Mitroitis a Story of Fantasy, Chapter 11; Ice-is Informs Belos of Her Trip to Cantania

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication

After her meeting with Oratti, Crystal Ice-is and the guardsman returned to the inn where she was staying at in Camden. She departed from the guardsman and they went to the separate rooms. As soon as she entered her room she sat at a table where her orb was. She waved her hand over it and tapped in the code to reach her home, Beaumont Castle. A face appeared as her signal was sent, it was the face of Belos, her confidant and the castle’s concierge.

“Hello Ice-is,” Belos chirped in a cheery voice, “So tell me, how did things go in the meeting with Oratti. I’m dying to know, come on honey, spill the tea!”

Crystal Ice-is slowly shook her head from side to side. Sometimes she couldn’t believe Belos’ zealous, and giddy attitude in any situation. She both loathed and loved it at the same time. She stared back at him in the orb, “Really Belos…..really? How in the hell do you have such a chirpy attitude knowing how serious and DANGEROUS this quest is for me.”

He smirked and said, “Oh you’re right Ice-is I’m sorry. Here, how does this look?” He then pretended to put on a stern serious face.

Crystal Ice-is just looked at him with her head tilted to one side and rolled her eyes, “You are such a goof ball.” she replied, “Look Belos you and the two guardsmen I brought with me to Camden are the ONLY ones that knows about my dealings with Oratti. One guardsman brought me here and the other is staying here at the inn with me. Between the three of you, I just pray that this doesn’t get leaked back to Triton.”

“Alright, alright………. just calm down. You know I’m trustworthy. As far as the two guardsmen they really don’t know WHO Oratti is, well at least not his history. You have nothing to worry about. So come on tell me, what happened?”

Crystal Ice-is replied, “Well you may not know Oratti’s ENTIRE history either. There’s something I haven’t told you about him.”

Suddenly Belos face got larger as he leaned closely into the orb’s viewer, and began to squeal, “Ooooowwww child, what! What is it! You mean you’ve been keeping something from me. Go ahead and SPILL THE TEA!”

Crystal Ice-is looked down at the table, “Oh my God, you are ridiculous, relax! Yes there’s something I haven’t told you. Okay you know I came here to talk about doing the incantation for him. Well, I didn’t tell you how he came upon the incantation. It was stolen from the crypt of King Baribus.”

Belos’ eyes widened as he leaned in even closer to the orb viewer. His mouth dropped open. “Oh HELL no! You mean the Oratti is the one who robbed that crypt. That’s the one thing that Triton invested in now above everything, to find who robbed his grandfather’s crypt. Oh I don’t know Ice-is, this sounds more an more dangerous for you. I’m thinking you shouldn’t be involved in any way with Oratti.”

Crystal Ice-is paused and then continued, “Well believe it or not, that’s not all. Firstly, Oratti didn’t physically rob the crypt himself. He hired a privateer Aydin Reis and his men to do it. Secondly, the incantation isn’t the only thing he also had them take from the crypt. He had them steal a will. It was written on his death-bed. Because his counsel thought he was delirious when he wrote it, they felt it wasn’t legitimate, so they buried it with him.”

Belos leaned back away from the orb, “Yes I hear rumours about the secret will.”

“Right, and God only knows what he’s planning to do with it now that he’s taken it back to Cantania. If he presents it to his Prime Minister there, they could start a war over it if they feel the will is legit. At any rate, I’ve agreed to help Oratti. because the incantation can only be cast at his home, where he lives, I’ll have to travel to Cantania.”

Belos leaned forward again, “Oh my god, are you really going to travel that far. I think it’s risky.”

“Well I’ll have the guardsman with me the entire time. Oratti’s life is depending on this incantation. I’m sure there won’t be any problems. My biggest fear is that this will get back to Triton. Right now Triton is diverted, with his involvement reports from his military aids and investigators at his home in Kalkaska. So he won’t be calling on, or inquiring much about me any time soon. The last thing I want is for Triton to think that I’m a traitor or that I’ve betrayed him.” Ice-is stared back at Belos in the orb.

“I’m afraid that’s what it’ll look like Ice-is if Triton finds out. It’ll look like you’ve been conspiring with Oratti in some way.” Belos looked concerned now.

“Look, I’m sure I can be in Cantania by late tomorrow, perform the incantation, and immediately sail back here to Mitroitis. It’ll be fine. Of course I don’t care for Pelias but I don’t hate him enough to let him die. It’s lucky for him I have a conscience. You just keep be abreast of everything that’s going on there at Beaumont. I doubt if Triton will inquire about me or try to contact me within the next 72 hours.”

Belos stared blankly back at her through the orb, “Yeah I suppose you’re right. The sooner you get back the better. I’ll keep in you informed of everything here for sure. Good luck Ice-is.”

She replied back, “Thank you, and good night. I’ll speak with you again soon, Take care.” With that she waved her hand over the orb and Belos’ face faded away. She walked over to her bed, laid on her back, stared at the ceiling and thought what the next two days events would bring her. At this point only God knew.

…………………………….. to be continued, SOON.


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