Mitroitis A Story of Fantasy, Chapter 10; After a Challenge a Deal is Sealed

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication

The meeting that took place in Camden at the Red Lyon Tavern, between Crystal Ice-is and Oratti did NOT go well. Their talk turned into a screaming match, and nearly got physical when Ice-is leaned over and clapped her hands in Oratti’s face. That caused him to get up, tell her to forget about everything, and he stormed off towards the tavern doors. Ice-is yelled out something as he was leaving that caused him to turn around just before he reached the doors.

Oratti turned with a look of rage on his face, took a few steps back towards her table and said, “What did you say to me?”

Ice-is tilted her head back in a daring manner and repeated, “I said go to HELL, and good luck with finding another sorceress to save your hide.”

With clenched fist and narrowed eyes, he took a few quick steps back inside the tavern. Through clenched teeth he shot back, “You better watch your tone and how you speak to me”

With a defiant smirk on her face Ice-is retorted, ” ‘I better watch my tone’, OR WHAT?! What are you going to do Pelias?”

At that moment one of Triton’s guards, who was there the entire time sitting at a table next to their’s, stood up. He walked toward Ice-is, facing Oratti he stood mid way between her and Oratti.

Oratti pretended not to notice him. He stared Crystal Ice-is down, and spoke, “I suppose I never REALLY knew you, because I NEVER figured you to be such an evil and spiteful person.”

“Oh so now I’m the evil and spiteful one. Well if I’m the evil, spiteful one you’re damn sure the egotistical, self-centered, and self-serving one.” she snapped back.

With his eyes still fixed on her, he spoke, “I don’t know why I let Aydin talk me into asking you for a favor.” He looked down and the tone in his voice lowered. “Well I suppose I can find another sorceress. I don’t know how long it’ll take, but I won’t be berated by you at a time where I have very little time left, or what might be my last days. I don’t have a lot of time, and if I don’t find a sorceress………. well what’s meant to be, is meant to be.”

Those words gave Ice-is a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. It was the pity and guilt she felt just thinking of him dying before he found another sorceress, it would eat at her conscience. Lucky for Oratti she had a conscience.

She glanced down to the floor, and then over to the table. “Okay, just forget all about your search. Let’s just do this. I said I would do it, you traveled this far to Mitroitis to talk about it. I traveled here to discuss it while putting my position in jeopardy. We’re both here now so lets just sit down.”

The guard walked back next to the table he was sitting at. Oratti slowly walked, to their table. He and Crystal Ice-is sat back down to start once again.

Ice-is began, “Like I said, the incantation has to be read at the home of the person it’s to be cast on. Our dilemma is that I WOULDN’T perform the casting if you have a ‘situation’ at your home. It’s enough that I’m risking so much just having to travel to your home, when I have to account for travels and absence to counsel I work for.”

“Okay firstly, I don’t see this as a ‘dilemma’ and I don’t have a ‘situation’ at my home. The arrangement is a guest and her daughter who were evicted from their last residence and I took them in. She’s just a house guest whose name is Mariah and her daughter, and……..”

Ice-is cut him off before he could finish, “Oh she was EVICTED, like a thought another vagabond you’ve taken off the streets and into your home. Look, I don’t care what her name is, or WHAT you call it, an arrangement or a guest. I could really care less. I just want her and her RUG RAT,  GONE when I come to perform the casting of the incantation.”

At that, Oratti took in a deep breath, let out a long sigh, and shook his head. “Please let’s NOT get started again with the jabs and snipes your taking at me right now.”

“I’m not taking any jabs or snipes at you. I truly want to do this as cut and dry as we can and as quick as we can. Like you said earlier you DON’T have much time.” She folded her arms and cocked her head to one side, waiting for his response..

“Alright,” he started, “as soon as I leave here I’m getting on my boat and heading back to Cantania tonight. I don’t know how soon you can follow after I leave.”

“Well I can have a separate boat charted by tomorrow morning. I’ll need to have my guardsman with me. I may be able to arrive in Cantania the day after you. And I’m hoping and trusting that you will have your skank and her spawn……… oh I’m sorry I meant your living ‘situation or arrangement’ CLEARED OUT by the time I arrive.”

Oratti glared at her, “Come on, do you REALLY have to use language like that?”

She smirked, “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were so sensitive about your ‘house guest slash tenants, or whatever you’re calling them.”

Oratti shook his head slowly and replied, “Alright, don’t worry. Everyone will be cleared out when you arrive. It won’t be a problem.”

“Okay, fine.” Ice-is looked over her awaiting guardsman, nodded then stood up to leave. “When I arrive the day after I’ll send you an Orb message.”

“Alright then, I appreciate everything. I’ll see you in a few days.” He glanced over to the guardsman,stood up, and turned to leave.

……………………………to be continued.


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