Married To Medicine: Quad Has LOST Her Mind; Darren’s Boyfriend

Okay lets just skip over all the events that happened on tonight’s episode.  Lets NOT talk about Quad lying saying she would NEVER be caught at the same event or in the same building as Lisa Nicole.  Then later we find out through Carrie that she was recently at an event, the same building at one of Porsha Williams’ events.

Lets not talk about Toya and her husband Dr. Eugene pushing that new intravenous vitamin that looks like PISS IN A BAG.

Lets NOT talk about the basketball game Dr. Simone hosted and surprisingly Quad and Lisa showed up, but lets NOT TALK ABOUT ANY OF THAT!

Lets just SKIP over all that and get STRAIGHT TO THE GET GO!!!   Lets got STRAIGHT TO Quad’s puppy pop up shop …… show…….shit, whatever the hell you wanna call it.    Let us skip along to the end of the event when Quad was taking photos with her fans or shoppers………. whatever the hell you wanna call them…………    Any who, amongst the attendees of the event a young man walks up to Quad, doesn’t want to take a picture with her, but he wants to chat with her for a moment. 

Finally after taking pictures Quad addresses the young man.  He immediately confronts her about the feud between her and Lisa Nicole.  Quad sorta backs down and says she doesn’t want to discuss that.  Then out the blue this young man, I think he said his name is Damen Wayne, says to Quad, “Well I think she (Lisa)  needs to be worried about her husband SLEEPING WITH ME.”  ……….    Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!   OH MY DAMN!!  WTF is REALLY going on??!

Firstly Quad says, ”Well you need to be discussing that with Lisa and her man not me.”   Secondly,  she says it again and WALKS AWAY!

Okay first and foremost I’d like to say, QUAD HAVE YOU LOST YOUR RABID ASS MIND!   ……..   You DON’T WALK AWAY from someone who has just brought you a goldmine of gossip on your worst enemy.  You don’t walk away from someone who has just spilled the biggest cup of tea since the Boston Tea Party!  YOU  JUST GOT SPLASHED IN THE FACE WITH SOME GOOD TEA GIRL……… YOU just hit the BIGGEST TEA SPILLING LOTTERY!  …………  and you walk AWAY??!!!  WTF? 

When someone comes to you and drops a LOAD OF GOLDEN GOSSIP LIKE that in your lap, you make a date to sit down with them and sip on some REAL TEA, and LET THAT MAN CONTINUE TO SPILL HIS TEA! 

Something tells me this man is NOT lying, and HE WILL get more than JUST 15 MINUTES OF FAME.   ……   If ya’ll thinking only Fifteen minutes, go to HELL!!  That’s some bullshit!   Ain’t no way Bravo or anyone on that show is going to let this fall to the side.   HELL , Bravo producers probably the ones that dug this man up and propped him  up in front of the cameras..

Bitches, this is the best thing to happen to reality tv since Porsha Williams dragged Kenya Moore on the RHOA Reunion.  

Aunt Bonita gotta go now.  She is so upset……….  I done caught the vapors after this episode.   I’m swooning right now.  I gotta go get some tea myself, some ICED TEA, pop a Vicodin and calm myself down.

Lets just all calm down right now and wait for next weeks episode.  Darren you know you been poking that boy n the booty, fess up MAN!  Heeeee heeeeeeeeeeee!!  Darren been getting him some dick on the side!

P.S.   This what Mr. Wayne had to say about the whole thing.

For those asking why I didn’t tell to her face… Obviously her ass didn’t want to have that conversation. .


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