Garland Texas Mohammed Cartoon Contest, and It’s Ties To My Story, Mitroitis

I would like to take the time to comment on the Garland Texas Attack on the Mohammed Cartoon Contest, and the shooting at that event.  And also reiterate my own story I did on Metro Cars.   The two stories tie into each other in my opinion.

Firstly I’d like to say hooray for Garland Texas, their story reflects the rights of the Freedom of Speech in this Country.   Although some Muslims are highly insulted by the act of someone drawing their deity  Mohammed, they must realize that this is America. Just as they have to right to worship and serve their God and have their own religion, we all have the same right to serve out own religions also.  If a Muslim wanted to write or draw something against the Christian religion or the God we serve, of course I and a lot of other Christians would be insulted by that but we’d have to accept their right to do that.   They would have a right to do that without being physically threatened or attacked, and Visa versa if Christians printed or drew our views about them.

In France we all know that the French Cartoonist Charlie Hebdo died for drawing depicting the deity Mohammed in the paper he work for.  He was shot down by Islam radicals.  And like I said in my  Metro Car story that WOULD HAVE NOT HAPPENED IN AMERICA.  And we all see that for FACT when we see what happened in Garland Texas.    They had their Mohammed Cartoon Contest, some radical Islamic nutcases who were loyal to Isis or whatever movement they represented, showed up with guns at the event to kill, but they were killed first by Texas police.

This goes back to the Metro Car story I did.  Someone didn’t like the fact I did the story and included people that they were familiar with.   It’s okay for someone to not like my story or the fact that I have the GALL to write what ever I want to write, but to THREATEN ME OR MY HOME IS WHOLE DIFFERENT BALL GAME.   You CAN NOT THREATEN someone in this country for expressing their FREEDOM OF SPEECH, or your MONKEY ASS will end up like the two dead gunmen in Garland Texas. I can write and say what I want, especially when I’m discreet with names.  First names by themselves WITHOUT the last names are safe and so are altered names….. so there! **tee-hee**  **smile***

That’s why I remain steadfast in my fictional fantasy story of Mitroitis, after all art imitates life.  So the villains and low life characters are inspired by the low life scum that I have come across and became acquainted with in my own real life experiences,  and they are just so fun to writhe about!  **smile**

So I say ROCK ON to all journalist, cartoonist, and fictional writers.  And last but not least  ROCK ON TO THE TEXAS POLICE and to the American LAWS FOR THE  RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS and the RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH!


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