Detroit News Goes Crazy over Jim Harbaugh

Wow some wouldn’t beleive how CRAZY the Detroit media was, anticipating the return of Jim Harbaugh the former coach of the San Francisco 49er’s to arrive  to officially start his new coaching position in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Sheese………  Local News teams were actually waiting at the gates on the ground of Detroit Metro Airport watching people getting off the airplanes yesterday… They were disappointed but excited to see his parents get off the plane first. And were ON THE SPOT with cameras rolling questioning them about their son and WHEN was he gonna arrive as they ran and ducked into their awaiting car…. Wow!

So since this morning here in Metro Detroit the were waiting with baited breath for Mr. Harbaugh to arrive, and OMG when he did…. it was on and POPPING!!  … I was watching the Wendy Williams show and when they cut into her program there wasn’t even an ”Break News” clip or Local News Logo flashed before the news anchor guy started to speak…

All I know is I was watching Wendy talk about hot topics then in a blink, Murray Feldman the Channel 2 Fox news anchor guy flashed onto the screen saying “He’s here!! Jim Harbaugh has arrived and is here in Michigan!”   … DAMN! I thought somebody had switched the channel on my tv.. what happened to the ”Breaking News Clip” then the anchorman coming on and announcing… WTF? Then they quickly switched to him talking in the auditorium of U of M.

Then I changed the channel to three other local channels and all channels were showing him like he was the President making a State of the Union Address……. Sheese… really?!

Well we know for sure now that Michigan takes its college football VERY serious!!


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