Mitroitis: A Place of Beauty, A Story of Fantasy, The Continuation, Part 5

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted syndication

The Fiery dragon was still docked at Sardina Island. Captain Aydin Reis decided that he’d meet one more time with Pelias Oratti before he and his crew started this planned operation.

After talking with his crew members about some doubts and concerns about their mission, Captain Aydin Reis felt that another meeting was needed with Pelias Oratti before he ventured off to Crete on the quest he was hired for. He invited Oratti onto the Fiery Dragon for this last chat to inquire about some lasting questions him and his crew member were concerned with. Panos the Qaurter Master and Abdul the Sailing Master of the Fiery Dragon had brought legitimate concerns about Oratti and their quest to him, questions that could only be answered about Oratti. Not only the crew, but Aydin wanted to know who Oratti was working with, there had to be bigger wigs working along side or behind the scenes with Oratti. They felt that Oratti was just a front man for a larger organization. He was just a someone’s puppet and they wanted to know who was pulling the strings. And it was this cloudy, dreary fall evening on the ship that Aydin planned to find out just the what, who, and why.

Aydin waited for Pelias Oratti in his cabin aboard the ship. He saw out his port window when Oratti arrived. His crew directed him below deck to the cabin. Aydin heard his footsteps clamor down the stairs. Oratti entered the Captain’s cabin, he stopped in the doorway and looked around. His inquisitive, stealthy eyes glanced about the luxurious room. His large bed was decorated with what looked like a blue velvet quilt, with a paisley print gold embroidery. The headboard, framed in gold was upholstered with the the the same fabric. The floor and walls were of dark stained shiny wood. On his night stand next to the bed sat a glimmering brass lantern, with a flame flickering through its glass. A large oak, richly varnished mahogany table that sat upon a bright red carpet with an oriental print design. The table sat close to a fireplace that had glass and brass front encasement, a marble hearth, with a fire was ablaze inside. Atop the table were two sets of brightly polished gold candelabrum’s, each held five lit candles. It was an impressive room that was well furnished with all of the captain’s needs.

“Have a seat Oratti.” Aydin yelled out with an inviting smile as he pointed at the large table. There was also a large pot of tea resting on a the table with two porcelain tea cups and saucers.

“Thank you,” Oratti replied as he walked over to the table pulled a chair out and sat down. Aydin sat next.

Aydin offered his a cup of tea, “Would you like a cup of tea? I tire of drinking all time, and this is the finest of teas that I have. It’s from the orient you know.”

Oratti declined, “Thank you, but no. I’m fine.” Aydin nodded and replied, “Very well then.”

Oratti gave Aydin an inquisitive look and started the conversation, “I must say Captain that I thought our meeting at the pub the other day would be our last before you and your crew set sails for Crete.”

Aydin smiled and spoke, “Yes but you must understand that my crew still have legitimate questions and concerns.”

“Your crew?!” Oratti retorted, “Who runs your ship, you or your crew?”

Aydin gave him a snide look and said, “Of course I run my crew and ship without question, but I also have concerns. Firstly, for me to take the risk of a operation as dangerous as invading or infiltrating any part of the King Triton’s Kingdom is not a quest to take lightly. Secondly I’m aware that I’ve already agreed to take on this operation. But thirdly and more importantly, I like to know exactly who I’m working for and whom I putting my ship and crew at risk for when starting something like this.”

Oratti leaned forward in his chair and gave Aydin a side glance and said, “Who, and whom you say? Well me of course, aren’t I the one who inquired, and contacted you, who else?”

Aydin slowly shook his head and spoke, “No Oratti, I think you know what I mean. An operation or quest like this NEVER involves just ONE man. There is no way I believe you’re working alone. I think you know what I’m really asking. Who are you working with? Who else is to gain from this crypt, and hidden will besides you? Who else is connected and working behind the scenes? Who else is waiting in the shadows for Fiery Dragon to finish this operation? We need to know FULLY who and what entities we’re truly dealing with before we become fully involved in anything.”

Oratti snipped back at Aydin, “Look you’ve been paid for a service and will be paid more after it’s done. I don’t see why the who and what is important for you to do the job you’ve been hired to do. As far as who’s to gain for the will, well of course the entire country and citizens of Cantania has plenty to gain when they know that the island of Crete was originally willed back to them and is truly not the part of the Kingdom of Mitroitis.”

Aydin answered back, “Okay so the people of Cantania will have something to gain knowing that Crete belongs to them, so then what? Will you take it back on your own? No of course you won’t if that is the true content of your plan. You’d need the help of officials and authorities of the men who run your country.”

Oratti was looking irritated now, and sat straight up and jutted his chin out, “Okay then Aydin, of course there are others of authority who I’ve told of this and are interested and maybe involved, but that’s all between me and my countrymen. For now you know all that you need to know, and that is what I’ve already told you.”

Aydin sat back in his chair and smirked at Oratti, “Okay, okay fine then you won’t tell more than you’ve already told. But I will say this, King Triton has spies who are always looking after his Kingdom, who work along with his military. I also have spies, in a business like mine the use of spies is an absolute MUST. I’ll tell you right now that, my spies have found out King Triton visited Crete a week ago, stayed and spoke with Crete’s Province Council members. He sailed back to the mainland and since his departure the security all around Cretes docks and piers have been increased. This leads me to believe that something has been leaked to him and the council. Evidently they have reason to believe and have been alerted to expect a security breach in the near future. This news of an increase in security WILL make our operation a more difficult task. Now you can take that information and do with it what you will. We’ve put you on notice that his people have been tipped off, and you can take the opportunity now to tip off your affiliates, allies or whom ever you are working with. I plan on this being a successful operation, but I’ll have you know if we are over come or defeated in any way, we won’t go down alone. If me or my men go down, we’ll take you down with us and who ever your working with. If we’re found out then you and your allies will be found out to. Try to keep your secrets but all your secrets will be found out in the end.”

Oratti was now slumped back in his chair. He gazed at Aydin with a conniving but slightly stunned look on his face. Aydin knew Oratti was trying to look calm with his forced expression. Slowly Oratti began to speak, “Well, I’m glad you’ve alerted me with all of this information but, surely you and your crew aren’t intimidated by this ‘increase in security’ or even with leak about your operation to your opponents. After all you are pirates and you’re not supposed to be deterred by threatening situations.”

Aydin quickly leaned forward and spoke, “Deterred, no never, but I’m just putting YOU on notice as to the information that I’ve received and what can happen in certain situations when things don’t go as planned. I have plenty of expereince and confidence in what I do. I just think that you should know fully well what you’re getting yourself or constituents into from the start.”

Oratti smirked at Aydin and replied in a patronizing tone, “Oh well, indeed you can now consider me notified and fully informed Captain Aydin. And why should I be concerned with Triton being tipped of to where he has to step up security on the Crete. It only means his spies have found out about a possible invasion. It doesn’t mean he knows the ‘who’ and ‘when’. It doesn’t necessarily means he knows it’s you who’s over this operation or me who’s involved. I’m a common man and I’ll never be suspected. Your a known pirate and privateer and you’ll be suspected way before me, but that’s risk you take with any venture or quest you take on.” With that remark Oratti slowly began to stand up from his chair. He prepared to leave assuming their talk was over.

Aydin resented his snide comment and retorted, “Very well then, you have everything in control and neatly undercover on your end. But I must let you know that although NOT your name, but your presence, has been suspected, in this operation, my spies tell me. They tell me that Triton knows enough to know that a tradesman of Cantania is involved in this operation. How long do you think it’ll be before he’ll find out a name, your name? But I suppose there are no loose ends or secrets to be exposed on your side. All of your colleagues are tightly secured and hidden in the shadows.” Aydin slowly leaned back and then sprung forward again, “Oh but wait, there is this one person that I’ve heard who works for Triton that he can inquire about you with, someone you once had a close personal relationship with.”

Oratti suddenly turned back to his chair and sat down quickly. He starred at Aydin intently and spoke, “Someone I had a close relationship with?”

Aydin replied in a sarcastic tone, “Yes, yes a woman by the name of Crystal Ice-is.” he tilted his head to one side in a teasing manor and continued to taunt him, “Does that name ring a bell with you at all? I do believe she’s an Ambassador of Oz to Mitroitis now.” Aydin starred at Oratti with pursed lips and raised one eye brow as he waited for him to respond. He then reached for his cup and took a sip, “Are you sure you won’t have some tea?”

Oratti squinted at Aydin with a resentful stare and retorted, “Yes of course I know her, and you knew the answer to that question before you asked me! Yes I had a relationship with her some years ago, but what of if? So what, I had relations with a lot of women.”

Aydin leered at him as he took another sip of tea. “Yes but this particular woman is a woman of status who works with and knows King Triton now. She’s in close relations with him, and so she’s not quite like the other women, now is she? From what I’ve heard your split with her was NOT an amicable one. I might add that unlike any of the other women you were with, King Triton has access to Crystal Ice-is at his dispose to question when as often as he likes. He can ask her who you knew, who visited your home, who you visited, what dealings you had and where. Have you given any thought to what she might be able to expose?”

Oratti snipped, “She can expose NOTHING, and I’m not worried in the least bit!”

Aydin replied with sarcasm still in his tone, “Well it seems I’ve hit a nerve. Oh come now Oratti I’m just giving you an example of how deep Triton and his spies can search and how vulnerable all of us can be of smallest of of bumps and cracks in our lives that can led to the risk of so much personal information and secrets being leaked from those cracks.”

Oratti this time stood up in a huff, and turned towards the door of the Aydin’s Cabin then turned back around and barked, “Okay Captain, I’ve been warned and alerted of all of the possibilities and politics of everything that can happen or has happened so far. If Crystal Ice-is wants to talk, LET her. I have no fears. I hope we are done talking and you’re ready to start this operation! That’s my only concern now. If Triton or his spies find me out and everything falls apart then, we’ll deal with that if it happens but for now that’s my LAST concern. I’m only interested in YOU getting this quest started. That’s what you’ve been paid for. As far as anything going wrong, well we’ll cross that bridge when and if we get to it!”

Aydin flashed Oratti a devilish grin, “Oh I’m sorry if I’ve upset you. But of course we’ll start as soon as possible, a deal is a deal. I’m a man of my word. As I said earlier, having spies in this is business is a must. It wasn’t my intention to upset you but only to keep you informed and abreast of everything.”

Oratti with a kurt response, “Then we’re are done here. Good day Captain Aydin. I’m sure you’ll be sailing soon.”

“Of course, we’ll be sailing at day break, first thing tomorrow morning.” Aydin replied back.

With that, Oratti gave a quick nod of his head and headed out of the cabin up the stairs to the deck.

Aydin walked over to his port window with his cup and took a slow sip as he watched Oratti walk across the deck bridge onto the docks, and rush to his waiting carriage. He thought to himself – soon and very soon he’d be at Crete with his men opening a crypt of a king. But for Oratti, he’ll be opening his DOOM when Triton’s spies finds him out and what he’s after. And what does Crystal Ice-is have to tell, or what has she ALREADY told?  What of the will? The will if it’s to be presented to the right people could start a war, a war between and old country that’s stood the test of time and a mighty kingdom that is powerful, growing and unstoppable. Who would win, how as this to all unfold? The sailing of the Fiery Dragon at day break could be the beginning of a nation pit against a kingdom. We all would soon find out.

To be continued………………..


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