Mitroitis: A Place of Beauty, A Story of Fantasy, the continuation, Part 3


King Triton slowly stirred from bed in his spacious chambers, at his island palace on, where he’d been residing for some time now on the Island of Crete. He opened the glass doors to the balcony and watched the sun rise on the horizon of the Aegean sea. It was early autumn but the morning air was still warm on the island. The palace and the Council Hall was in the Province of Alcona. It was always warm on the Island, but he longed to be back at his home on the mainland, Mitroitis in the Province of Kalkaska at Platamon castle, but he still had more meetings and talks to resolve with Crete’s Province council members.

He bathed, dressed and meet his coachman and carriage in the courtyard of the palace. The carriage quickly escorted him to the Alcona Council Hall of Crete where six council members were waiting. The head of the board of the council’s board met King Triton at the steps of the front entrance. He was a tall thin man dressed in a long ankle length green embroidered thwab, a robe style jacket. His name was Salazar Callis. As King Triton approached, Salazar greeted him with a bow, and immediately started filling him in on what the of other council members planned to speak about on this last day of their numerous meetings. They talked as he walked up the long stone steps to the door of the building. They entered and walked down a long hallway to conference room. Five other members were already seated at the table when they entered. They quickly stood and bowed as Triton walked towards them. Since this was there last meeting Triton was anxious for the talks to come to an effective conclusion. From what he’d heard in previous meetings, had only given him reason to be curious but not highly concerned with any attack on Crete.

Triton began, “Okay gentlemen and ladies, the last time we spoke I was informed that you had someone working undercover trying to root out the culprit if any, who is connected to the rumors of the attack on Crete. When do you expect to hear any more from him?” The fist to speak was Giles Samaras, “Your Highness, we have many spies working discreetly for us, helping to investigate. The one spy in particular that is closest to a credible source is Thaddeus Vara. Thaddeus has managed to get close to a crew member of the Fiery Dragon. It’s a well known pirate ship that sails the Tyrrhenian and Aegean seas. Sometimes the ship’s captain contracts the ship and crew as privateers. The Captain’s name is Aydin Reis, he’s also the Admiral over a fleet of four other ships, but the one that is being using for the Crete operation is The Fiery Dragon. What we don’t know is who’s hired him, nor where his point of attack will occur on Crete. All we know is that the person hiring him is a citizen of Cantania. Right now we’re currently trying to find out what point of attack on Crete he’ll try to invaid.”

King Triton paused for a moment and started to talk, ” ‘Try to invaid,’ is the key phrase Giles. At any rate, I think it’s important to root out the person that has hired this Aydin Reis. It’s important to find out what his motive is and who else he might be working with. If we find him, we’ll be getting to the root of the problem. Until then I’m sure General Dakarai, head of Crete’s military unit, has thoroughly secured all the borders. As of now, today will end our meetings and discussions on this matter. Today I depart to go back to the mainland, to the Province of Kalkaksa. I’m sure you all be keeping me abreast on any news as soon as it breaks.” Before they adjourned the meeting, Council woman Nazrah Caras spoke, “Of course your Highness we’ll be contacting you through the Cydonia orbs.” King Triton responded, “Thank you. Tomorrow I leave for Kalkaska, farewell.” All the council members retorted back in unison, “Farewell King Triton.” On that note he wished them all well, turned and left with Salazar escorting him out. The Cydonia orbs were magical orbs used in throughout Mirtroitis’ Kingdom, but only by Royal Officials, the military, and the Triton’s cabinet of administrative heads. The orbs would be used a lot within the coming days and weeks.

Meanwhile back at Sardina Island, Aydin Reis had set up a meeting with Pelias Oratti at the Gates Head Inn. Oratti had traveled from Cantania to Sardinia and was staying at Gates Head to have further talks with Aydin. They walked over the the Red Lyon pub to talk over drinks. Although always well dressed, Oratti was a man of average build, but on the rotund side, with a bit of a pot belly, dark hair that was thinning on top, and wore a cheesy mustache. Aydin didn’t trust this man as far as he could throw him. He had a shifty mannerism and boorish personality. Although he dressed well, it seemed he was trying to make up in his apparel with what he lacked in physical stature and any sort of charisma. Also good thing he was a man of means financially or he’d have ABSOLUTELY NO chance with the ladies. He had a reputation of getting women by either housing or buying and paying for them in some way form or fashion. Most of the women were of poor linage, since they of course had to be desperate and poor enough to put up with his temperamental ways.

As they were seated by the barmaid. Aydin started the conversation right away about the Crete operation he’d hired him for and was about to be carried out. “So Oratti, what else did you have to discuss with me before me and my crew sail for Crete?” After gulping down a swig of beer Oratti began to speak, “Well Aydin you know that my main objective is to obtain the body of King Baribus and you can help yourself to the rest of the treasure in the crypt. He reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a document. It was a map to the Erechtheion Temple. He continued to speak, “This map will show you where on the island to search and also show you the secret entrance way into the crypt. Only a hidden lever need be found and pushed in order to easily give access to the crypt. Remember is lies beneath the temple, but you won’t have to worry about any hammering or digging once find the lever that’s indicated on the map.” Aydin unrolled the scroll gave it a quick glancing over and shoved it into his inside coat pocket. He replied, “Are you sure you want the entire body of King Baribus delivered to you? I mean to steal the body of a royal, and on top of that the grandfather of King Triton, he’d search high and low for the culprit and rain down hell on any person or group of people behind the plot.” Oratti thought to himself for a moment, then spoke, “Well I’ll tell you what if you can get one of your men to open his burial gown, cut away only the mummified flesh that holds the text and words to that incantation, cover him up again, and bring the flesh to me then I won’t need the body. And any one that sees the body will be none the less wiser that the body was touched.” Aydin thought for a moment then siad, “Okay Oratti, simple enough. I must say I’ve had more complicated jobs. This will be a cinch.” Then Oratti added in with a lowered tone to his voice with hesitation, he said, “Oh except for one more thing.” Aydin rolled his eyes, and let out a deep sigh, and retorted, “I figured as much. Of course is couldn’t be as easy as you first let on.”

Oratti leaned back and began to explain, the stipulation to the plan, “There is something in that crypt more valuable to me than the magical incantation. Something I value more than my own life.” Aydin was very intrigued now. He starred intently at Oratti waiting to hear what else he wanted. Oratti continued, “Inside this crypt there is something else that is probably most likely laying right next to his body or tucked within his robe is a scroll. On that scroll is a will. Not his original family Will of things that he left to his family and country men but a separate will that stipulated something he specifically wanted give back to a man he took away from in during his life. A will that he wrote on his death bed that would grant the island of Crete back to the country he took it from, back to Cantania. He had willed it it to King Cicero.” Aydin’s eyes widen, then he frowned in disbelief before he spoke, “Come now Oratti, that HAS to be a fabled tale for sure! Why would a king will land back to someone he’d conquered it from, on his death bed and without the council or approval of his cabinet staff?” Oratti replied, “Because of the girl. The girl he had the affair with, Aliyah. She was from the country of Cantania and was raised on the island of Crete, her family were ran out of Crete when it was taken over and invaded by King Baribus. He wanted it for her, he loved her. When he presented it to Macharios Zabat, the leader of his cabinet, just before he passed and he explained why he wanted to will Crete back to the Cantanian. Zabat assumed he was delirious from the fever of death that was upon him. He took the will from Baribus’ dying hands, had his body prepared for burial and thought the most honorable thing to do at that point was to just tuck it away in his crypt with him forever. Death bed or not, to me a will is a will and it was written and signed by the kings hand. For me being of Canatnian linage and citizenship it would be a great accomplishment for me or any man, and it would mean a great deal to my country. That is why it is so valuable to me.”

Aydin thought to himself, well if anything at least Oratti was being honest about the real reason he wanted them to get inside that crypt. Aydin started to speak, “But Oratti, do you surely think that this will, even if it does exist, that it’ll be legitimate and enforceable in the time and manner that it was written?” Oratti responded back quickly, “Well of course all of that is debatable, but for the most part, yes, yes I do think it’s still a legitimate will and testament.” Aydin protest, “Yes Oratti, YOU think it’s still enforceable, but what counts is will the King Triton agree and his countrymen agree with you. I think NOT. You could start another war over this lost will!” Oratti responded back, “Whose to say, but either way I’ll possess a very valuable document in my countrymen eyes, legitimate or not.” Aydin let out another deep sigh, “Well to each his own. I’m just getting paid to do a job and make some loot in the process. My job will be easily done, quick and over with, but you sir are opening yourself up and your country to a world of trouble if you ask me but it’s none of my business. I’ll just get on with the task at hand.” At that, Oratti grinned at him and they shook hands on a deal settled. The toasted their mugs, and Aydin bellowed out,  “To the Fiery Dragon’s next quest!”

To be continued……………….


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