Mitroitis: A Story of Fantasy Chapter 9; the Meeting of Oratti and Ice-is

Two days later at Beaumount Castle, Belos knocked at Crystal Ice-is chamber door. She called for him to enter. He walked in on her standing at her bed with an small open suite case. Her wardrobe closet was open and she was clearly packing to leave on a short trip.

Belos spoke, “So I see you’ve decided to take the trip to meet with Oratti?”

She replied, “Yes, I contacted Aydin Reis by Cydonia Orb last night and told him I’d meet with Oratti. But he’ll have to travel here to Mitroitis, but no where near the Province of Wayne. I’ve arranged to meet with him in the Province of Hillsdale far south of Wayne in the city of Camden. Camden is closest to the Aegean Sea. He’ll sail there and we’ll meet at a Tavern near one of their ports. The name of the Tavern is The Red Lyon. I’ve contacted two of Triton’s guardsman to travel with me. They don’t know who I’m really meeting there. I told them that I’m only meeting with a diplomatic adversary from Crete.”

Belos replied, “Well if it means anything, I think you’re doing a commendable thing. Just keep the guards close to you, and I’m sure everything will be safe.”

Crystal Ice-is arrives in Camden and is waiting Oratti’s arrival at the Red Lyon

She saw Oratti walk through the doors of the tavern. Well dressed as usual, but always with that cocky look on his face. He still had that cheesy mustage, and the slow walk as he walked over. It was part of his fake ass swagger. When he spotted her he walked over with a sly smile on his face, sly as usual, all part of his nonexistent swagger. He said, “Hello Crystal it’s good to see you.” As he walked over to the table and pulled a chair out. Just the sound of his voice brought back all the ugly memories of him. She didn’t want it to be an unpleasant reunion, but sight of him just made her mad at him all over again, because she was remembering the VERY reason they broke up. Maybe he was TRYING to look pleasant but to her his look was smug. She just felt as if she wanted to slap the look off his face. Even now with him not seeing her in nearly five years, she hated him all over again.

As he sat down Crystal Ice-is simply replied, “Hello.” With a dry tone.

Still with the cheesy grin on his face Oratti spoke, “It’s nice to see you. I’m glad you agreed to meet me.”

She replied, “Well I hope to make this quick and simple. Lets just get straight to it. Firstly, I didn’t know you were so deathly ill to need to take such a drastic measure with this stolen incantation.”

He replied, “Yes at this point my doctors can only give me pain medication to keep me comfortable, but what I have is terminal and untreatable. At any rate, how have you been? I have to say that I was surprised to find out you were also a sorceress and studied sorcery in the past. “

“I’m fine and doing well as Ambassador to Oz. It’s a pleasure to work with King Triton.” She coldly remarked and couldn’t resist throwing Trition’s name in the conversation. Oratti just flashed a nervous smile. His expression showed that he was embarrassed by how much she’d upgraded from him. Even if her relationship with Triton was only business, he was still an upgrade from Oratti.

She knew she should have expressed more pity towards him, even if it were a forced expression. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it because of the disdain she still felt for him from the past. She just tried to move the conversation along by sticking to the subject at hand. “Well I’m sure the incantation will cure you. I’ve studied and know enough about that particular incantation that’s from the ancient Galasieni race. Their race had medicinal incantations down to a fine art.”  She looked down at her cup of tea the whole time she spook as to not make eye contact with him. But she sensed him ease into his chair as his shoulders seemed to shift downward in a relaxed manner.

He began to speak, “I just want you to know how much I appreciate this, seeing that we didn’t part under the best of circumstances.”

“Yes I know,” she began, “I doubt VERY much if the tables were turned and I were the one needing a favor, you’d NEVER risk meeting me and doing the same.”

He slowly shook his head in disagreement, “Ice-is of course I do the same for you. Our departure wasn’t that tumultuous.”

“No not tumultuous,” she snapped, “but you’d never do the same for me. If it were a situation that interfered with the relations of any conquest of any whores you may be presently housing or courting.”

He looked at her with a shocked and annoyed looked. “What, what are you saying now? What do you mean.”

She glared back at him, “You know what I mean. As soon as we broke up you had some hood rat whore under your roof. I don’t know why you bothered with any of them. All you do is end up throwing them out. There was Thonica with her kids and grandchild, what a sad case she was. Then there was the other desperate hanger on Stephanie. You had to get an order of the law to force her desperate ass out. You threw her out when you were trying to get back with me a second time and I admit it worked for the moment. Of course our second try didn’t work out even though you got rid of that tiresome skank.”

He looked very agitated now, “What are you bringing up all this stuff from the past. We had our disappointments in the past but I always treated you right when we were together, and what does all that matter now?”

Crystal Ice-is shouted at him through narrowed eyes, “It matters because you think that I’m going to lower myself by being around someone like you, with your REPUTATION.  I’ve upgraded to a higher position in life, and in social standing. I’m employed by a person of royalty and power. You’re not dealing with naive person you dealt with five years ago when I thought I couldn’t do any better. I’ll have you know that I HAD to discreetly meet with you because of YOUR reputation. A reputation I CAN’T be associated with, because of my social position. I can’t risk tarnishing my relationship with Triton.”

He snapped back at her, “Why are you saying all of this and getting so upset. I know we’re not together anymore. I admit I still have some feelings for you but I’m not trying to interrupt anything you have with Triton. I didn’t know you two were involved.”

She rolled her eyes, “I didn’t say were ‘involved’. I meant my professional relationship with him. He has respect for me and knows I’m a trustworthy person. My point is I’m not sneaking around in secret meetings for YOUR discretion with anyone, but for my OWN discretion to be protected, NOT YOURS! If Triton knew I was even associated with the likes of you he’d cut me off from him and I’d lose my position as Ambassador. Do you understand?”

“With the likes of me eeehh?  What does that supposed to mean?” He replied.

“You know exactly what that means.” She shot back, “You think I don’t know how you obtained that incantation scroll and the will of King Baribus? You obtained it illegally, and Triton is still searching for the thief. He doesn’t suspect you yet, but he knows you have a reputation for illegal trades, theft, and illegal selling of cannabis and opium.”
Oratti looked angry now, “So Captain Aydin told you everything, I see.” He looked down at the table where he rested his hands, that were cuffed together. “That’s fine but I resent you accusing me of having a reputation as a thief and drug dealer. I may have done some things in the past but that’s the PAST!”

She rolled her eyes, “Whatever, deny if you want but you can’t deny you hired Aydin and his men to robbed Baribus’ crypt.”

Oratti visibly became more irritated. “Alright, alright but I want to get to the business at hand with the incantation. You’ve agreed to do it so all I have to know now is when. Can’t we get to it now. With my health and life on the line you can imagine that I’m a little anxious to get this done. And I want you to know, I really appreciate you doing this for me. Please believe that no matter what our past history is that I do still care for you.”

Crystal Ice-is stared straight ahead, across the tavern to avoid any eye contact with him. She didn’t care about what she was saying, but she did have a conscious and knew she’d be wrecked with guilt if she left him to his demise and let the sickness take his life.

She began to speak. “Yes I bet you do, but let me tell you something. As I said before I have to protect my honor with Triton and my duty to my title as Ambassador, so I HAVE to be very discreet. The problem with me reciting the  incantation is that is HAS to be done at your home, where you live. So I’m putting myself at risk just traveling to your home in Cantania. As Ambassador my time, absence, and travels from Mirtois has to be recorded and accounted for.”

He quickly responded, “Wait, the incantation has to be performed at my house? But that’s gonna be a problem you see I have a…….”  he paused and his eyes shifted downwards nervously,  “Well I have a sort of house guest, or uumm tenant staying there with her daughter…. and I was just thinking……”

Crystal Ice-is slammed her tea-cup she was sipping out of down on the table, and shouted at him, “Oh HELL no! NOT again! Do you REALLY think that I would entertain the thought of having to creep around some skank, penny, nickel, hoodrat that you’ve taken in off the streets?!” She glared at him and continued, “Did you NOT hear everything I’ve been telling you since you sat down?!  I am not the same person I was when we first met, and I’m CERTAINLY above any low life whore your with now. I was above those TYPE of women BEFORE I became an Ambassador.”

He frowned and retorted back, “Wait a minute Ice-is, you’ve gone too far now. You don’t even know her and you’re already judging me and who I let in my house.”

Crystal Ice-is leaned back in her chair in dismay. She shouted, “I don’t know? I don’t know…… REALLY? Well I DON’T HAVE TO KNOW her, if she’s associated with you I ALREADY know what type of woman she is. Because I know what type of low life, slutty, vagabonds, you deal with.”

Oratti threw his hand up and held it in the air as it to try to stop her words, “Wait a minute Ice-is. When did this become about who I’m with and the company I keep?!”

She yelled back, “This became about the ‘company you keep’ when you asked a favor of me that requires me to come to YOUR HOUSE! Let’s remember YOU came to ME! I didn’t come to you, and it just so happens that this incantation has to be recited at the HOME of the host who it’s to be cast on!”

He retorted back as he rolled his eyes, “I didn’t know any of that mattered before I asked you.”

She snapped back, “Well NOW you know, it DOES MATTER! So what’s it gonna be, the incantation for your life or the gutter rat and her spawn you have nesting your house?! It’s all up to you, because if it were up to me I wouldn’t want to come within in a hundred yards of your home, or you for that matter!”

He pushed his chair back from the table, and motioned to stand, but stopped and said. “Well I see you’re still angry and bitter over the past. You haven’t changed and NEVER will.”

Ice-is glared at him, “I’m not angry or bitter, and I don’t care about our past. I haven’t changed and I don’t have to, because this is NOT about me! This is about you, your health and your life!” Not able to contain her anger, she leaned over and clapped her hands twice, loudly in his face. “Now how ’bout that! Not only don’t I have to change, I DON’T have to figure out a plan on how you’re gonna have this incantation read at your home. But I’ll tell you this, I WILL NOT schedule my agenda around for you, or any HOODRAT you’ve housed in your home.”

He stood up quickly, ” This is talk is over between us. I’m done with you. I don’t see why I thought I could reason with you, or ask you a favor. You’re still holding on to a grudge about something that didn’t work out between us.”

Ice-is snapped back, “YOU’RE done with ME?! Honey, I was done with you a long time ago! Remember you looked me up, I didn’t look you up! Don’t flatter yourself. I don’t have a grudge about anything that has to do with you. The past is the past! I didn’t refuse you a favor. It’s your business with whatever rachette bitch you’re playing house with now. I’m just letting you know I wouldn’t grace your house with my presence while you have your TRICK and her child there.”

He stood and shook his head and replied, “Firstly, NEVER MIND about the favor, and secondly, NEVER clap your hands in my face again!” He turned quickly and stormed away towards the tavern doors.

Ice-is yelled out behind him “Go to hell, and good luck on finding another sorceress to save your hide!”

At that he stopped just before reaching the doors, turned back towards her and stared at her in rage…………..

…………………. to be continued.


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