Mitroitis: A Place of Beauty, A Story of Fantasy, Freedom to Write… the continuation

The Continuation of Mitrotis.  A COPYRIGHTED STORY

The Fiery Dragon was docked in the bay of Sardinia Island. Most of the ship’s crew were gathered at the port. One by one they filed into Oasis pub to sit for drinks and have talks with there admiral Aydin Reis. Aydin was Captain of the Fiery Dragon and Admiral over the a fleet of ships. Although he was Admiral of the fleet his crew member addressed him as “Captain”. The Fiery Dragon is the one he sailed in. All together there were five ships in his fleet, he had four brothers each one assigned to a ship were captains to each ship. Aydin Reis considered his fleet and pirating as a family business. But today he was wasn’t with his brothers, he was with his crew that manned The Fiery Dragon. He wasn’t blood related to any of them but he felt like they were family he’d sailed with them so many times, spent so much time, casual and business with them, he felt like they were family. They were as close as family. Today they were gathered at the Oaisis Pub to discuss the when, what and why of the business with Pelias Oratti.

It was dusk dark and cold out side. A gusty wind blew hard down onto the Sardinian port. Sea gulls and the sound of waves lapping against the docks is all that could be heard, but Aydin Reis and his crew were sound, and settled inside the warm pub. The dim lights from the candle lit wooden chandeliers cast a somber but peaceful mood as the light from the roaring fire of the fireplace cast it light onto the pub floor. The light from the hearth gleamed onto shiny, highly varnished wooden floor. The crew of twelve crew members were sitting in a group of three different tables that weren’t far apart in the pub.

Panos the Quarter Master of Fiery Dragon, was sitting at a table with Aydin. He took a long swig of ale and looked across the table at Aydin and began to speak, “So Captain, what’s with this Pelias Oratti? Why are we all of a sudden being hired out by the likes of him? After all he’s not a government head with a position or any clout. You said when we first took on a contract as Privateers was because, it was safe easy money at the time during a war, and didn’t have to worry about the law coming after us for taking over other vessels. None of us liked it at first because we preferred being free independent pirates, attacking at will when we wanted and plotting on who we wanted. We finally agreed to being hired Privateers because we’re being protected from any legal charges if we were caught, but being hired out by this Oratti is different. We get hired out by him, okay sure he’s paying us but he doesn’t have a government position. He’s not even affiliated with any government heads or with our king so why should we be hired out by this clown? We had an advantage being hired by the government. With this idiot, what advantages or incentives do we have?”

The crew sat silent as Aydin took a sip of ale, and starred down at his mug. He leaned back in his chair and began to speak, “I know how you and the rest of crew feel about being hired as privateers. Yes your right there is a bigger advantage with being hired out by a government head, but there is one thing that Pelias Oratti has promised besides payment for the attack on a Crete vessel. He also wants to plot an on land attack – the incentive being a hidden treasure inside of the crypt of King Baribus. King Baribus was buried on Crete Island because it was his last conquest and his dying wish to be buried there, and inside that crypt lay a treasure of gold and precious gems.”

At that instance when he paused, a lot of murmurs, grumbling and scowls on the faces of his crew started as they looked at each other and back to Panos. Panos had a shocked and disappointed look on his face as he began to address Aydin, “Captain, you can’t be serious. If we went after every rumored hidden treasure of these seas we’d be richer ten times over! Beside who’s to say that scruffy scoundrel Oratti knows what he’s talking about and he’s not just leading us on a wild goose chase?” The rest of the crew chimed in with grumbling and mummers of agreement with Panos. “I say we just attack and rob the Crete vessels. We have a better chance at looting and profiting from a vessel attack at sea, rather than going on land to pillage a grave for a rumored hidden treasure! Find a crypt that’s nearly two hundred years old, and what proof of this does he have? Besides since when did we become grave robbers? Captain you would have us risk the wrath of Triton’s army?”

As Panos voice got louder the rest of crew sitting at other tables also grew quiet. Now all three tables were silent as his entire crew of over a dozen men gazed at Aydin for a response. Aydin shook his head and started to talk, “Panos you didn’t let me finish. Firstly since when were we afraid to go on land and attack anyone? Our attacks are always quick and well planned. Secondly we won’t have to find the crypt as you put it. Everyone know Baribus’ crypt lays beneath, the Temple Erechtheion. Thirdly, vessels are easily attacked but we always make more when we can go inland and pilfer what we can.

Panos gave him a coy look and quickly retorted back, “Okay all of that may be true, but what percentage of treasure does this SNAKE Pelias Oratti want? How is the treasure to be divided, what’s our cut? Will it be thirty, seventy; forty sixty; or twenty, eighty?

Aydin snapped back, “One hundred percent, our take!”

Panos glared over his fellow crew members with a devilish smile and back to Aydin… “Okay brilliant, so we stiff him and take it all for ourselves?! Is that the plan Captain?”

Aydin smirked back at him, shook his head slowly from side to side and said, “No, Panos. That is what Oratti is letting us have, the entire booty, finders take all.”

Panos, squinted at Aydin, “Wait Captain what’s the catch and what is this Oratti the rat playing at?”

Aydin continued, “Well Panos ‘the catch’ as you put it, is the body of King Baribus. He wants us to bring him the mummified body of the King in exchange for the entire treasure.”

There were grumbles and murmurs of disbelief from his crew. A look of disgust formed on Panos’ face as he starred at Aydin, and started to speak, “Surely Captain, surely you don’t expect us to steal a body, taking treasures and gold is one thing but…….” Before he could finish his thought, another crew member cut him off. It was Abdul the sailing master, “Captain stealing from a grave or crypt is one thing, but now you’re speaking of desecration of a body and grave, disturbing a soul at rest. It’s…. it’s sacrilegious Captain!”

Aydin, leaned forward and began to speak again, “Listen, a man’s soul does not lay in a grave. If Oratti wants us to bring him a rotting mummified corpse in exchange for a kings ransom in gold and precious gems then so be it!” He slowly leaned back in his chair again. He shoulders sunk down and he went into a more somber stance, gazed down at the floor, and continued to slowly speak in a lower tone. “Besides, it’s not the King’s entire body that he wants. He really only wants a small part of it.” The crew were now listening intently.

Panos quickly interrupted his captain, “His head! It’s his head he wants, is it? Why I always heard that Pelias Oratti was a sick twisted bastard! He wants the king’s head for some type of trophy. Well I won’t be a part of it, if he wants his head he can walk into that crypt and loop it off with his own filthy hands!” The crew nodded in agreement.

Aydin continued, ” Wait Panos, calm down man! I haven’t told you everything. There is a legend, a myth if you may, the way Oratti explained to me. There is a tale of something that happened on Baribus’ death bead.” Now the crew and entire pub were silent and listening closely. “It is known that Baribus had mistresses and affairs that he hid from his Queen. His last affair was with a sorceress. At the time everyone knew her but didn’t know she was involved with the king. They only knew of her as one of the castles chambermaids. She was young and very beautiful and hadn’t worked at the castle long, only six months, long enough though for Baribus to notice and take an interest in her. The king nor none of his staff suspected her of being a sorceress though, until the night of his death. He’d been sick for some time. The doctors and royal medics alerted his closest of kin, his priest, and one councilman to gather in his chamber around his bed. They knew it wouldn’t be long before his passing. The first to arrive at Baribus’ bedside was one of his councilmen, Macharios Zabat. As Zabat was walking through the hallways an entered the doors to the King’s room the chambermaid Aliyah slipped in behind him. When he noticed her as he walked in he turned to her and told her to go back because the king was ill, about to pass and only a few were to enter the room. She quickly told him of her affair with the king and her love for him. She begged for him to let her stay and say her good bye before he passed away. Zabat protested, but King Baribus heard their voices, awoke and motioned for the young maid to come to his side. She walked to his bed and sat at his side. Zabat said nothing, since he saw that is was the kings wish to be with her in his last hours he told the young woman, that he’d give her a few minutes alone with the king but when the others arrived she’d have to leave. He then walked outside the king’s chambers, closed the doors behind him and stood watch for the others to arrive. As he waited out side the doors. Aliyah begged the king to let her perform a prayer ritual on him, or at least that what she told him it was. Actually it was a form of sorcery she wanted to perform that she knew would heal him. She would write with ink onto his skin an incantation or spell or sorts to lift the sickness off of him. She pulled back the sheets, opened his robe and began to write with the quill pen, onto his chest an incantation that extended to his abdomen. As she was almost finished Zabat walked back in to warn her that is was time to leave. When he saw what she was doing, he gasped in shock and accused her being a witch and practicing witchcraft on the king. It was a different time then when witches, sorcery and magic were NOT trusted. This was a time before anyone new of Oz. They did NOT know of its wizards, elves, hobbits, faries, sorceresses, nor of witches good or bad. At any rate sorcery was forbidden in the Kingdom then, and he had the guards to seize her, but before she was pulled away, she cursed them all and recited a incanataion out loud over the King’s body as she recited the text she had written onto his skin, it burned and smoke arose from his body. The words were forever seared onto his flesh, but the spell did not work because they would not let her finish speaking. They dragged her kicking and screaming from the castle. The guards had orders to take her into the woods and behead her, but the gaurds nor Aliyah were never seen again. King Baribus passed away that day and was buried on Crete Island the following days. Right now as we speak that incantation is still burned into his mummified flesh. As the tale goes anyone who obtains his flesh and the magical incantation written onto it, will be healed of any sickness, even a deadly sickness.”

Panos with a witty smirk on his face replies, “So Oratti plans to grease his grubby palms to the highest bidder for this flesh and spell when he gets it?”

Aydin responds, “No, no Panos, that’s where you’re wrong. Pelias Oratti is a sick man, he’s dying. He’s dying and he’ll do anything to hold onto his ratchet life. It’s why he’ll pay anything to get hold of it. That’s why this quest is so important to him.”

Slowly Panos, the rest of the crew, and the entire pub even the bar maids, slowly began to move and stir around the pub again. They had all broke from the trance they were in while enthralled in Aydin’s story. Some of the crew still had a bit of an awe struck look on their faces, still digesting Aydin’s tale of King Baribus.

Abdul, slowly began to speak, “We see the lengths some men would go through to avoid death.” He peered down into his mug of ale, and looked back up at Aydiin and said, “So Captain, when do we sail?”

Aydin Reis, took a long swig from his mug, slammed it down the wooden table, and said, “There a few things still to be worked out, but we sail soon. I must say this though. I don’t fully trust this Pelias Oratti, even though he holds no clout with any government authorities and has no power, I believe he’ll turn on dime to next group of crooks or thugs on us if he had to do us in. I’m not so naive to believe that he’s working TOTALLY alone on this stealthy plot against Triton.”

Panos chimed in, “Yes Captain, but no rouge has ever been successful at doing us in! Besides what is Oratti gonna do, get one of his SKANK WHORES after us?” At that statement the entire crew in the pub let out loud shouts and lifted there mugs up in the air, as to toast in agreement. Panos continued, “If he tries to do any of us in we’ll see him laying in that crypt next to old King Baribus, with a slit throat!” The entire crew broke into laughter, some clamored away from from their tables and broke into dancing and singing, celebrating their next endeavor and quest.

To be continued…………………..


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