The Arrival of the Elf Princess by Karl Shook

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to read this fantasy fairy tale by Karl Shook. Here is a summary of what I read and I recommend all lover’s of fantasy to read it one day to.

This is a story of fantasy that starts out in a place called the Forest of Elwart but transcends between the natural creatures of that world to the humans of this world and in our present day and time.

The dwellers of Elwart end up interacting with two human families in this world, in a place called Birchwood. The Blakely and Reynolds family come to discover an entrance to the Elwart through a hidden cave in a wooded area near their town. Only a few humans know of this entrance into the Elves of Elwart’s world.
They are three family’s who study magic and know of the magic of the elves who dwell their and their world.

The two main characters from the Forrest of Elwart are Princess Zaya and Tixe a tree elf who guards the ancient artifacts of the cave for the past two hundred years.

The two main family’s who become involved in the story is Mortimer Blakely a sorcerer his niece Amber a sorceress, her husband Donald Reynolds and her step son Bobby Reynolds. Also her childhood friend Audrey. These are the main characters who are on the good side of story in helping them thwart enemies from this world who plot to steal ancient artifacts from the cave and take over this world and Elwart.

The Andersons are a family who are enemies of the Blakelys who are helping a long standing foe of Mortimer’s, Horace Ferguson another sorcerer who once studied with Mortimer. Early in the story the Andersons find that working with Horace is too dangerous and become allies to Mortimer.

At some point Princess Zaya has to rely on the Blakelys and young Bobby Reynolds to help her save her world from Horace Ferguson and his cohort a very powerful elf that goes by the name of Radrab who was banished from Elwart centuries earlier by her great, great, great, grandfather Giltno.
Radrab uses the two humans of this world Horace Ferguson and Darlene Anderson a sorceress once friend to Amber. Darlene is manipulated by Radrab to bring him into this world. Once in this world he plots to use Horace and Darlene to help him search for, and try to confiscate, an ancient artifact that would give him the power he seeks to take over both worlds.

Fortunately with the help of Tixe, Princess Zaya and Bobby find the ancient artifact first and hides it in Mortimer’s bookstore.
From there ensues a battle of wits and magic among humans and elves of Birchwood and Elwart. The human against human, elves against elves, and sorcery against sorcery; who wins and how, is what make this story so exciting, intriguing and a worthwhile read.


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