Mitroitis: A Place of Beauty, A Story of Fantasy & The Freedom to Write

Mitroits:  My example of fantasy and Freedom of Speech and Writing                I have to add my story is ALSO COPYRIGHTED

It’s little known that Glinda the good witch of the north had a sister, Crystal Ice-is who was also a good witch of the north. Oz was divided into two regions, east and west. Glinda resided over the north-western region and Crystal Ice-is over the north-eastern region. Though they were both good witches they were as different as night at day. Glinda was fair skinned with red hair. She loved wearing her pastel colored gowns and dresses. Crystal Ice-is on the other had a deep dark olive skin toned with raven black hair. She was always most comfortable in long dark, close fitting gowns and sometimes leggings she wore with fashionable high heeled boots.

Though Crystal Ice-is seemed dark and sinister on the exterior, it was only her somber nature that made her seem that way. Her persona was dark only compared to Glinda’s constant happy, cheerful, and gleeful mannerisms. Even their personalities at times clashed. Once they’d come to argue over simple things like territory borders, even spatting at one point over who should have the control over a strait that passed through northern Oz, where trade ships sailed. They came to such a struggle over Euripus that the Council of Emerald City had to step in and settle the rites of the strait. It was settled that they both would share control of Euripus by consulting with one another on issues concerning the strait. All in all the two sisters got along and had a loving sisterly relationship as any, despite their small disputes once in a while.

At the present time Crystal Ice-is lived in Mitroitis a country that laid just south of the land of Oz. For now she resided there because she held the position and title of Ambassador of Oz to Mitroitis. Mitroitis laid one hundred and twenty miles from Oz at it’s closet point. It was a larger land mass than Oz, ninety six thousand square miles compared to Oz’s sixteen thousand square miles.

With her position and title as Ambassador came the occupation of and assignment to Beaumont Castle. Beaumont was atop a hill in the south-eastern region of Mitroitis, in the Province of Wayne. It was a Normandy style Castle that faced south towards the Aegean Sea, with star fort walls that extended from it’s east and west wings, stretching back and surrounding the castle grounds to the north. Beaumont Castle was owned by King Triton, who owned many castles and homes through out Mitroitis, but for the most part lived at his home and castle in a much further northern region of Mitroitis in the Province of Kalkaska at Platamon castle. Triton was an unwed king for now but there had been rumors of an affair with Crystal Ice-is since she took the title of Ambassador and came to occupy Beaumont, though neither would confirm the rumors. The citizens of Mitroitis were always curious when the king would marry. It was also of great concern to the royal family as to when Triton would come to settle down, marry and sire an heir to his throne. At present time he was off sailing to the island of Crete. Crete was part of the Kingdom of Mitroitis that Triton ruled over, and because there were threats of pirate attacks on the island, he would be off for weeks to meet with the Council of Crete and investigate the threats.

There were always vessels sailing backs and forth from Crete to Mitroitis. The merchants were the reliable news sources that kept the citizens of Mitroitis informed of the progression of the meetings and actions between the council and King Triton. From the meetings and investigations the only thing was known now was that the rumors and threats of attacks on Crete were coming from a group of pirates who went by the name of the Tyrrhenian Order. Their leader was a pirate by the name of Aydin Reis. They were known to be the most ruthless of pirates. What was worst is that they were an organized group of pirates.

Now though it may seem that pirates on any level would be dangerous, but it was found out Aydin Reis was more than just any pirate he had become a privateer. Over the years he’d gone from a thug pirate to soliciting himself out to government leaders from any country. A privateer was an organized group of pirates, who were paid and contracted to attack a specific land or group of people. They were more dangerous than any unorganized ban of pirates sailing the seas. Aydin Reis was in every aspect simply a hired killer. An unorganized ban would randomly attack any vessel or land they thought were vulnerable enough to attack. What was worst than a rag tag ban of haphazard pirates was an appointed ban of Tyrrhenians. What they were hired for was NOT the worst thing now, but it was who hired them that was more shocking. That person was, a very ruthless, and sinister man. He was a merchant who resided in the land of Catania, his name; Pelias Oratti.

Pelias Oratti was a greedy bastard that would trade or barter anything he could get his greedy miserly hands on. At one point he was a trafficker of opium and cannabis. He’d deal in any market, opium, coca leaves, at present he was trafficking weapons to Thraician, and Illyrian thugs. He’d deal with any one from ruthless politicians, pirates,  prostitutes, madames and mad men. In his crooked dealings of the years he amassed a great sum of money. Although not the riches of a king, but he amassed enough money to live a comfortable life in a large manor, owned the finest of clothes, fine horses and carriages, but he had enough to have all the luxuries of a common man.

The other thing he had was a bad reputation he’d built up over the years, and one thing he didn’t have and probably would NEVER obtain was respect of his fellow kinsmen, relatives, neighbors or any woman he wooed. He had never wed or sired any children. He only had a love of money and loose, ratchet women. He was a middle aged man who had never had a long standing relationship with any woman. In his younger years his love life consisted only of the women he’d pick off the streets, invited into his chariot and exchange money for sexual favors with, let them out and trot back to his lonely manor.  Women of the evening were his only romantic prowess or endeavor. He tried moving women into his home, most of poor, street lineage, but even the most desperate of women could not put up with his cold, temperamental, demanding, and controlling ways.

Now a middle aged man, he didn’t have any stature in his own community, something he longed for. He had money but held no clout or power. He was jealous of any man who held the power, prominence or prestige that he lacked. The one man he did hate and envy who held all of these qualities was king Triton. Triton was everything Pelias Oratti hoped to be. Even though there were other kings, knights and noblemen of the world he had a personal envy for Triton. As I said earlier, King Triton had everything Pelias Oratti lacked, but Oratti lacked a lot things other men had. The one thing that King Triton had that Oratti once had, but would NEVER have again was ties to Crystal Ice-is. That’s right, Oratti once knew and loved Crystal Ice-is. He was a man scorned, because out of all the women he’d once known, the brief and short relationship he had with her left a scar on his stone heart. Before her, he NEVER knew a woman of Crystal Ice-is stature, clout, class or beauty. He was coming to realize that most likely he never would again.

It’s true that once upon a time a few years prior to Crystal Ice-is accepting the title of Ambassador, Oratti had visited Oz. They came upon one another when he had to make a trip to the Emerald City to conduct business on trade permission with Oz. Crystal Ice-is was there, they met, became friends, then lovers. At some point she would come to Catania to live with him, but their affair was short lived as she found out like many before her, he was an unbearable man to care for. It wasn’t long before she also learned that he was cold, temperamental, demanding and controlling, no woman could put up with that.  And so things ended quickly, but unlike the other women he had, she did NOT need him as much as the other’s did. She was NOT like the desperate ones he was used to.  She didn’t have to bow to his needs, she had things and people to go back to when she left.  She had another home, she had Oz, she had Glinda, and the love of MANY friends and family members. She fled his home and dropped him like a bad habit.

Now, yes now Crystal Ice-is was far out of reach, of his greedy, evil hands. She was the span of a sea away, in  another man’s kingdom, residing in a king’s castle, and with the possibility and rumors of being courted and possessed by a man Oratti despised, not just any man, but a king; not just any king but Triton. Oratti would have none of it. He would thwart Triton, not just for what he had, not just for nearly possessing the woman he wanted, but also for the power and land Triton possessed. Crete and Crystal Ice-is are two things Oratti most desired and wanted, if he couldn’t have one he damn sure would have the other. That other in his mind WOULD be Crete, if not all of Crete some of it, whatever he could pilfer and steal away.

What was all of this REALLY about, of all lands, why Crete, of all the men, why a king, of all kings why Triton? We know WHY he wanted to possess Crystal Ice-is, the desire of his lustful loins and greedy heart. But why the hate of King Triton and desire of Crete? Why would a man like Oratti even imagine to challenge to take away a king’s land. Why would he even imagine to take or steal from a king? Maybe it was the sinister nature of his blood, everything he ever possessed or accomplished was possessed and accomplished with his greedy under handed ways. But Crete was much more personal to him.

I’ll tell you why. I’ve already mentioned Oratti’s envious heart, but only his envy of Triton.  He had siblings who where more successful than him, he envied them.  He had riches but they had more, he had accomplishments they had more, he had a home but they had bigger ones. They had spouses and offsprings, and he had neither.  He didn’t like them and their feelings were mutual. He was the black sheep of the family, but he was determined to out do them and show them that he was better than they thought. He was a middle aged man who wasn’t getting any younger and before he died he’d show them he could accomplish something they’d attempted and couldn’t complete. He would never posses a woman like Crystal Ice-is and he would NEVER be a king, but Crete, Crete was another thing.

Oratti would try to take a brave stance on something he thought was just in his mind. He would prove to his brother and all his family and the citizens of Cantania he could accomplish what none of them could, which brings us back to Crete. Mitroitis was a large and vast Kingdom for it’s time. Along with Mitroitis existed nine islands that were part of the Kingdom some were scattered far out from Mitroitis in the Aegean Sea, some were peppered along the southern and western coast of Mitroitis. These nine islands were part of the kingdom as long as anyone could remember, but there was another one, a tenth island, one that had been added and obtained in the past century. That island was Crete. Crete once belonged to Cantania well over a century ago. It had been fought over and conquered by King Baribus.

Baribus, King Triton’s grandfather claimed this land long before he was born. He battled the ruler of Cantania and claimed it as part of his Mitroitis. The people of Cantania had small battles over the island until after so many years had passed and so many leaders had passed away the people of Cantania grew to be unconcerned after awhile or so it seemed.

For now it was Oratti that would keep things stirred up by using his hired criminals, Aydin Reis and his ban of Tyrrhenian pirates to loot and attack this land. It was up to King Triton and the council of Crete to figure out who, what and why Crete was being threatened. When he did find out Triton promised that who ever was behind the threats to attack Crete would pay dearly. All that was known now by Triton and the Council was the rumored threats, no attacks had been carried out. So many years had passed since any attacks had been carried out on Crete, especially anyone of Cantanian descent, they weren’t even suspected. It would be hell to pay when any vessel, pirates, or privateers by land or by sea would attack Crete. Oratti, Aydin Reis, and the Tyrrhenian Order had greatly underestimated their opponent they would soon find that out, and so begins our story.

To be continued………………..


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