Mitroitis a Story Of Fantasy, Chapter 13; Triton in Hot Pursuit of Elvis; Namiko Inquires About Oratti’s Whores

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication 

Crystal Ice-is was still waiting in an inn, in San Giorgio near Oratti’s home. She had just finished a conversation with Belos’ from Beaumont Castle. He had informed her that Triton’s spies were onto the men responsible for robbing Baribus’ crypt. It was a man named Elvis, and his puppet Pelias Oratti. Ice-is feared that Triton’s spies would find out, only because she was communicating with Pelias now and didn’t want to be connected with him or this Elvis person. She was beside herself now with anxiety. She tapped in the code on her Cydonian Orb to Oratti’s orb immediately in order to talk with him about how much longer she had to wait for him to have her come back to his home. As soon as she started tapping the code in on orb, there was a knock at her door.

She’d been jittery all day, and when she heard the loud knock, she nearly jumped out of her skin. Who could it be, she thought. Maybe it was her guard who was staying the room next door.

She leapt up, and ran to the door. She leaned up against it, before she opened it, pressing her ear near it she asked, “Who is it?”

It was her guard’s voice that answered back, “It’s Aesop Ms. Ice-is. I have someone with me who want to talk to you, it’s important.”

She opened the door and their Aesop stood with a thin Asian man dressed in a pair of blue pants that were tucked in tall black boots, and a buttoned down long mao style coat.

The man spoke quickly, “Hello Crystal Ice-is, my name is Yee, Namiko Yee. I work for Triton. I’m investigating the Baribus crypt heist for him. May I please come in and speak with you now, it’s very urgent.”

When she heard him say, ‘I work for Triton’, her stomach dropped to her knees. Now there was someone who worked for Triton that KNEW she was here in Cantania.

Ice-is stepped back and opened the door wider. Both men rushed in. They both turned to her when they reached her table and two chairs.

Ice-is looked puzzled and asked, “What’s this all about?”

Namiko began to explain, “I’ve found out who hired Aydin Ries and his crew to rob Baribus’ crypt. It was two men Pelias Oratti and his thug assailant Elvis.” Ice-is kept the puzzled expression on her face. She didn’t want to let on that she already knew this much, because Belos had already told her much of it.

Ice-is spoke quickly, “I don’t know how you found me here, or what Aesop has told you so far, but I’m not involved in any way with what Pelias did, and I don’t even know this Elvis fellow he’s working with. I assure you that Oratti is just an old acquaintance, that I’m doing a favor for. I know NOTHING of his criminal record, or involvement with Aydin Reis.” She lied through her teeth but she HAD to, to protect herself, her reputatioin, and her position as Ambassador. She knew had to seem suspicious to Namiko by now.

Namiko continued, “Don’t worry Ms. Ice-is I know you couldn’t be involved. I must say that I was shocked and curious when I heard that you were here in San Giorgio, but Aesop already explained everything to me about the incantation that you were to recite for Oratti’s healing. I know you couldn’t have known how he happened to get hold of it. I, along with a few other spies, have been watching Oratti and Elvis for long time now. ”

At this point, Crystal Ice-is shook her head in disbelief, and replied, “I know this will get back to Triton now and he’ll suspect me of being a traitor,and treacherous person, when I’m NOTHING but loyal to him, Mitroitis and Oz.”

Namiko tried to comfort her, “Don’t worry Ms. Ice-is, I won’t tell Trition more than he has to know. I know you have nothing to hide, besides Triton knew you had a brief acquaintance with Pelias Oratti, before you became Ambassador. We already know you can be dismissed of any involvement other than the reading of an incantation.”

Crystal Ice-is replied, “Thank you Mr. Yee, ‘brief acquaintance’ being the key words. I only knew him for a while during a SHORT affair. I didn’t know him long or well enough to know that he’d be involved in something so heinous.” She looked at the wall as she spoke, away from Namiko’s gaze, because she knew again she was lying through her teeth. Pelias Oratti was a classless, thieving, low-life when she first met him and he NEVER changed.

Namiko began to speak again, “Ms. Ice-is I must inform you to distance yourself from Pelias Oratti, and leave Cantania as soon as possible. We’re about to expose Elvis and the political leaders of Cantania that he’s involved with. Oratti is just a small time thug. He’s a small fish in the large sea of criminal activity amongst the entire executive cabinet of Prime Minister Salvatore Giuliano. I understand you’ve made a promise to him, so I advise to you to carry on as usual and fulfill your promise in order not to look suspicious. He must NOT know that he’s about to be exposed along with all his assailants.”

Crystal Ice-is nodded her head, and felt a sense of relief from Namiko’s words. “I plan to do just that as soon as he messages me on the orb to return to his home After I perform the incantation I will leave Cantania immediately.”

“That’s the best thing to do.” He started to turn towards the door and stopped. “Oh there’s one other thing I must tell you. When we investigated Elvis, it didn’t take us long to find the cohorts he was linked to, that would be Prime Minister Salvatore Giuliano and his cabinet. With that being said, we are investigating other acquaintances of Pelias Oratti’s. We need information about his brief endeavors with some of his female acquaintances as well.”

Crystal Ice-is smirked, and turned her nose up. “Oh believe me Mr. Yee I can’t tell you anything about the whores, and TRICKS he has entertained and housed. I know nothing of those TYPE of women. When it comes to the lowlife vagabonds he takes in, the entrance to his house is like a revolving door the way they come and go.”

Namiko with a stern face replied, “I see, well we have found some names though; Thonica, Stephanie and the recent one he housing now, Mariah.”

Crystal Ice-is was shocked. Wow, Namiko had done his investigation well. She slowly replied, “Yes I have to admit I’ve heard of the thirsty THOTS. But there’s not much I can tell you about them. I’m sorry.”

Namiko pressed on, “Are you sure you can tell me nothing of them?”

Ice-is rolled her eyes up to the ceiling pretending to think harder, “Only that the most recent one he’s housing, has ten-year old rug rat, I mean child that she’s fighting for custody of from her Baby Daddy.”

Namiko raised his eye brows, as though he was even surprised about the type of women Oratti dealt with. He touched his chin, as he glanced down to the floor, looked back up at Ice-is and said, “Okay, thank you Ms. Ice-is. I’ll stay in touch. And I must remind you to stick to your plan and please be CAREFUL.”

At that, Crystal Ice-is nodded her head in agreement and walked him to the door.

…………………to be continued.


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