?”

Namiko replied, “Three acquaintances of Oratti’s. Three females, one that presently lives in his house. The other two will be brought in soon after her.”

Crystal Ice-is smirked, “Oh I’m sure they’ll tell any and everything you need to know. Most of his ‘acquaintances’ are women scorned, and as far as the one he’s presently housing she’ll talk to. You know how it goes, let me just say, THESE WHORES AIN’T LOYAL. I know for sure the present live-in ain’t loyal. I heard it though the grapevine from his neighbor when I was inquiring about his whereabouts.”

Namiko shook his head, gave Ice-is a slight smile, nodded, and told her, “Well, I’m sure you got the inside scope Ms. Ice-is.”

Crystal Ice-is smiled back and replied, “Yes I always do. Well thanks for letting me know I can leave now. I hope you keep me up to date on everything. As conniving a person as Oratti is, it’s just sad that I couldn’t perform the incantation for him. Even he doesn’t deserve to die from the type of sickness that fate has served him.”

Namiko nodded, “Well, you still may get the chance. We don’t know how long he’ll be detained in Mitroitis, but Elvis will be held for sure. We just want to question Oratti. It’s a possible he’ll be released afterwards, but I can’t guarantee that.”

Crystal Ice-is shook her head, “Yes I understand. Well, good luck with everything. I’ll be heading back to Mitroitis soon.”

Namiko bowed his head. Ice-is waved her hand over the orb and watched his face fade away. She was relieved and only wanted to return home, to Mitroitis, the Province of Wayne and back inside the walls of Beaumont Castle.

…………………………….to be continued.


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