Mitroitis A Story of Fantasy, Chapter 14; Crystal Ice-is Arrives In Cantania, the Incantation is Put On Hold

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication

Namiko and Aesop had left the room, and Crystal Ice-is was left alone with her thoughts. Things fortunately were getting clearer and clearer, but unfortunately the truth was clearing away pretty facades that uncovered the ugly realities of what Pelias Oratti and his devious partner Elvis were involved in. The more she thought of it the more she regretted coming to Cantania, the more she yearned to return to Mitroitis, and she feared that Triton would find out about her visiting Oratti.

Ice-is snapped out of her thoughts and walked over to her orb. Oratti hadn’t call yet and she wasn’t going to wait for him one minute longer.. She immediately typed in the code on her orb to reach him. The orb beeped and beeped but Oratti never answered. That did it, she was distraught and fed up now. She grabbed her coat left her room, walked down the inn’s hallway, stopped at Aesop’s door, and knocked frantically for him to answer. Aesop opened the door surprised and replied, “Ice-is, what happened? Did Oratti finally call?”

She answered him, “No, and I’m not going to wait one minute longer. I’ve tried reaching him by orb and no answer. Come on, grab your coat we’re going to his house now. I’m done waiting. We need to find out what the hold up is.”

Aesop obeyed and within minutes they were both in a carriage on their way to Oratti’s home.

Shortly they pulled into Oratti’s court-yard. The coachman climbed down from the carriage, went up to the front door and knocked. He waited a moment and knocked louder the second time. After waiting for another moment he walked back to the carriage. As he approached the carriage Ice-is had already opened the carriage door and was stepping out.

The coachman addressed her, “Ma’am there appears no one is here.”

Aesop was stepping out behind her. At this moment Crystal Ice-is was frantic. She immediately began to yell, “I’m sick and tired of him now, I’ve had it with this waiting game and he’s not even at home yet.” As she glanced around the yard she walked to the end of the court-yard and looked over at his neighbors Manor. It was a larger Manor and a ways off but she began to walk over to the home. immediately Aesop asked, “Ice-is, where are you going?”, as he raced after her.

“I’m going to the neighbor’s house to see if I can find anything out about this fool’s whereabouts!”, she snapped back.

She trekked up the trail to the large Manor and soon was at their door step, with Aesop close behind her. She grabbed the large knocker on the door and knocked hard three times. Soon a woman showed at the door. She remembered this lady from the time when she stayed at Oratti’s home. She was an older, widowed, retired woman. But she was always friendly.

Quickly Crystal Ice-is addressed her with a cheery, “Hello, how are you today?” The woman replied with a puzzled look on her face, “I’m fine and you?”

Ice-is responded, “I’m very well thank you. My name is Crystal Ice-is, I don’t know if you remember me but I stayed at the home across from you awhile back, a few years actually.”

The lady responded, “I think so, but you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t remember you. That man has a had a lot of women in and out of that house for the longest. No offense to you, but he takes  women in like alley cats and puts them out. It doesn’t take long before he’s replacing them with another vagabond.”

Ice-is replied, “Oh no offense at all Ma’am. I was one of the ones who left on my own. I didn’t give him the satisfaction of attempting to put me out. Unlike the other ‘vagabonds’ he housed I had a place, and a family who helped me, people who cared about me, unlike the UNFORTUNATE others. My reason for leaving was because he was unbearable to live with.”

The lady smirked and nodded her head and replied, “Oh I see.”

Well I won’t delay any longer,” Ice-is remarked. “I’ll get straight to the point of why I’m here today. Pelias has asked a favor of me and I came a long way out of my way to come to his home. When I arrived hours earlier this morning, he rushed me away and told me he had some business to take care of and wanted me to wait at a nearby inn for him. Well the thing is I’m running out of time, I haven’t heard back from him in a while and I’ll have to leave here soon. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about where he might be.”

The lady shook her head from side to side with a melancholy expression, “Miss, I can’t tell you anything about him really. I just see his comings and goings and the comings and goings of the female company he keeps. Can you believe he has a woman with a child there now. I can tell you a lot about her……….” The woman paused and glanced over at Aesop, and continued, “But I really don’t think I should say…” Obviously she was uncomfortable chatting in front of Aesop.

Ice-is looked at Aesop, and replied, “Aesop could you please walk back to the carriage while I chat with the lady?”

Aesop nodded, and walked away, back down the trail they came up.

Ice-is turned back to the woman, “I’m sorry, I know it can be uncomfortable talking around men.”

The lady nodded, “Yes, well I was going to say as for the woman staying there with the child, I can tell you it’s a sordid situation. I know she has a young daughter, and Lord only knows where the father is. But I can tell you this; everyday when as Mr. Oratti leaves for work or his daily business, soon after he’s gone I see a young man who comes there and I can only assume is the child’s father. He stays there for hours and leaves right before Mr. Oratti returns. Now I don’t know if they both have an agreed arrangement for him to come to the house and visit but it all seems shady to me. I’ve NEVER seen that man come to visit when Oratti was home. So it’s no telling what goes on in that house between her and her baby’s daddy, or whoever he is to her.” She smirked and tilted her head downwards.

Ice-is flashed her a sly smile, rolled her eyes away and replied, “Well we’re both grown and we kinda know what she’s doing with a young man all day while old man Oratti’s away.” At that, they both burst into laughter. Ice-is knew she was wrong but she continued. “Well she’s sitting pretty now. At least if she gets knocked up again by her young lover, she can blame Pelias as the father. He’ll be gullible enough to believe it even though he’s sterile and impotent.”

At that, the neighbor put her hand over her mouth, as she was embarrassed to hear Ice-is’ words. They both bellowed out in laughter again. The neighbor leaned over with laughter and replied, “Oh you should be ashamed of yourself.” She paused and blared out , “Even though your probably right!” The two women burst into laughter again. It was the hardest Ice-is had laughed in LONG time.

They chatted awhile longer as they stood there in the neighbor’s courtyard. Ice-is soon told her she had to leave and appreciated her chatting with her. The woman told her before she left, “I’m sorry I can’t tell you much else about Pelias Oratti, but it was nice chatting with you Crystal Ice-is. By the way my name Amelia Johnson if you ever want to stop by again. ”

Ice-is responded, “Well it was nice chatting with you to Amelia, and you can call me Ice-is.”

Amelia nodded and waved goodbye and Ice-is walked out of the courtyard and trekked back down the trail towards’ Oratti’s home, where the Aesop and the Carriage were waiting.

As she walked away her mind wondered, wandered what happened to Oratti and what business he had to take care of that was more important than an incantation reading that would save his life. She was walking up to the carriage now where Aesop and the coachman were waiting. She replied to Aesop, “We’ll return to the inn and wait a few more hours. If I don’t hear from Pelias by then, we’re leaving for Mitroitis.”

……………………………to be continued.


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