Mitroitis: A Place of Beauty, A Story of Fantasy, The Continuation, part 7

Mitroitis is a COPYRIGHTED Publication

It was a sunny but unusually windy and cold day for autumn on Sardinia Island. Once again Aydin was meeting with Pelias Oratti. This would be different type of meeting though. This is where the deal would be completed, or so Oratti hoped. Instead of meeting at the Red Lyon Pub they’d meet again on the Fiery Dragon in Aydin’s cabin. This is the day that Oratti would receive the very thing that would supposedly cure his sickness, and a two hundred year old will that even though questionably legitimate, at any rate it was recovered. It would be a propitious day to say the least.

The cabin was prepared the same as the last meeting. Oratti was lead down the stairs to the cabin where Aydin was waiting with a hot pot of tea and fire in hearth. Aydin stood as Oratti walked in. He greeted him. Oratti looked anxious as he greeted him. Both men shook hands as they greeted one another.
Aydin began, “Good to see you Oratti! You look good for a man with such serious health issues. How are you feeling today?”

Oratti retorted, “I only look healthy on the outside I assure. I have my good days and my bad days. I’m still in need of a cure for what will eventually kill me, and I hope you that cure I sent you for,”

Aydin replied, “Yes of course, and this is truly an auspicious day for you then.

Oratti starred at the pouch for a moment, then opened it and peeked inside. He reached in and pulled the ghastly shriveled thing out, unfolded it onto the table, then studied it closely.

Aydin spoke, “Well, there it is. The CURE, the thing that is to save your life. Now what happens? I’m VERY curious. Do you read it here, or do have to place in onto your own flesh? How does it work?”

Oratti responded with a satisfied smile, “No, no I wish it was that simple, but I’m afraid it’s a little more complicated than that.”

“How so…?” Aydin replied.

Oratti continued, “I’m told that a sorceress has to read it. Now I need to find a sorceress. My plight is a never ending one it seems. You wouldn’t happen to know of any would you Captain?”

Aydin flashed a devilish grin and replied, “No I don’t know any personally but I know of one.”

Oratti stared back at him, “Oh really, who?”

Aydin replied, “Crystal Ice-is, she’s a sorceress, I thought everyone knew that.”

Oratti sat straight up in his chair and starred at Aydin. He looked both shocked and angry as he squinted at him. “Why are you bringing her name up again to me? Are you being facetious, or because you know she’s friend to Triton now, and an ex lover of mine?”

Aydin replied. “Facetious, of course not. I’m being truthful. When you travel as much as I do Oratti, you come to know a lot of people and you hear a lot of things. You find out things about people you don’t even know. I’ve traveled to a lot of lands and met people of all walks of life. I can tell you for a fact that I’ve heard this through more than one person to whom it’s common knowledge that Crystal Ice-is a sorceress. She’s is only referred to as a Good witch of the north because she’s sister to Glinda the good witch. But in actuality she’s a sorceress. She wasn’t schooled with Glinda. She learned her craft through a totally different entity than Glinda. Excuse me, but I thought you would know that since you once knew her personally. Even though your relationship was a short one, I just assumed you’d know that.”

Oratti glared back at him, “No I didn’t know that. Even with knowing it now, I don’t see how it’ll help me. We did not part on good terms. It was a tumultuous and short lived relationship.”

Aydin replied back, “Oh was it so tumultuous that you can’t get back in touch and ask her for a favor? Maybe she’d take it into consideration if she knew how dire your situation is.”

Oratti replied back with a disappointed look on his face, “I just may have to, but I think I’ll inquire some other contacts first before I implore her for anything.”

Aydin looked puzzled, “You mean you didn’t think this out BEFORE you planned to retrieved the incantation, that you’d need a sorceress to recite it for you?”

Oratti responded, “No, no there’s a lot things you don’t think of in long term when you find that your time is limited in this world. At any rate I’m just glad to have it. To tell the truth I didn’t think you’d be succesful. I wasn’t sure if it were just all of a myth, but I’m glad it wasn’t. Speaking of which, I was told when I was messaged that you were back that you also found the will.”

Aydin responded, “Yes of course, then there’s that.” Aydin walked over to tall chest in the corner of his cabin, opened the top drawer, pulled out the rolled up scroll parchment, then walked back to the table and handed it to Oratti. He untied the string that was around it, slowly unrolled it and started to read.

A look of delight and satisfaction slowly crept across his face. He looked across the table at Aydin and began to speak, “Yes this looks to be it Captain. I’m no expert on it authenticity but I will have a specialist look it over. The paper looks very aged.”

Aydin smiled and replied, “Surely you wouldn’t suspect me of bringing you a false document on a made up words on piece of parchment paper. Besides even if the will is written by the king’s hand and it is as old as we know it is, what’s to make you think it’s still a legitimate and enforceable will?”

Oratti thought to himself for a moment as he gazed down at the scroll, then spoke, “The way I see it, I take this back to Cantania, and present it to the Monarch. From there he can make arrangements with Triton or his Noblemen. They can work it out from there.”

Aydin replied, “Well good luck with that. I doubt VERY much if Triton or any one in his court would feel it holds any legitimacy. I think it can only open up the possibility of fighting among them and maybe even war depending on how far Cantania’s Ruler is willing to take this if they Triton throws it back in his face.”

Oratti smiled, “Well either way it’s a valuable and interesting piece of parchment enforceable or not.  A lot of important men of Cantania will be glad to see it.”

Aydin spoke, “It seems that you are finally admitting that there are others who are working with you behind the scenes with this entire scheme. I know there had to others beside you who were interested in something of this magnitude between two countries.”

Oratti replied, “Yes of course Captain, and I won’t go into any of the politics of it all with you, but I’m trusting that our business is done here. I have what I want and you and your crew have what you went to the crypt for also.”

Aydin smiled, “Yes of course the bountiful treasure was there just as you described, but speaking of politics. It brings me back to Oz’s Ambassador to Mitroits. You know Oratti I do have spies who work with me. I can have send word or contact Crystal Ice-is for you, if you can’t find a sorceress on your own. It would be worth your while to try. Of course I’d do this for a fee, nothing is free, and I’m sure what she can do with that incantation would be priceless for your well being at this point.”

Oratti tilted his head down and gazed at Aydin through squinted eyes, “I see, but it all seems VERY sorted to me. I mean, an ex love of mine, a confidant of Triton’s – it’s a dangerous combination in one person. The situaution seems untrustworthy to me.”

Aydin continued, “It’s up to you. If you think you’re health will hold out until you find a sorceress on your own, then have at it. But if I were you I’d rather take a chance at contacting her at least. The worst that could happen is that she’ll say no, and refuse to help you.”

Oratti retorted, “Or she can reveal my whereabouts and link me to the Crypt caper I hired you for. I know so far no one knows yet of Baribus’ crypt being disrupted, but when it’s revealed I’m sure they’ll some way link it back to me. As you’ve said before Captain, like yourself, Triton has spies working for him to. On the other hand like you’ve said, it wouldn’t hurt to make contact and implore her help.”

Aydin nodded and replied, “Yes it’s up to you. Just say the word and I can get a few men started on a mission to send a message to her as soon as possible.”

Oratti fingered the scroll for a moment, as if in deep thought, then nodded, “Alright Aydin, what’s you fee?”

Aydin responded, “Only third of what I charged for the crypt caper.”

Oratti nodded once again, “Very well then Captain, it’s a deal.” The two men shook hands to seal the deal. With that they both stood and Aydin replied, “I’ll send you a message as soon as we contact her. I’ll send the message to you via Cydonia Orb. You do posses a receiver I’m sure.” Oratti said, “Yes, yes I do, and I hope to hear good news.” Aydin replied, “I hope that I’m able to deliver good news to you.” With those last words Oratti departed the ship once again, and was on his way back to Cantania. Aydin sipped on his tea, starred at the flames that burned in his fireplace. He though to himself, what events their actions would cause in coming days.

Oratti was on his way back home with an incantation that may or may save his life, and with King Baribus’ will that would or would not bestow the island of Crete back to his country. The will could either impart curses or blessing to him and his people. It could be accepted as a priceless discovery and bring celebrations, or a plague bringing dicord and war between two nations. Which ever the outcome, they’d all find out in the very near future. Good or bad, the will would start something among two nations of epic porportion, but for now everything was uncertain.

To be continued…………………….


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