Continuation of Freedom Of Speech Story

Because I’m writing this on MLK Birthday… The subject sort of mirrors what he stood for and the struggle. MLK stood for human rights for blacks. What I’m writing about is freedom of speech, is also part of our democracy, something this COUNTRY fought for! I’ll say this, whatever you have to say in this society or speak out about, we have the rights to speak out about, no matter how trivial the next person thinks it is. For every one person who don’t care and doesn’t want to hear about, it may be three other’s who are interesting in hearing or reading about it. It may bring more of an awareness to the subject that NEEDS to be brought. Something else we have the righ to in America is, the right to BEAR ARMS. Not only the right to bear arms, but to KEEP and BEAR arms. That’s right, and I’m sure some of you’d agree, it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t you agree? The Supreme Court in 2008 made it clear that the right to “keep” a gun is a personal right, and that it means one has a right to keep a functioning firearm for self-defense within the home. So now here we have these two laws, freedom of speech and the right to bear and KEEP arms.

Which brings me to a much deeper subject matter. The freedom of speech in other countries exists also. Since I’m on the subject the recent events in France where twelve people were killed at the office of the magazine they worked for. Four of those journalist were cartoonist; Bermard Verlhac, Phillipppe, Honore, George Wolinski, and Jean Cabut who went by the nick named Charlie Hebdo. They were gunned down because some religious radicals DID NOT agree on their portrayal of the Islam religion. I’m sure it was a very SAD day for their families and the people of France. I say the people of France because it was sort of an infringement on their rights as a democracy to express themselves and also to exercise their freedom of speech. Now I don’t know what the gun laws are in France are, but it’s a sad thing that they were ambushed at work. Had that happened in America the same might have happened when a person shows up at the work place, a worker wouldn’t have a fighting chance. But it’s different thing (IN THIS COUNTRY), when you threaten to show up at someone’s HOME and do them or their family harm, whether it be for something that they THINK WAS printed, stated or implied about them, can be a VERY dangerous game. Now in that PARTICULAR VENUE we are dealing with an entirely different ball game! If she want’s she can take the story to a whole new level, meaning a much larger media source than my little micro blog spot on the internet. And God be with any one who wants to threaten her or her family (which will only give it more attention) because this isn’t taking place at a work office of DEFENSELESS workers in Paris, France, but at someone’s HOME in AMERICA. A home that has more guns than people in it. And a family crazy enough to be people who wish and NOT hope. In other words, there are two types of people in this world, those that hope and those that wish. Some might say, ‘I hope no one come to my house and threatens me.’ NO these are the type of people that WISH, and say, “I WISH a mother fucker would come here and threaten me or my home. I WISH a bitch would swing by here and threatened me or my home.” Her story might JUST reach a much larger MEDIA SOURCE than this little blog for sure. It’s up to her but I encouraged her to take it to the next level if she feels she HAS to.  It’s a FREE country and it’s LIBERTY.


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