Emerald City

Okay as interesting as NBC’s version of the Wizard of Oz is, I’m thoroughly confused!   Firstly, although they’ve kept to the old characters they’ve also brought in new ones and new cities.  And although it’s refreshing to know that they’re NEW places in and people OUTSIDE OF the land of Oz, it can get DAMN confusing!

Maybe I can collaborate with some fellow watchers on the show and give you a run down on what I understand so far about the show and it’s characters.

So far I understand that there is another land outside of Oz called Ev, and in Ev there was as King and Queen with children who were all killed during the war or time of the beasts.  All except the King of course.  His daughter Langwidere or Lady Ev, was kept alive as an android or type of robot by a scientist by the name of Jane.   After the King died Lady Ev became the Queen of Ev, but was captured by Frank, the Wizard of Oz. In a stand off between her and her soldiers, while Frank was using her has a hostage, she was accidently shot by the Tin man who was trying to save her.  Thinking that he had killed her he took her to Jane the scientist to save her.  Jane revealed she wasn’t dead because she was never alive, at least not for a long time, not since the war of the beasts when she was killed, and she made her into an walking talking android for the sake of her father the king………  Sheeeese how sad.  Of course the Tin Man aka Jack, didn’t take that news to well but vowed to get his revenge on Frank the wizard anyway.

Meanwhile we learn that this time around Glinda the ‘good witch’ wants to Dorothy Dead or to be killed because she’s not only  slept with her man Lucas or Roan (whatever the hell his name is) but whom she also blames for killing her sister the wicked witch of the East.   Glinda also wants Frank the wizard dead, but we learn a LOT of people wants Frank dead as the story goes on.  As far as her relationship goes with Roan, Dorothy met him when he has amnesia and didn’t know who he was… Later he found out he was put under a spell by Glinda, for some reason to protect him.. After he found his way to Glinda’s home with Dorothy the spell was lifted and he remembered he was Glinda’s husband Roan. …  Glinda convinces Roan that Dorothy is the enemy and MUST be killed for taking her sister’s life and of course for sleeping with her man.

Our other new characters who come into play is a what we call a Cardinal witch named Ozma or Tip……….  A VERY complicated character who, like Lady Ev, parent’s were a king and Queen who were murdered.  They were murdered by the Lion who is one of Frank the Wizard’s soldiers.  Franks seems to be a real BASTARD rather than a wizard this time around. Any who, this princess had to be hidden away after her parent’s deaths.   Hidden so well that a spell was put on her that changed her from a girl to a boy. She was being raised by a woman in the woods and her name was changed from Ozma to Tip. Tip grew up thinking he was a boy but also grew to hate the witch who was raising her.  Tip didn’t understand why the woman would NEVER let him out to of the house and he felt like he was a prisoner. Tip had one playmate named Jack.  Well Tip finally manages to escape with the help of Dorothy and Lucas.  She and Jack escape to Oz where the his spell wears off and she is transformed back into her true self the girl, Ozma. …….  Confused by this she THINKS that she’s been transformed by a magic spell but is told by a scientist that a girl is her TRUE STATE of being.   Jack comes to like her MORE than just a friend but she’s angered by this when he kisses her she pushes him, her one and only friend off of a balcony.  Leaving him for dead he is a recovered by Lady Ev and restored by Jane.  This is how he comes to befriend and fall in love with Lady Ev.

Okay this is where I’ll cut to the chase and say so far we find out that West and Glinda NEED Ozma who are all Cardinal withes  to raise all the witches of the land who’ve been locked away in a type Limbo to help them fight the return of these giants who would destroy Oz and Ev. ………..  This is where it gets REALLY murky to me.    Someone named Nahara who was imprisoned or put in a catatonic state by west must be released because she’s the only one who can release the Giants that will come to destroy Frank and the Emerald City, which seems to be EVERYONE’S agenda on the series, KILL that damned loser Frank and destroy Emerald City.  Will the Cardinal witches manage to come together with the other witches and Lady Ev’s army to destroy Frank?  Well, we’ll just have to see… if I have all this stuff straight in my as to what the hell is REALLY GOING ON!

Please feel free to respond with any of your comments if I have parts of the story wrong or tweet me on twitter at @bonitaaa76  🙂 ………..  Thanks for checking in!  Chat with you later.


Mitroitis Chapter 20, A Story of Fantasy; Oratti Is Missing a Part Of the Incantation

Oratti and Crystal Ice-is had finally met at the to perform the incantation that cure him of his sickness and save his life. Although they had got into a heated argument at first meeting they both saw reason and agreed to forget about past trifles and get on with business at hand.

Oratti handed Ice-is the incantation scroll. Ice-is slowly unrolled the aged flesh leather like scroll. She rolled it open to the very end. Her face contorted into a confused frown. She looked up from the scroll and replied, “Where is the rest of this page?”

Oratti with a surprised look on his face retorted, “What do you mean?”

Ice-is snapped back, “I mean the rest of the incantation! Can’t you see here at the end the bottom half of this incantation has been torn or cut away? Where is the rest of it?”

Oratti quickly snatched the scroll back and examined it. With a shocked look on his face he replied, “But it wasn’t like this when I first obtained it. I remember the first day Aydin placed it in my hand. I opened and examined it, and it was NOT cut like this. It had to be cut because it’s inked onto flesh which is like leather.”

Crystal Ice-is eyed him with a skeptical expression. “When you FIRST obtained it, it wasn’t torn? Hhhhmmmm……… so who else has had access to it besides you? Could it have been the Baby Mama tenant you have residing your home at present?”

“No!” Oratti shot back at here. “I took it straight to the safe I keep in my house and locked in tight as soon as I arrived home with it that day.”Oratti now looking as if he were frantically searching his memory began to shake nervously. His eyes darted backs and forth as he looked down at the floor a while. He finally spoke, “There may have been one person when I think about it now. There was someone encountered that day before I arrived home.”

Ice-is smirked and slyly remarked, “One of your cohorts or one of your whores?”

Oratti snapped back at her, “She isn’t a whore! Shut up will you while I think!”

Ice-is retorted, “Oh so it was a woman. So which one of your hoodrats do you suspect?”

Oratti quickly responded, “Watch your tongue! There was a woman, an old friend I ‘visited with’. It was the same day I returned from my visit with Aydin at his ship. As I was leaving the ship and walking towards my carriage I saw her coming out of a tavern near the port. She spotted me, immediately walked towards me and asked for a ride into town. She’s an old friend so I obliged her. We got to talking and one thing led to another.” There was a sheepish look on his face as he paused. He slowly continued, “Any way though I had planned to go straight home that day, we ended up in an Inn in San Giorgio, not far from my home. I paid for the room. It wasn’t long before we entered she asked me for money.”

Ice-is with a smirk on her face, “So Pelias, it’s business as usual In your romantic life, paying whores for their services. What’s wrong Mariah, the Baby Mama your housing isn’t doing the job for you?”

At that Pelias looked up from the floor, glared at her and angrily replied, “Would you just PLEASE stop. I’m trying to retrace my steps and tell you what happened.” He turned away from her and paced the floor backs and forth across the floor. He continued, “When I gave her money she complained. I told her that was all I had on me. She eyed a leather bag I had. It was the leather bag I carried the scroll in. I brought it with me because I didn’t want to take a chance at leaving it with the coachman and loosing it. She asked what was in the bag foolishly I told her what I had in it. I told her of the scroll with the incantation on it but I didn’t tell her where I got it from. Nonetheless she knew it was important to me. Later that night after our ‘encounter’ I fell asleep for a while in the room when I awoke it was nightfall, late. I got up dressed and checked my bag to make sure the scroll was still there. It was there but I didn’t bother to unroll it or exam it, I just knew it was there.”

Ice-is replied, “So what you’re saying is that you had a hook up with yet another one of your rachette tricks who not only demanded money but damaged your property out of spite. And you also confided in her the secret of the scroll? No one should know about this incantation.”

Oratti rolled his as and replied, “She was angry about the amount of money I gave her, and out of pure spite went through my bag and damaged the scroll. She probably didn’t take the entire thing because she knew I’d check my bag before I left. I suppose I didn’t check it well enough.”

Crystal Ice-is slowly shook her head and replied,  “I knew sooner or later that one of the whores you mess around with would be the death of you someday. Do you realize if we don’t get the ending of that incantation it won’t work. Even though we have a large portion of it, I MUST have the ending. I need the ENTIRE incantation.”

“Alright, alright!” He snapped, “I heard you the first time. I’ll just have to track her down.”

Crystal Ice-is retorted, “So which one is it? Maybe you should go through index list of women you have employed at Metro Carriages. Oh I’m sorry, of course I forgot not all the skanks you come across were previous employees of Metro Carriages. You do have the occasional tricks you pick off the streets.”

Oratti replied, “You are incensed with your cheap jabs at me and the company I keep. You HAVE to stop it!”

Ice-is folded her arms and tilted her head to one side, “Okay Mr. Pelias Oratti what do you suppose we do now?”

Oratti replied, “Just give me some more time. I’ll try to contact her via my orb, see if she answers.”

Ice-is rolled her eyes tilted her head up to the ceiling as if exhausted then replied, “Okay FINE Pelias. You try to contact her, in the mean time I’ll be in my room.”

Oratti, “Fine, thank you. I’ll let you know as soon as possible when and if I reach her.”

Ice-is, “I hope it’s soon because you know I’m on borrowed time here in Oz.”

Oratti frantically nodded as he walked her to the door, “Yes, yes, yes I know. Please give me a little more time. I’ll get back with you soon.”

Ice-is walked out and quickly trekked down the hallway to her room. Oratti struggled to the a desk in his room where an orb sat. He was getting weaker and weaker. His bones ached from the disease that was tormenting his body. It tired him out quickly. Now he only wanted to lay down and rest, but he had to push himself and call Blondie the woman he suspected of stealing part of the incantation.

He tapped a few digits onto the orbs base. After a few beeps, from the orb woman’s face appeared, and she answered, “Hello Pelias, what is it? What do you want?” She snapped at him in a rude tone.

Oratti quickly snapped back at her, “You know damn well why I’m calling you, and you know what I want! I want the bottom half of the incantation you stole from me!”

The woman retorted, “Why do you suspect me? Why would I do such a thing?”

Oratti, now furious, yelled at the orb, “I’ll get that piece of incantation back if I have to pry it from you cold dead hands!”

Blondie coldly replied, “You can have your scrap of dried up flesh, but you’ll have to pay me for it.”

Oratti grinned his teeth in anger, “Okay fine, but I need it as soon as possible. How much do you want for it?”

She replied, “I need a thousand Denars for it. I can meet you somewhere tomorrow for the exchange and don’t think I’m dumb enough to come by myself. I will have some people with me.”

Oratti snapped, ” You FOOL I’m in Oz now. I’m here because this is where I was to meet the sorceress to perform the reading of the incantation. You are in Cantania, there’s no way I can meet you anywhere by tomorrow?”

She replied, “Well that’s your problem. I told you can buy it back and it’s up to you as how you’re gonna get it.”

Oratti thought to himself, then answered her, “I know, I’ll have one of my co-workers from Metro Carriages meet with you in San Giorgio. He’ll have the money for you. You tow make the exchange and he’ll have to have another worker sail here to Oz to bring it to me.”

They talked some more and made the arrangements as to where she’d meet his co-worker. When they were done talking she made one last snide comment to Oratti, “Well nice doing business with you Pelias. I’ll see you sometime later maybe when you return to Cantania.”

Oratti retorted back to her, “You won’t be seeing me anywhere no time soon or ever. I must have been a fool to get involved with a scheming whore like you!”

She smirked at Oratti through the orb. He waved his hand over the orb in disgust and her pudgy face slowly faded away.

Oratti sat at the desk for a moment alone in his thoughts. What now he thought. Now I’ll have to tell Ice-is it might be nearly another forty-eight hours for his worker to travel across the seas to Oz and deliver the rest of the incantation. He prayed she’d have more patience and he prayed his body would hold out another forty-eight hours.

…………………………. to be continued.

Mitroitis A Story of Fantasy, Chapter 19, Ice-is and Oratti Finally Meet For The Incantation

Crystal Ice-is had a good nights sleep at her sister Glenda’s home at castle Ballikinarian. She also enjoyed their long talk together the entire evening after she arrived. It was morning now and she had awoken early to take the long carriage ride to the city of Jotunheim where Pelias was waiting for her in an inn he once lived in there. It was the Elounda Inn where they were to meet. Ice-is still felt a bit paranoid that she could be being watched by one of Triton’s spies. She only hoped that the council would believe that she travled to Oz to visit her sister and nothing more than that.

As the carriage pulled up to the inn she peered out the carriages window at the inn’s entrance way that encased a large mahogany door. It was now that Ice-is wished she’d taken Glenda’s advice and let her come along with her, because now she felt vulnerable, alone and a little sad. For some reason having to see Pelias Oratti again made her feel sad and depressed, but she had no one to blame because she agreed to see him, even though it was out of pity for him. All she could feel now was regret, regret that she even had to see his face once again, hear his conniving voice, witness his calculating manner. To her there was always something so stealthy about him. She could only see these things after their short affair with him, which made her feel even more regret that she ever got involved with him.

Suddenly the coachman jumped down from his seat and opened the carriage door. Crystal Ice-is slowly stepped out. As she walked towards the large entrance way to the inn she thought, at least now she was half way to getting this entire ordeal with Oratti over with once and for all. Soon she would perform the incantation, cure Pelias and would NEVER have to see him again. That was the one positive thing she could think at the moment. The coachman ran ahead of her with her luggage and opened the inn’s door for her. She went to the front desk, signed herself in and went to her room.

Later that day in the afternoon, Crystal Ice-is had unpacked and settled in her room. She sat her orb on a desk in the room. She brought the orb because Glenda wanted to massage her to make sure she had a safe trip to Jotunheim. She also brought it because she would wait in her room for Pelias to massage her when he was ready to start with the incantation. She would go to his room when he messaged her. She didn’t want anyone to see him approach her room’s door, or risk being seen with him in the hallway.

Suddenly the orb beeped she was hoping it was Glenda but when she wave her hand over it Pelias’ face appeared. Even though she was expecting his call a sickening feeling came over has as she realized she had to see him face to face once again. “Hello Ice-is,” he chimed out. Ice-is suspected he was trying to sound cheerful on her account. He continued, “Where are you? Have you arrived in Jotunheim yet?”

Ice-is retorted, “Yes I’m in Jotunheim and I’m at the inn, in my room right now.”

A smile stretched across his wretched face and he beamed, “Oh splendid, I’m so glad you made it.”

Ice-is could hear the fake tone in his voice. He was only happy because he was relying on the incantation to save his life. The happy tone in his voice sounded forced, as though he was only trying to appease her, because he knew she didn’t want to be there. His desperation only made her pity him more.

Ice-is responded, “Okay let’s get this over as soon as possible. No time like the present. What room are you in. I’ll come there.”

Immediately he replied, “I’m on the second floor in room 2B.”

Ice-is replied, “I’m on my way. I hope that you came alone, because I don’t want ANYONE to witness that we ever met here.”

Oratti responded, “Of course, of course I’m alone. No one knows I’m here or that we’re meeting.”

Ice-is didn’t believe that for a minute but she had to take his word for the moment. She was on the same floor as him and just down the hallway. “Okay I’ll be there in a minute” she replied.

Oratti nodded, she passed her hand over the orb and watched his face fade away. She walked to her door opened, stuck her head out, and peered up and down the hallway to see if anyone was approaching before she left. The hallway was clear she quickly trekked down the hallway, walked to his door and tapped lightly on it. Soon Oratti appeared and opened the door. He rushed over to the desk in his room as she entered. She only caught a glance of the orb on his desk. He blocked it from her view as rushed back to the desk. She heard him say something to the orb. “I have to go now. I’ll talk with you later.” He said, as he quickly waved his hand over the orb, cutting the person’s connection off.

Ice-is couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She snapped at him, “Pelias are you CRAZY? Please don’t tell me you was chatting with someone as I was walking in! I hope who ever it was they don’t know where you’re at or that I’m meeting with you!”

Oratti threw his hands up in a waving motion, “No, no, don’t worry. It was just an associate of mine I was keeping in touch with.”

Ice-is glared at him, “One of your associates! What do you mean one of your associates? Don’t forget that I know who you associate with. An associate like who, Elvis, Salvator Giuliano or someone ‘associated’ with one of them? Remember the main reason I didn’t what to meet with you is because the fear of someone finding out about this. I can’t have word getting back to Triton that I’ve had any contact with you.”

Oratti frantically shaking his head retorted, “Look it was just a friend. Someone that doesn’t have ANY dealings with Elvis or Giuliano. I don’t want to upset you but it was just a female friend.”

Ice-is snapped at him, “Upset me? Pelias I could care less about any of your latest female endeavours. Me and everyone that knows you know you only lay down with vagabonds and skanks. Speaking of which the latest ‘associate’ or I should say Baby Mama and her spawn your housing right now. I could give a rats ass about her or the latest TRICK you’re spending time with. What I AM concerned about is my discretion here, and my reputation with Triton.”

Although Oratti was trying to remain cordial throughout this visit, suddenly there was an expression of fury on his face. He snapped, “There’s no need for you to belittle or low rate me like you ALWAYS DO. I know by meeting me you’re putting a lot a risk for yourself, but why does or conversations lead to you berating me and the company I keep.”

Ice-is snapped back, “Like I said before Pelias, I could care less about what female company you keep. But you and I both know you are and have been in the past, involved in some illegal and scandalous dealing with your partner Elvis, Giuliano, and God knows who else. As a matter of fact your lucky not to be still locked up in Mirtroitis now Elvis. Then I walk in here and see you have someone your orb while I walk in putting me and my position in jeopardy.”

Oratti retorted, “Believe me the person on the orb didn’t see you and they don’t know where I’m at or that I’m meeting with you here today. Now can we get on with this without you bad mouthing me and accusing me of being a common criminal? Yes, I’ve sold cannabis with Elvis, and that’s it. I don’t know what dealings he’s had with Salvator Giuliano.”

Ice-is responded, “Well I believe different. I believe you know something of Giuliano, because there’s no way you or Elvis could have known the incantation you needed would be in Baribus’ crypt. That’s why he’s still holding your little friend Elvis for questioning. But let’s not talk about it anymore, because I know sooner or later Triton and his men will find out the truth. And lets not get started on how you run that defunct company you work for, Metro Carriages.”

Oratti responded, “Yes thank you, let’s not talk about it anymore. And yes, let’s not discuss Metro Carriages.”

Ice-is replied with a smirk on her face, “Yes let’s not discuss Metro Carriages. Lord knows there’s lot of illegal tax evasion going on there, the way you and your crew run it. It’s shocking the owner could save it from bankruptcy by getting a loan from a foreign bank. I’m just saying” Ice-is turned away and grinned with a smug look on her face.

Oratti glared back at her, “Are you quite done yet? Are you done with your snide comments and jabs at me, my lifestyle, and my livelihood?”

Ice-is replied, “Oh I’m sorry I suppose you’re right. Let’s just get on with the incantation. After all I’m sure you’re in a big hurry to get back home to Baby Mama. I don’t know why I’m sure her BABY’S DADDY is there keeping her company while you’re away. At least that’s what your neighbor told me. Oh there I go again getting off subject. Let’s just get to the business at hand.”

Oratti was seething now as he glared at Ice-is. “First of all you know NOTHING of my personal relationships and what goes on in my house. Secondly, why were you inquiring to my neighbor about me?”

Ice-is snapped back. “Well FIRSTLY, I don’t give a damn about your personal relationship or what goes on in your house. Secondly, when I came to your town, at YOUR request, looking for you, I HAD a chat with your neighbor. Might I add putting my position at risk by traveling to your country. It just so happened that you have a chatty neighbor that told a bit more than what she had to. So don’t try to CHECK me about getting into your personal business, because as I said before, I don’t give a damn about any of that!”

Finally Oratti turned away from her, walked over to a black leather case on his bed, opened it and pulled out an old scroll. He walked back over to her and started to unroll it. He then turned held it out to her to see. It was the incantation. He scoffed “Please let’s just get on with this. I don’t want to argue and you promised me you’d do this.”

Ice-is shook her head in agreement, “Yes of course, you’re right. Give it here let me take a closer look.” Oratti handed it to her. A puzzled look slowly came across Ice-is face as she read the scroll.

………………………..to be continued.

Mitroitis, A Story of Fantasy, Chapter 18, Ice-is Meets With Oratti In Oz

Crystal Ice-is had taken a ferry from Mitroitis across Lake Manitoba to Oz. It was a bright and sunny autumn day. She was now in a carriage heading towards Glenda’s home, Castle Ballikinarian. The Carriage passed through the wrought iron gate past the gatehouse. The horses clompped up the long cobblestone lane that led up to the castles courtyard.

Surprisingly instead of one of the servants, Glenda was waiting in the courtyard and waved as the carriage pulled up. Crystal Ice-is was happy to see her sister. As the coachman climbed down to open the carriage door, Glenda ran over to the carriage. “Hello Ice-is!”, her voice chimed out. Ice-is stepped out down from the carriage and ran to Glenda’s out stretched arms, and the sisters embraced into a long hug. The two didn’t always get along well, but this scene proved that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It had been nearly a year since the two saw each other. Ice-is had NEVER been so happy to see her sister. As Glenda released her from the hug, she took a few steps back to look at her sister and remarked, “You look good Ice-is, I see Mitroitis has been treating you well.”

Ice-is smiled back at her and retorted, “You look good to sister.” As always Glenda was wearing her bright colors. She wore a burnt orange, full length A-line dress to the ankle, of rayon fabric. On top of the dress she wore a matching full length, satin blazer. She wore matching jewelry. A necklace made of large orange gemstones with matching earrings. Ice-is immediately remarked, “What type fo stones are your necklace and earrings made of?”

Glenda responded, “Oh these old things, they’re Tourmaline gemstones. The were a gift from a friend last year for my birthday.”

Crystal Ice-is tilted her head to one side and teasingly ask, “Would that be a MALE friend?”

Glenda replied, “Why yes, of course.”

Ice-is pried further, “And who might I ask?”

Glenda retorted, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

Ice-is snapped back, “Oh come on, seriously! I know you’re going to tell me. It’s been awhile since you had a suitor. Who is it?!”

Glenda responded back, “Well speaking of suitors Ms. Ice-is why don’t I see any NEW jewels on you, especially your ring finger. Now how is that? You mean to say a certain King Triton hasn’t made you Queen yet.”

Ice-is rolled her eyes and replied, “Come on, you know that’s just professional relationship.”

The coachman had unloaded all of Crystal Ice-is luggage from the carriage. He and a servant were walking past the two sisters, and were nearly done carrying her luggage through the castle doors into the vestibule.

Glenda grabbed Crystal Ice-is by the arm and pulled her up the walkway towards the large double doors, “Come on Ice-is, we’ve been standing out here long enough, let’s go inside and get you unpacked. We have so much to talk about.”


Later that evening in the castle, Crystal Ice-is was settled into one the castle’s solar rooms. The bed was large and high four posted, much like her bed at Beaumont Castle. Ice-is laid across the bed lazily thumbing through a book she’d gotten from the Glenda’s study. Suddenly there was a knock on her door. “Yes!” Ice-is called out.

“It’s me!” Glenda called out from the hallway.

Ice-is shouted back, “Me who?!”

Glenda burst through the door and bounced in wearing a long with satin night-gown, with silver slippers. “You know who, Miss Smarty.” Ice-is let out a giggle. At that Glenda rushed up to the bed took a leap and landed next to Ice-is. They both laid there horizontally on the bed side by side like they did when they were children. Ice-is propped herself up on her elbows and stared at the fire in the fireplace across the room. Glenda rolled over on her back and stared at the ceiling. Then she started to speak, “So Miss Ambassador, after nearly a year away, you decide to visit me now. What’s up? I can tell there’s something wrong. There’s something you’re not telling me.”

Ice-is answered her, “Well of course I missed you and Oz, but yes there is a reason why I had to come to Oz at this particular time. I came to perform an unorthodox task for someone.”

Glenda rolled onto her side now and glared at Ice-is, “An unorthodox task? What is it, and for who?”

Ice-is answered, “I came to perform an incantation.”

At that Glenda gasped and sat up on the bed. “An incantation? Who’s asking you to perform an incantation, and who knows besides me that you are also a sorceress with the ability to perform an incantation?”

Ice-is replied, “It’s for Pelias Oratti and he found out through a thug pirate by the name of Aydin Reis. Don’t ask me how he knew but word gets around in circle like his.”

Glenda still looking shocked responded, “What, Pelias Oratti? Oratti the RAT! Are you serious? That crooked, lowlife, classless CLOWN? Why would you want to do anything for him?”

Ice-is replied, “I know, but please calm down. The man is dying, and then incantation will save his life. I can’t ignore the fact that were once friends. Please don’t preach to me now. I just want to do this one thing for him, get it over with, and get on with my life.”

Glenda retorted, “Oh he’s dying. Well that’s to bad, but I suppose it’s best you do him that favor. So if he dies it won’t be on your conscience that you didn’t try to help. But doesn’t he live in Cantania? Why would you be coming to Oz to meet him?”

Ice-is replied, “Well that’s a LONG story. I did go to Cantania, but Pelias has been caught up in some type of illegal dealings with someone connected to their Prime Minister, Salvator Giuliano. Guiliano had something to do with the robbery of King Baribus’s crypt. Baribus is Triton’s grandfather, so now there’s a target on Pelias’ back. He and Elvis were expedited to Mirtroitis and held for questioning. Pelias was released, but Elvis remains in custody. So any who, even though they released Pelias’ he’s still under surveillance by Triton’s men. Therefore and thus, I cannot be seen with or near Pelias Oratti. The incantation has to be performed at his home, but since I can’t be seen there or connected to him in any way since I work for Triton. In that case we’ve agreed to meet at place that once was his home. That place would be here in Oz, at an Inn, in the city of Jotunheim.”

Glenda shook her head and responded, “Wow, that was a mouthful to explain. I NEVER thought he’d end up in such a sordid MESS. And worst, I NEVER thought you’d be caught in the middle trying to help him. Forgive me if it’s hard from me to feel sorry for that CLASSLESS CLOWN. Does he still deal with the same motley crew of women, you know, Thonica, Blondie and Stephanie?”

Ice-is rolled her eyes and retorted, “No he’s done with those tired whores, he has a new woman. Some woman, I call her Baby Mama, because she’s living there with her daughter she had by some guy she’s fighting for custody over.”

Glenda threw her head back and laughed, “You mean to tell me he’s taking care of another man’s baby mama and another man’s child? Wow, what an idiot. Oh does he still work for that chariot service Metro Carriages?”

Ice-is replied, “Yes he’s still working for that defunct business, that barely turns a profit. They actually went bankrupt once, only because Oratti and his pals steals so much from the company. He doesn’t report on his taxes what he steals and pockets from Metro Carriages. Luckily the owner went to bank outside of their country and got a loan to save it. I can go on and on about his corrupt ways and lifestyle. All the motley crew of women he deals with he’s met at that corrupt enterprise.”

Glenda was silent for a moment, “And you still want to help him? Well I suppose so, you can’t help but to feel sorry for such a pathetic soul. He wouldn’t know how to live right if he tried. As I said before, your conscience will at least be clear when you’ve done what you can for him. I commend you for it Ice-is, at least good karma will come back to your for helping such a ratchet soul.”

Ice-is retorted, “Yes, I’ll meet with him in a few days and it’ll all be over. I won’t owe him anything and he won’t owe me anything. I’m only concerned about my relationship with Triton and my position as Ambassador. As long as those two facets of my life stay intact I’ll be satisfied.”

Glenda nodded in agreement, she was still sitting up in the bed. She then laid back down next to her sister and the both gazed across the room at the fire in the fireplace, just as they’d done as children.

Glenda glanced over at Crystal Ice-is and watched her drift off to sleep. She could remember doing the same when they were little girls, watching her little sister drift off to sleep. Now she could only hope for the best for her sister, and that the incantation would be successful.

…………………………… to be continued.

Mitroitis a Story of Fantasy, Chapter 17; Crystal Ice-is Checks Oratti About His Deceitful Whores

A long bricked walkway led from the castles massive back yard into the thick foliage garden arrangement of flowers, colorful shrubs and small trees. The end of the walkway opened up in to large bricked seating area surrounded by a row of maple trees whose leaves had turned crimson red from the approach of autumn. There a mist the trees surrounded by flowers in the north end of the Beaumont’s garden yard was a small sitting area. The end of the lane opened into a wide rounded bricked opening. A few yards off from the clearing was the north-western wall where castle walls housed the fertile garden. A lush climbing rose vine clung upon and climbed to the very top of the castle wall that housed the luscious fertile garden. In the middle of the bricked ground opening sat a white wrought iron table with matching chairs.

Two days had passed since Crystal Ice-is returned home to Beaumont Castle. She sat in the castles garden enjoying the autumn weather, as she went over some paper work she hadn’t attended to in a while.

Crystal Ice-is sat there at the table in midst of it all. She had papers she was reading, spread onto the table. The papers had to do with the business of her position. It was a formal letter from a vineyard owner from the land Oz, in the city of Nysa. The vineyard’s owners name was Nedra Gallo. The content of the letter was an inquiry to the council of Mitroitis concerning her wine company. She was imploring the exportation of her vineyard wine. She wanted to import and sell them in Mitroitis under the trade agreement between the two lands. Ice-is knew Nedra and was writing a letter of reply to her. She’d definitely address it to Triton and the counsel …. The inquiry from Nedra caused Ice-is’ mind to drift back and reminisce about her homeland, Oz.

Her mind snapped out of her dream state when she heard someone suddenly call her name. “Ice-is, Crystal Ice-is!!” It was Bellos. He was prancing up the bricked walkway through the garden headed straight for her. His arms extended out in front of him and in his hands he held her orb.

He had a smug look on his face. As he approached closer he chimed out to her, “You have a call on your orb. He’s on hold now. You wanna guess who it is.” Ice-is puzzled and irritated at the same time just stared at him and dryly replied. “Who is it Bellos?”

Bellos plopped the orb down in the middle of her papers on the table, and retorted “It’s a friend of your’s still looking for that ‘favor’ you promised.”

He could only be talking about Pelias Oratti. Ice-is rolled her eyes at Bellos. Then quickly waved him away with her hand. She would have to talk privately with him. She waved her hand over the orb to answer. Slowly and surely Oratti’s face appeared in the orb. “Hello Ice-is.” he replied. She nodded and flashed a quick and fake smile. He continued, “I’m sorry about our last encounter. I know it took a lot for you to come all the way to Cantania to perform the incantation only for me to put it all on hold when you arrived. I’m sorry because I know what a big inconvenience it was for you to show up only to turn back and have to leave for Mitrioitis, believe me it wasn’t because of any of my doing. I had some unforseen business to take care of with Elvis. Shortly after I ran into some trouble with the authorities. I know you probably heard what happened. We were both expedited to Mitroitis. They held him but let me go. I just returned home today.”

There was a long silence as Crystal Ice-is tilted her head to one side and stared at Oratti with a smug look on her face. She finally spoke, “Pelias if you think you’re going to get any sympathy from me, try again. Do you KNOW the chances I took just traveling to Cantania? And then to have Triton surveillance team and spies watching you all the time. More than likely if they were watching you and your home they’re watching EVERYONE that comes within a hundred feet of you, including ME!! Thank God one of Triton’s top spies tipped me off that your were being investigated and promised not to mention that I was there in Cantania and that I had come to your home.”

Oratti quickly tried to further explain and apologize, “Look Ice-is I don’t know what else to say. It was a terrible situation and if I had any idea any of this was going to happen I NEVER would even suggest you come here, but remember you’re the one that said the incantation HAD to be done at my home.”

Ice-is slowly shook her head, “Don’t you dare try to turn this around on ME! If it were up to me I would have NOTHING TO DO with you anymore, EVER!! I only did it because I felt sorry for a dying man and had simple compassion for your situation, and I STILL feel sorry for you because I really don’t know what you’re going to do now.”

Oratti replied, “What do you mean? I’m still a sick man and I STILL need you to perform the incantation for me. So you’re saying you not going to help me?”

Ice-is replied, “I don’t know how I can, now that there’s a target on you. Don’t think because they let you go they aren’t still watching you Pelias. There’s now way I can come with in hundred yards of you without Triton’s men knowing at this point.”

Oratti was silent for a moment as he seemed to be in deep thought. Then he spoke, “Okay, you said the cantation had to performed at my home, somewhere I lived, right?”

Ice-is replied, “Yes.”

He retorted, “Well I’ve lived more than one place and I’ve had more than one home. Maybe we can meet a place I once lived before. A former home, does that count as a home, where the incantation can be read?”

Ice-is gazed back at him. He looked and sounded so desperate she couldn’t help but feel pity for him.” She slowly replied back, “Yes I suppose a former home would count as long as you lived there for a time, but what place are you speaking of. I hope you aren’t speaking of any place in Cantania, there’s no way I can travel back there without going unnoticed.”

Oratti responded quickly, “I once lived in the land Oz in the city of Jotunheim. I could travel back there. I lived there for a little over a year in an inn. I’m sure the inn is still there and I can return and get a room there.”

Ice-is thought, “Well my sister Glenda lives in Oz and if I had to travel there it wouldn’t look suspicious at all. My trips and whereabouts have to reported to the castle guards who report to the council. I can tell them I going visit my sister. It’s a good enough excuse.”

Oratti’s eyes widened, as his face took on a relieved and happy expression. “Yes it is, it is indeed.” he replied. He continued, “Well if you can do it I hope it can be as soon as possible. I grow weaker and weaker everyday.”

Ice-is now feeling more empathy for him now replied, “I’m sure it can be arranged in no time. It’ll be a much shorter and quicker trip for me now since I’m much closer to Oz than Cantania.”

Oratti replied “I can never let you know how much I appreciate this Ice-is. I know we had bad relations before but I’m hoping we can put that in the past. I’m having more than just health problems now. Of course you know about my legal problems being caught up with Elvis and his involvement with Salvator Giuliano.”

Ice-is retorted, “Yes, it’s bad enough that you still have a target on your back with Triton’s team, but you also have a problem with the harlots you associate yourself with who have been questioned.”

With a sheepish look Oratti replied, “Oh you heard about that to. Yes I know they were taken in and questioned, but I’m sure they didn’t reveal much. Even though I don’t have good relations with some of them now I’m sure they would try to protect my image.”

At that Ice-is raised her eyebrows in shock, and replied, “What, ‘try to protect your image?!” You don’t really believe that do you Pelias? None of them WHORES you’ve fucked around with are loyal to you. They were only loyal when they where WITH you and could get what they wanted out of you. The same goes for the ‘baby mama’ you housing now. That whore just worried about a roof over her and her child’s head. Any of the those skanks would turn on dime on you! As a matter of fact I know first hand through one of Triton’s spies what they’ve already revealed. I hate to be the one to tell you but your whores aren’t loyal.”

Oratti with a shocked and angry expression shook his head, as in doubt. He was clearly insulted by Ice-is’ words. “Why are we talking about them. Why are they an issue with you?”

Ice-is snapped back, “They aren’t an ‘issue’ with me. I could care less about any of them, and until you looked me up for this favor of the incantation, I didn’t give a damn about you either after we broke up. But now that I’ve promised to help you, you’ve dragged ME into a mess that you’ve become entangled in all on your own account. As for your exes, and present SKANK you with, I’m ONLY informing you of the trouble they can get you in. And let me remind you Pelias. The only reason we’re discussing any of your past, your present, or your female acquaintances is because you came back in to MY LIFE asking me for a favor, just remember that. So I say to you again they aren’t an ‘issue’ with me, but they are a big problem for you if Triton’s surveillance team and interrogators have anything to do with it.”

Seeming to frustrated, Oratti took a deep breath, then spoke, “Okay I see what you’re saying, but lets just agree to disagree for now. I just want to get on with you performing the incantation for me PLEASE. I can be in Oz within the next forty-eight hours, in the inn in Nysa.”

Crystal Ice-is just glared back at him through the orb. Part of her was angry at him for being such a fool for even getting involved with women like his whack ass exes and present hanger-on. The other part of her was angry that she couldn’t hate him enough just to let him die, but she knew if she didn’t perform the incantation to save him and he died, her guilty conscience would haunt her.

Finally Ice-is spoke, “Okay fine, within forty eight hours. I’ll go to Glenda’s home. We’ll make this quick and simple. I’ll probably arrive in Oz before you, so notify me when you make it there.”

Oratti nodded, and replied, “I surely will, and thank you again Ice-is. I won’t be able to thank you enough.”

Crystal Ice-is nodded her head, “I have to go now. We’ll talk later.” At that she waved her hand over the orb and his face faded away. She was glad to finish the conversation. Now she just want to fulfill her promise and be done with the whole ordeal and hopefully pulling it all off without at hitch. The hitch would be any inkling of word getting back to Triton as to what she was about to do.

……………………….to be continued.

Mitroitis a Story Of Fantasy, Chapter 16; Oratti’s Wenches Are Interrogated

Mitroitis is a Copyrighted Syndication

Crystal Ice-is makes it back to Mitroitis, in the Province of Wayne and, back inside the walls of Beaumont Castle. If felt good to wake up in her own bed after sleeping in the cabin of a large ship, and a rough sea ride back home, made her really appreciate the comforts of home in a castle.

As she sat up in her bed she stretched her arms as she stared at the morning sun peaking through her golden-colored brocade curtains. She pulled her bed spread and sheets away and unruffled her sleeveless, pink, chiffon gown. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and gazed down at her woven carpet as her feet dangle over the side of the high bed. Her mind drifted for a moment as she thought about her trip to Cantania, the city of San Giorgio, and the shocking news Namiko delivered to her about Oratti and Elvis’ arrests. Suddenly there was a knock at her chamber door.

She yelled out, “Who is it?” all the while knowing it could only be one person, the castles concierge and her confidant, Bellos.

“It’s me!” Bellos chimed back from the other side of the door.

Crystal Ice-is with a sheepish look on her face, yelled back, “Me, who?!”

At that Bellos opened the door and burst in, with a smirk on his face replied, “Come on, quit playing. You know who, and you know I’m dying to hear about your trip Miss Lady.” He quickly switched in almost bouncing as he walked and plopped down on the bench at the foot of her bed, and flashed her an inquisitive look.

Crystal Ice-is, still sitting on the edge of her bed, leaned with her head tilted, rested her chin on her shoulder, pouted her lips out, lowered her eyes and teasingly replied, “I don’t know if I want to tell you, its confidential you know.”

Bellos smirked back at her, “Confidential my EYE! Honey what you don’t know is that I have an inside news source to. You remember when I spoke to you through the orb when you were in Cantania what I heard through one of Trition’s Castle Guards. He keeps in touch with me and I know a few things.”

Crystal Ice-is smirked back at him and remarked, “Well you don’t know what I know, honey.”

Bellos retorted, “Well you know I already heard about some Elvis person being linked to Oratti. This Elvis was actually the one who funded the crypt robbery, and he linked to Prime Minister Salvator Giuliano who is the one that’s behind it all. His motive was to get the infamous will Baribus wrote on his death-bed. “

Crystal Ice-is quickly retorted, “Well what you don’t know is that Namiko along with the rest of Triton’s surveillance team have already arrested Oratti and Elvis, have them in custody, and have already expedited them back here to Mitroitis.”

Bellos mouth dropped open, and he lean closer towards her as he rested on her bed bench.

Crystal Ice-is continued, “What you DON’T know is that they’ve also arrested three of Oratti’s wenches.”

At that Bellos gasped, and shouted, “What?!”

Ice-is continued, “Yes that’s right. Triton’s team figured if Oratti led them to Elvis who’s linked to Giuliano, then who else can his circle of acquaintances link them to, so they tracked down his three harlots. Before you ask, no they aren’t going to be brought back here to Mitroitis. They will interrogate them there in Cantania and probably let them go.”

Bellos finally spoke, “So who are these women and do you think they know anything, and will they tell is a better question.”

Ice-is replied, “Yes I think they know PLENTY. Most of his female cohorts are women scorned. They’ll tell just for the hell of it. As for the one who presently  lives with him I know through Pelias’ neighbor that whore ain’t loyal to him. She has a young lover that visits every time Oratti leaves the house for business, and he promptly leaves just before Oratti returns home. She has a good thing going for her by staying there with her daughter, but obviously has no respect or loyalty towards him. With that being said, I’m sure she’ll tell anything to save her own hide. She wouldn’t get into trouble for Pelias Oratti by holding back information in order to protect him.”

Bellos pressed on with more questions, “Well who are the other two women?”

Crystal Ice-is rolled her eyes, and replied, “Oh PLEASE Bellos don’t get me started on Pelias’ SKANKS. I heard enough about them when I was with him. He had NOTHING good to say about them. Both were basically two vagabonds he housed til he was sick of them. Two desperate leaches, who lingered in his house like a bad odor. The one name Thonica was really rachette, she had two grown daughters and a grandchild that lived there. The other Stephanie was just a hanger-on that he had to eventually had to have forcibly EVICTED. That’s the one he PUT OUT the second time we got back together. My oh my was she angry about that.” Ice-is smirked as she reminisced back the time it happened, what a scene. “She left him message after desperate message the day I showed up.”

Bellos leaned back as he giggled with laughter. “Oh damn, they do sound like a bunch of thirsty wenches.”

Crystal smiled with glee, it was so good to have some to gossip about the TRUTH with. She continued, “Yep, Thonica, Stephanie and the recent Baby Mama.”

Bellos replied, “Oh is that what we’re calling the third on ‘Baby Mama’?”

Crystal Ice-is retorted, “Yes but unfortunately NOT Oratti’s Baby Mama. The FOOL is actually housing ANOTHER MAN’S Baby Mama. I would say she has a fool for life in Oratti but, with his track record with his wenches it won’t be long before someone as DULL as him gets bored with her and tosses her out; especially in a situation were there’s another man, her real ‘baby daddy’ coming in the house while he’s away. It won’t belong before he finds out about that.”

Bellos slowly shook his head, “Wow, that’s amazing this man lives his love life like a sad opera, and his house like a brothel.”

There was a moment of silence in the room as they both gazed off into their own thoughts. Ice-is didn’t know whether to laugh about Oratti or feel sorry for him. Suddenly the orb at her sitting table started to beep. Ice-is jumped down from her bed and ran across the floor to the table, pulled her chair up, and answered it immediately. As she waved her hand across the orb, a familiar face started to appear. It was Namiko Yee.

“Hello Ms. Ice-is,” he immediately exclaimed.

“Hello,” Ice-is replied back, “whats up? Have you questioned Oratti’s three ‘acquaintances’?”

Namkio continued, “Yes and I must say, it’s as you predicted, they told everything they knew. Everything they knew of his illegal drug dealing, but other than that there’s not much they can tell. I would he imagine that’s all they know about, besides his drug dealing isn’t what we’re interested in. That’s an issue with his own local laws. We’re interested in what other international cohorts besides Elvis that he’s involved with.”

“So I supposed you’ve hit a brick wall?” Crystal Ice-is replied.

Namiko retorted, “Oh no, not in the least. It was great accomplishment in our investigation to have Pelias Oratti and Elvis in custody for questioning. As for the women, we’ve questioned and released them, but we can still find out with later if they’re lying and if they know more than what they’re saying. In the meantime, Oratti’s house and Elvis’ home will definitely be under watch at all time even with them being here in Mitroitis. We still have a surveillance team planted there in Cantania watching every move. We’ll soon know who else is acquainted with these two. We’ll nab other’s that are involved and they’ll definitely be bigger fish than Oratti’s wenches. They’re not a big concern to us anymore. What concerns us now is Elvis and what else he know. Elvis is bigger because his involvement with the will and putting it in the hands of Salvator Giuliano. A dispute over the will could start a war between the two countries.”

Crystal Ice-is just nodded her head and continued to listen.

Namiko continued, “I’ll let you know this now; it’s more than likely that Oratti will be released and possibly sent back to Cantania. I told you from the beginning he wasn’t the biggest part in the scheme of things with the Baribus crypt robbery. He was only after the incantation scroll. I telling you this because I know he’ll still want you to perform the incantation. If that involves you visiting his home it could put you in a lot of danger. You being seen with him will definitely put you a risk of being reported to Triton and looking as if you were involved in something other than just reading an incantation for fatally ill man.” Namiko paused and stared at her intently. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Crystal Ice-is replied, “Yes I understand, and I appreciate you warning me. I’ll really have to contemplate how and if I’ll can still do this for him.”

Namiko nodded, “Well just be careful. I have to go now. I’ll keep you in formed on what I can, when I can.”

Crystal Ice-is smiled at his image in the orb, “Thank you Namiko, good-bye.” She waved her hand over the orb and his face faded away.

At that Bellos who was still in the room, walked over to her table, pulled up a chair and sat next to her. Ice-is still gazing at the orb spoke, “Well I guess you heard all of that.”

Bellos responded, “Yes, so how are you going to handle it?”

“Handle what?” Ice-is responded.

Bellos retorted, “Handle it when Pelias Oratti is released, goes back home, and calls on you again to fulfill your promise to perform the incantation at his home? You heard what Namkio said. He’s still under surveillance and if your seen anywhere near him you’ll look like an assailant. So what are you gonna tell him when he calls on you again?”

Ice-is stared at Bellos for a moment, gazed back at her empty orb, and replied, “Well, I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.”

…………………………….to be continued.

Mitroitis a Story Of Fantasy, Chapter 15; Triton’s Men Nab Oratti and Elvis

Ice-is had returned to the inn once again with her guard Aesop. They went to their separate rooms and their wait continued. Ice-is was less anxious for a call from Oratti, because she KNEW she’d be leaving Cantania if she didn’t hear from him within the next hour. She could finally wipe her hands clean of this whole ordeal and she’d be no more or no less involved in this sordid situation. The sooner she distanced herself from Cantania and Oratti the better. She was a bit more relaxed and less frustrated especially after the chat she had with his neighbor.

She was a bit giddy when she thought of the juicy gossip session she just had with Oratti’s neighbor, Amelia Johnson. Poor Pelias, as much of a stud he thought he was in his own arrogant head, he had no idea what was going on under his own roof while he was away. The thought made Crystal Ice-is smile and chuckle to herself.

Suddenly her orb on her sitting table, beeped and lit up. She rushed over thinking it was finally Oratti, but when she waved her hand over the orb, a different face appeared, it was Namiko Yee. “Hello Ms. Ice-is,” he replied quickly. “I have some news for you. You can stop waiting on a call from Pelias Oratti.”

Ice-is puzzled asked, “Why, what happened?”

Namiko responded, “He’s been caught and taken into custody along with his cohort Elvis, by Triton’s surveillance team. They were caught making a large cannabis sale on Grosse Isle Island.”

Ice-is shocked, “You caught him making a drug sale on Grosse Isle, but you can’t detain them for illegal drug sales there. Grosse Isle Island is a commonwealth of Cantania, wouldn’t Triton’s officers be out of their jurisdiction for something like that?”

Namiko retorted back, “No because we aren’t arresting and detaining them for drug trafficking. We’re arresting them for breaking international laws, concerning Elvis’ association with Garis Adessi and Salvator Giuliano. Remember we linked them to the robbery of Baribus’ crypt. We’d been tracking Oratti for weeks, only to wait for him to meet with Elvis. It wasn’t so much Oratti we wanted. We where really after Elvis. But we have orders to expedite BOTH of them back to Mitroitis. They’ll be held and questioned in the Province of Kalkasaka near Triton’s castle Platamon.”

Ice-is felt a sense of relief as she gazed back at Namiko through the orb. She replied, “Well it’s this trip is a wrap for me, and your news is pure elation to my ears. I can finally leave for Mitroitis as soon as possible. Namiko I truly hope that you can keep my trip here to Cantania a secret from Trition. I’m in no way involved with Elvis or Oratti’s illegal conspiracies. I was here only to do a favor for Oratti, and that was to perform the incantation.”

Namiko assured her, “No worries Ms. Ice-is. Your presence here will be excluded from our reports, besides our mission isn’t over here in the least.”

“Really, what else is there to do?” Ice-is replied.

Namiko explained, “After Elvis and Oratti are turned over to the custody of the Mitrioitis justice system. We still have three more individuals we have to arrest soon. We’ve already closed in on them and we know where they are. But they won’t be expedited. They’ll be interrogated here. We need to question them to see what, if anything they know of Oratti’s illegal activities.”

Ice-is asked, “Who would they be?”

Namiko replied, “Three acquaintances of Oratti’s. Three females, one that presently lives in his house. The other two will be brought in soon after her.”

Crystal Ice-is smirked, “Oh I’m sure they’ll tell any and everything you need to know. Most of his ‘acquaintances’ are women scorned, and as far as the one he’s presently housing she’ll talk to. You know how it goes, let me just say, THESE WHORES AIN’T LOYAL. I know for sure the present live-in ain’t loyal. I heard it though the grapevine from his neighbor when I was inquiring about his whereabouts.”

Namiko shook his head, gave Ice-is a slight smile, nodded, and told her, “Well, I’m sure you got the inside scope Ms. Ice-is.”

Crystal Ice-is smiled back and replied, “Yes I always do. Well thanks for letting me know I can leave now. I hope you keep me up to date on everything. As conniving a person as Oratti is, it’s just sad that I couldn’t perform the incantation for him. Even he doesn’t deserve to die from the type of sickness that fate has served him.”

Namiko nodded, “Well, you still may get the chance. We don’t know how long he’ll be detained in Mitroitis, but Elvis will be held for sure. We just want to question Oratti. It’s a possible he’ll be released afterwards, but I can’t guarantee that.”

Crystal Ice-is shook her head, “Yes I understand. Well, good luck with everything. I’ll be heading back to Mitroitis soon.”

Namiko bowed his head. Ice-is waved her hand over the orb and watched his face fade away. She was relieved and only wanted to return home, to Mitroitis, the Province of Wayne and back inside the walls of Beaumont Castle.

…………………………….to be continued.