Mitroitis: A Place of Beauty, A Story of Fantasy, The Continuation, Part 4

Mitroitis is a COPYRIGHTED story:

King Triton boarded his ship he stood on the deck to take in the morning sea breeze. He turned back towards the dock and watched the people of Cydonia, the large city in Crete, as they gathered at the dock to see him off. Many citizens of Cydonia had shown that day to see the king off. He waved as they cheered and waved back at their King. Triton was enjoyed the stay at Cydonia and it’s still warm climate even with autumn setting in. It’s tropical air was deceiving for beginning of early autumn. It felt nothing like the main land of Mitroitis at Platamon Castle in Kalkaska. He was glad to be leaving for his home, the main land. He’d be glad to return to Platomon Castle, not just the castle but the grounds and surrounding area. To be back to the Mainland where autumn looked and felt like the autumn he’d come to love. Because Kalkaska was located near the very northern tip of Mitroitis the autumn climate was much cooler air and ever changing array of the land and trees, the oranges, yellows and some even bright red leaves. The farmers would be preparing the many apple orchards for reaping. They would be starting their cider mills to produce and sell cider and the many Fall Fairs that were to take place during the season. The main land of Mitroitis has the most beautiful Autumns of any land. He would be glad to return, as not to miss out on one more day of the season before the winter set in.

Two days had passed aboard the ship and it was now sailing up to the port of Kalkaska. The early morning dawn glimpsed into Tirton’s cabin window as he quickly dressed. He bounded out of his cabin and up the stairs to the deck. The crew were hustling about preparing to lower the anchor and adjusting the sails. It was very early in the morning then the sun was just starting to peek over the horizon. There were only a few workers and citizens stirring about along the docks. No one was notified of his return and he preferred it that way. He wasn’t in the mood to see or hear greetings and loud cheering of citizens. Although he appreciated their sentiment, but he only wanted a quiet and discreet return to his castle. Word of his return would of course be spread as soon as the workers noticed his cruise ship at the dock being unloaded.

A carriage awaited him. He hurried across the bridge of the ship onto the pier and stepped into his carriage. He thought to himself as the horses trotted along the cobble stones and the carriage swayed behind them. The first thing he’d do when he returned to Platamon Castle would be to use the Cydonia Orb to contact council woman, Nazrah Caras, of Crete. He had to check in with her and the rest of the council to see if there had been any changes since he’d left and to let them know he had a safe trip home.

It was an hour ride until he had reached Platamon. The carriage pulled past the wrought iron gates and up the bricked lane to the castles courtyard. For Triton, Platomon was surely a sight for sore eyes after a long stay away. As the steward unloaded some of his luggage he also accompanied the king into great hall through the front doors of the castle. Triton was greeted by his butler, and man servant, Giles. Giles fluttered about, and chattered on and and on, informing him of all the castle activities while he was away. He also immediately started to remind Triton of his obligations, appointments, visitors and all the future functions he was scheduled to appear at.  Although Triton appreciated Giles, he found him to be irritating, like a nagging secretary. “Okay, okay Giles!” He shouted over his shoulder to him as he rushed into his study. “Thank you VERY much for the reminders, but I must message the Crete council members now.” Giles abruptly stopped in his tracks and as he rolled his eyes, he retorted back, “Very well then your highness.” Triton waved him away with his hand. Giles took that as his cue to leave, he quickly turned away. As he walked away, Triton yelled out, “Close the doors behind you please!” Giles left in huff and shut the large double doors tightly.

As soon as the doors were shut, Triton removed his long jacket, threw it over a chair, and rushed over to his large oak desk. He reached into one of the deep drawers of the desk and pulled out a crystal orb. He sat the orb onto a wooden stand on top of the desk. There he sat in his large wooden and leather bound chair and gazed into the large orb. He waved his hand over the orb a few times, and waited. After a few minutes a face clearly appeared in the orb it was council woman Nazrah, she began to speak, “Hello your highness, I see you’ve made it home safe.” Triton replied, “Yes I have. So have you heard any news from Thaddeus Vara since I left Cydonia?” She replied back, “As a matter of fact, yes we have. He messaged us shortly after your departure. Before you left we informed you of the name of the ship and captain that we suspected to be involved in the caper. Although we still don’t know when Captain Aydin and his crew plan to start their operation, we do have the name of the person who hired him. His name is Pelias Oratti.” Triton replied back, “His name sounds familiar. So you’re now referring to this attack as a caper?” Nazrah retorted, “Yes we’ve found out it’s not so much as a full on attack as previously thought. It’ll involve only one of his ships and crew, they are said to be looking for something of a hidden treasure that this scoundrel Oratti has hired them to find and steal away. They plan for it to be a quick ‘in and out’ operation, but rather it be an attack, caper or a coup, it’s an invasion of our land at any rate that we have to take it seriously. As far was we know now it could be a full on invasion of Crete.” Triton leaned back in his chair and retorted, ‘Yes, yes of course we can’t be too careful, no matter what.”

As Triton settled into his chair and gazed at Nazrah his mind went back to the name Oratti, he began to speak again, “But what of this Pelias Oratti? What do you know about him so far?” She replied back, “We know that he resides in Cantania and is just a low-life tradesman, some legal trading but most recently a lot of illegal trades.” Triton replied, “Yes you seemed to have said it right, ‘a low-life’ and by the sounds of it a ‘small time’ crook. I mean seriously, the sounds of this so called ‘operation’ against Crete, and looking for a hidden treasure seems ridiculous, juvenile and naive. It would be especially naive of a man like Aydin Reis to take on such a silly venture. The magnitude of a pirate and privateer like Aydin Reis known to have contacts and resources to take on much larger risks, and has done so in the past. Larger risks than a treasure hunt. Seriously Nazrah, are you sure you’re getting your information right?” Nazrah gazed back at Triton, “well for now we can only go by what we’re hearing from our spies. We’re just hoping that Thaddeus will have more information as to when this is supposed to happen.” Triton replied back, “Well do you or any other council members know of a hidden treasure on Crete?” Nazrah thought for a minute, “Well of course we have temples and tombs that contain old artifacts that are of great value to us, but not of any ‘teasures’ that we know of, none that would be of such interest that would cause foreigners to invade our land .”

Triton slumped even further down into his large chair, put his elbow on the armrest and rested his chin on his hand, looked down at the floor, as to be in deep thought. Nazrah glared at him through orb and asked, “What are you thinking of Triton?” Triton answered, “I’m thinking of Crystal Ice-is. I’m starting to remember where I heard the name Pelias Oratti. When she was being vetted for the position as Ambassador of Oz to Mitroitis. I remember one of the examiners finding out she was at some point was involved with someone by the last name of Oratti, who resided in Cantania. She lived with him a short while. Turns out it was a simple affair that didn’t last long. I’m almost sure it’s the same person we are speaking of. Nazrah smirked at Triton with an raised eyebrow and remarked, “My oh my, how did someone of her stature ever get involved with such a shady character? I’m surprised she was granted the position after that was found out.”

Triton retorted back, “Well, we all have pasts and we all make MISTAKES, and he would definitely be one of hers. On the bright side, maybe her mistake is a blessing in disguise for us. Maybe, just maybe she can shed some light on, or give us some information on this scoundrel.” Nazrah snipped back, “Yes, a scoundrel indeed, but I doubt if any information she has will be vital enough for our type of investigation.” Triton replied back, “What do you mean, ‘vital enough’?” Nazrah continued, “I mean enough to tell us who Oratti deals with, what allies he might have. Who works with him behind the scenes. None of us here on the council board believe a man of his caliber would have the funds alone to pay Aydin Reis and his crew to infiltrate a country. There has to be some underlying investors behind all of this. He has to have other culprits with their fingers in the pot to.” Triton looked intrigued, “Yes I suppose you are right, and from what I know, Oratti is a bit of a DIM WIT who wouldn’t know enough to plan or direct any type of international scheme. And you are right, Crystal Ice-is may not be able to give us any information on his cohorts. I’m hoping that Thaddeus Vera will be able to find out more. But in the meantime it wouldn’t hurt for me to conglomerate with Crystal Ice-is to see what I can find out on my end.” Nazrah glared back at Triton with a cynical gaze, “Very well then your highness, I hope you are successful. We’ll definitely be going further with our investigation. Thaddeus is getting closer and closer everyday to more information, and hopefully he’ll be able to find out more names for us.” Triton nodded in agreement, and spoke, “Very well then Nazrah, keep me informed as often as you can, and I’ll let you know what I find out.” Nazrah nodded back at him and replied, “Of course we will. Glad you had a safe trip home. Good bye for now your highness.” Triton smiled at her, “Good bye Nazrah.” The orb turned cloudy and Nazrah’s face faded away.

Immediately Triton waved his hand over the orb again, he was trying to reach Crystal Ice-is now. He called out her name three times and waited a few minutes. The Orb turned from clear to cloudy. Slowly it turned clear again and a face started to appear. A woman with jet black hair appeared. In the front, her hair was pulled up atop her head into large ballerina type bun, the back hung loose and fell down onto shoulders and looked to hang past her breast. She had dark tanned-olive skin tone. Her dark almond shaped dark brown eyes gazed at Triton through the orb. Slowly her thick full lips curled up into a smile as Triton gazed back at her. Finally she spoke, “Hello your highness, so good to see you.” Triton blushed slightly and said, “Oh please, not so formal since we aren’t in public, you can call me Triton.” He smiled and she smiled back at him, then Triton continued, “I’m calling on you today because I wanted to ask you something of importance that concerns Crete. I don’t know if you’ve heard but there are rumors of an invasion of Crete supposedly by a Tyrrehenian pirate, and sometime privateer, by the name of Aydin Reis. I’ve been to visit Crete and spoke with their Province Council members in the city of Cydonia. There the council has found out through one of their spies the person that has hired Reis. The person who hired him someone you once were affiliated with.”

A serious expression came over Crystal Ice-is’ face. She replied to him in a concerned toned, “Someone I know?” Triton nodded slowly and said, “Yes, by the name of Oratti, Pelias Oratti.” Ice-is’ facial expression changed into a snide look as she looked away and rolled her eyes then replied, “Oh him, a name I haven’t heard in a long time nor thought I’d EVER have to hear again. Although I’m, not surprised to hear that he would be involved in something sinister, it’s his nature. I don’t think there’s an honest bone in his body.” Triton replied back, “So I’ve heard. At any rate I’m calling to see if there’s anything more you can tell me about him that I haven’t yet found out through our spies.” Crystal Ice-is starred back at him and shook her head from side to side, “I’m sure I can’t tell you more than what the spies you’ve hired have found out.  I can tell you about the cannabis and opium he used to sell and trade the short time I lived with him. Those were a few of the illegal dealings I saw him commit. That would be all that I can tell you.”

Triton starred at her intently and leaned forward in his chair closer to the orb, he replied, “Okay but what of any visitors or names of close friends or people he spoke of? Can you remember names of any type of associates he had or mentioned to you?” Crystal looked down towards the floor as if to go into deep thought, then replied, “Okay there was one man he referred to as his cousin, a cousin by the name of Elias. I never saw the man but I know he’d go to his home and meet him to drop off and sometime pick up the contraband he was dealing with at the time. When he’d leave the manor for business he’d say he was going to ‘do a pick up’ at his cousin Elias’ house in the city of Siracuasa. He never mentioned his last name and that’s all I can tell you of any of his associates.”

Triton looked intrigued as he rubbed his chin, then spoke, “Elias, well that’s a start, at least we have a name now and the city that he lives in. If that is all you can remember that’ll have to be good enough for now. But please let me know if you remember anything else in the future.” Crystal Ice-is smirked, rolled her eyes again and said, “Oh believe me I rarely if ever think about that VILE man, and that is more than I care to remember about him.” …. Triton smiled and laughed under his breath at her contempt for Oratti and said, “Okay Crystal I can understand that. I will be notifying the council board of this new name we have. We’ll colabarate some more and I’ll keep you informed.” Crystal responded back, “Okay let me know if there is anything else I can help you with in the future.” Trition responded, “I will for sure, we hope to get to the root of the problem before any type of invasion or attack on Crete, and that root would be Pelias Oratti. The sooner we move in on him the better.” Crystal Ice-is gave Triton a knowing bow of her head and bid him a good night. Triton smiled at her as the orb began to cloud up and her face slowly faded away.

Triton sank back into his large chair again and thought to himself, if this Oratti was the root, he’d seek him out and all who were involved and they would rue the day they ever schemed against any part of his kingdom.

To be continued………….


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